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We sell world-class Yoga supplies, Yoga lifestyle music, jewelry and clothing.

Come into our studio and see first-hand. We are here to support your Yoga life on and off the mat.

Yoga Supplies

Jade Yoga Mats


The perfect choice in a mat!  Jade mats are environmentally friendly made with natural rubber and contain no PVCs. For every mat sold, Jade Yoga plants a tree. The mats are also non-slip and comfortable by providing better cushion and more resilience than any other mat.  Available in a variety of colors.  Get yours today!



Balanced Life Yoga Yoga Mat Bags

BLY Yoga Mat Bag


Your very own Balanced Life Yoga bag!  All bags feature an easy access zipper pocket in the front (holds cell phone, keys, money) and large zippered opening in the back for mat and adjustable strap. Made with 100% cotton. Available in red, black, navy and purple.





Alchemy Fashions Canvas Yoga Mat Bag

alchemy-yoga-mat-bag-2These beautiful Yoga Mat Bags are made from strong 100% cotton canvas with a panel of beautiful silk-brocade, which are made from exquisite recycled silk-brocade wedding saris. Each piece is one-of-a-kind:





Hand Made Yoga Mat Sling

yoga-mat-slingYoga Mat Slings are 100% organic cotton and hand made by a Women's Collective in Guatemala. This innovative collective provides women with a cotton plant, which they grow on their own and die the fabric using natural products such as flowers and fruits. One of kind, limited edition.






For U Designs – Yoga Mat Practice Bag

photo-2This multi-functional bag is perfect for your Yoga mat and your accessories.  Place your Yoga Mat in the bottom pocket and your supplies and clothing on top.






Mexican Blankets & Eye Pillows

Mexican Blanket & Eye Pillow

To make Sivasana even more blissful, pick up your very own Mexican blanket. All cotton and available in a variety of colors.

Everyone needs their very own eye pillow too. These come with a removable, washable cover and are filled with flax seeds and just a touch of lavender for added relaxation.



Halfmoon Delux Bolsters & Meditation Cushions



Another Canadian based wellness company, Halfmoon Bolsters & Meditation Cushions are hand made & crafted in Canada. They are beautiful and a perfect size for practice! Pick up your Halfmoon props today.




Life Factory Water Bottles



Get rid of plastic and tin which is not only bad for the environment but you too!

Life Factory fuses a modern design sensibility, healthy materials, eco-friendly composition and exceptional utility to produce a full line of safe, simple and smart water bottles. Water actually tastes even better in these bottles and they come in a variety of sizes and colors.



Yoga Lifestyle

Abundance Flows CD

Abundance Flows CD


From our very own studio director, Shasta Townsend! This CD has sold hundreds of copies and gives you four unique meditations to create a great life and help access the Law of Attraction. Trust us, you have never heard anything like it!




Stopping the Addition to Busy Freeing the Mind & Calming the Body CD

stopping the addiction CD


Stopping the Addiction CD will allow you to restore your life to balanced so you can substitute busyness for meaning and create what we truly desire such as health, wealth and wellbeing, happiness, great relationships and more!




My Essential Life

my-essentail-life-bookThis book will give both the novice oil user and the oil expert insight into using essential oils not only to address health concerns, but also for everyday use in the home through cooking, cleaning, blending, gardening, pets & much more.

This book will also help you understand how to use the oils with your baby and through pregnancy.



Twisted Mala

twisted-malaThese beautiful malas are made locally in the Durham region and made with love & intention. We take special orders.





Mala Necklaces

Mala Necklaces

We have a great selection of Malas!

Malas are used to enhance meditation and japa practice and can also be worn as a beautiful, decorative piece.  Each are handmade with 108 beads to bring you more great vibes.





Earth Angel Necklaces

earth-angel-necklace-for-useEvery piece from Earth Angel is made in Canada with great care and attention to detail. All metal used is cadmium, lead, and nickel free complying with the highest environmental standards. Each necklace is attractively displayed in individual gift boxes making them the perfect gift for all of “The Angels of Our Lives”.






Sansaara Living Chakra Affirmation Healing Cards

chakra-affirmation-cardsA Basic understanding of the chakras to awaken your body's energy system and guide it back to it's natural state of wholeness and joy, through affirmations and colour therapy. 56 cards + instructions.





Sansaara Living Angle Speak Cards

angel-speak-cardsThis deck contains 108 cards each with a KEY word on it, relating to divine Angel essence or energy. Angel SPEAK cards are one of the most powerful ways to connect to your Inner Self.




Sansaara Living Happy Notes

happy-cardsEach Happy Note will fill your heart and your soul with joy and laughter. Pick one note daily to spread waves of happiness within, and outwards. Share the second set of Happy Notes with friends and loved ones. EAch note can be personalized with a message on the back.






We are happy to announce that we will be carrying the Arbonne Baby, Nutrition and Body Skin Care lines!
All products are free of harmful ingredients and use a combination of botanical ingredients.

Home and Decor 


Aroma Diffuser
Light Wood Diffuser

Elegant Appearance. With its classic wood grain design, the aroma diffuser can be used as a modern stylish decoration to decorate your room. A perfect choice for people who love life and an ideal gift to the family or friends. Available in small and large.

Manifestation Bowl
manifestation-bowlManifestation Bowl is a visual reminder of our ability to create. A receptacle for representations of what we want to bring into our life, this bowl provides a focus for our creative abilities. Charged with a positive life-force energy and graced with inspiring words and a spiral charm, this set is a powerful tool for self or others. This beautiful stoneware bowl is hand-crafted by a local potter, and each bowl is unique.


Sansaara Living Plaques
sansarra-plaquesSansaar is an Indian word meaning “the world we live in”. At Sansaara, they believe that the world we live in is the one that we create for ourselves. and hope their products will inspire and motivate you to be fearless in creating the world you want to live in. Uniquely Designed, Consciously Made.


 Yoga Wear


Balanced Life Yoga
live the life you love shirts‘Live the Life You Love' shirts from Balanced Life Yoga.

Made with organic cotton shirts in Canada.






Inner Fire


Wide yoga pant waistband is flattering for all body types. Gusset and flat-lock seams allow you to be as flexible as your heart desires! Specialized printing process means no inks are wasted in the process and colours will not fade. Anti-microbial Chitosante treatment means less stink!

Designed and manufactured in Vancouver, BC.
Contents: 88% Recycled Polyester (made from recycled plastic bottles), 12% Spandex.
Full length and Capri leggings



LovEnergy and Co.
CYVBlack_largeEnergy is life. The energy we hold creates the life we live – it radiates from our soul and sends a vibration into the universe attracting people and circumstances vibrating at the same frequency. Fear, anger and shame vibrate at the lowest frequencies, while joy, gratitude and love vibrate at the highest.

T-Shirts and Tank Tops available in studio




Spiritual Hustler 

Spiritual Hustler T shirt


Inspired by the universe in NYC brought to life in Toronto
Spiritual Hustler is a loCAL t-shirt company. Fit for individuals that embrace in receiving wisdom, guidance, direction and drive from the universe and hustler everyday to receive their personal riches as they spread it back into the universe.
“A Spiritual Hustler is one that doesn't see obstacles, but only seizes opportunities”
T-Shirt and Tank Tops available in studio


Alchemy Fashions – Silk Scarves



These silk scarves are one-of-a-kind, made from recycled pure silk saris that are hand-selected in India for beauty, softness & colour.





Alchemy Fashions – Silk Headbands

photo-2Silk headbands are one-of-a-kind, made from recycled pure silk saris that are hand-selected in India for beauty, softness & colour. Perfect for during or after your Yoga practice.






Moms-To-Be & Babies

Naked Nursing Tanks
Naked Nursing Tank
Unique Canadian creation by two local women. These mid section cover-ups for pregnant & breastfeeding women are a hot commodity that are both functional and comfortable for our new mommas.


photoThese beautiful Robozos are handmade by a Women's Collective in Guatemala. This innovative collective provides women with a cotton plant, which they grow on their own and die the fabric using natural products such as flowers and fruits. One of kind, limited edition.
Yoga Partner Onsie
partner-oneisieThis one of a kind onesie is PERFECT for the little starting their new Yoga journey.


 Gift Books

Happy, Sexy, Shameless – What Our Mothers Didn't Know About the Birds & the Bees, by Shasta Townsend

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