Reiki & Energy Healing

Distance Reiki Now Available!!

Distance Reiki Healing


The power of Reiki can be sent through time and space to help bring balance, wellbeing and improved energy to anyone.


All is One and all is connected. In Distance Reiki a special symbol is used to allow the energy of Reiki to flow and be received to the recipient.  They do not need to be physically present, but will receive these healing intentions. 


$40 for 60-minute session.

Private + In-Person Reiki Healings

Join us for our heart-focused, uplifting Reiki treatment and feel renewed and rejuvenated.

Reiki literally means “Life Force Energy”.  This life force is present in every human being and by channeling it into the body we bring healing, balance and health. Reiki is simply a means of accessing this energy in a direct and amplified way.


I have never felt so relaxed and yet energized. I received Reiki after chemotherapy and it helped me recover and feel better. I highly recommend sessions at Balanced Life Yoga. – Diane M. Whitby.

Reiki is a natural and ancient healing art that transmits energy to stimulate and heal the body, mind and spirit.

At Balanced Life Yoga all our practitioners hold you in the highest vibration and call in your natural state of calm, wholeness and well being forward. You are in good hands with our team.

Reiki practitioners draw energy from the universal life force all around us and then let it flow through their hands. By laying hands on various parts of the body, they transmit energy to help restore natural flow around the recipient.

Reiki Treatment

*** we offer safe in-person Reiki Treatments with our Reiki Master

During a Reiki treatment, practitioners use specific hand positions that correspond to the physical body, its organs and the seven chakras (centres of energy).

Reiki gently balances the chakras and energy field that surrounds the body as well as soothing physical and emotional complaints.

We hold you in the highest vibration so you can relax, release and heal. Reiki with us is safe and our practitioners are all heart-focused and loving with their touch and intentions.


A gentle therapy, Reiki is excellent for:

  • Alleviating persisting pain or discomfort from illness, injury, disease, trauma or stress
  • Increasing energy levels that are depleted from illness, injury, trauma or life change
  • Creating harmony and balance in the body, mind and spirit

Reiki is an excellent and safe healing method that can be used on its own or in cooperation with other allopathic or non-traditional methods.

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Reiki Certifications

Become a practitioner!

We offer wonderful Reiki Certifications so you too can be a channel of life-giving energy.

Reiki 1 Certification with Helen

  • Saturday, November 14 – 9:30 am-5:30 pm.  SOLD OUT. Waitlist available.


  • Friday, January 22, 2021 – 9:30 am-5:30 pm. Register Now


Now is the PERFECT time to learn how to raise your vibration and thus boost your immune function!!

The focus of Reiki Level I is on self-healing as you learn how to take healing into your own hands and helping others including friends and family as well as animals & plants. 
You will learn:
  • the Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho History & origins of Reiki,
  • the Reiki Principles for living well and healing
  • the energy centers, the Chakras and how to balance them
  • The Reiki cleansing & grounding techniques for self-healing and potential
  • The hand placements for self and others,
  • And we will include time to practice hands-on healing (no touch)
  • You will also receive an Attunement and a Reiki Manual and Certificate.

This training will be held in the studio and we will practice physical distanced healing practices. 

*Training counts as 8 hours towards Yoga Alliance Continuing Education or Balanced Life Yoga’s 300 Hour Professional Development hours.*
Cost: $199 + HST.


Reiki II Certification with Helen

Friday, December 4, 2020. 9:30 am-5:30 pm 



Saturday, February 27, 2021. 9:30 am – 5:30 pm



At this level we focus on the intuitive awakening of your energy x1000!!!
Learn the sacred symbols of healing and creating as well as “energy accountability”, Spirit Guides, and dive into your own Aura as well as the use of pendulums, crystals & the chakras.


To top it off you will also learn how to be a conduit for distance healing as you learn to send Reiki through time and space!!!!!
  • Upgrade your energy field x 1000 as you receive an Attunement which includes two symbols traditional & non-traditional for massive power and healing. 
  • Gain a deeper and more powerful understanding and practice of energy medicine.
  • We will include time to practice a hands-on healing and experience a group healing.
  • Receive an in-depth manual and a certificate!


This training will be held in the studio. Limited spaces. 

Training counts as 8 hours towards continuing education or Balanced Life Yoga’s 300 Hour Professional Development hours.

Cost: $299 +hst 



Intuitive Reiki Master – Level III with Reiki Master Helen Mason

Saturday, April 24, 2021 from 9:30 am-5:30 pm


This level hold deep personal growth, transformation & increased enlightenment for those who are called.

As well, if you are called to truly hold the light and the integrity of Reiki as a teacher and a master then this training will give you the tools and foundation to do so with ease and power.

You will learn how to receive the Master Symbols in mind, body and spirit as well as the traditional purpose and responsibility of the Master Symbols.
You will learn how to create and maintain healthy boundaries and energy exchange as well as learn more about right action and also the power of crystal healing.
Finally, the certification program includes demonstration and practice in the Attunement of others into the path of Reiki.
You will receive an Attunement and a Reiki Manual and Certificate.
$500 +hst.

reiki.circleReiki Level I with Helen – Be the Change you wish to see

“Be open and follow your heart, Balanced Life has planted the seeds which have led me down a path of awareness, healing, love, compassion and faith. Thank you to Helen for being my mentor and holding the mirror to my heart and soul. You have impacted my world through the power of word and the use of Reiki, this course has been a huge extension of our sessions and has helped me to understand myself and the world around me. It has impacted my life overall; my relationships with my significant other, family, friends, nature and ultimately myself. I am a passionate believer in Reiki, Helen, and the higher power. Be the change you wish to see, it all starts with you!” Nadia Yanuziello


Become your own healer!!

Please visit our Workshops page to see all upcoming Reiki Certifications.

Reiki Master, Helen Mason

Helen has a heart as big as the world and she loves to love and help others. She is a natural healer with a passion for calling forward the best in everyone she meets.  You can feel complete trust, peace and calm with her and her offerings. She holds you in complete light and love so your best self can shine forward.

She became a Reiki Master and regularly participates in local Reiki healing circles. Helen has answered the call to assist in the healing of individuals and the planet during this time of evolution and uses Reiki, Yoga and meditation to guide herself and others home. Book a session with Helen and feel complete love, light and well-being.


A Beautiful Connection Awakened Me

Nadia YI felt a beautiful connection to her Helen the moment I met her.  She radiates love, light, beauty and positivity. She held my hand to introduce herself and I felt a sparkle ignite within me. Her beautiful soul forces you to feel something within yourself. Following the treatment I felt amazing. I still cannot fully describe the energy and growth that I have experienced and the direction that walking into this sanctuary has allowed me but I wish that all will be open; open to hope for the life which they need, free from distraction but full of possibility and love. I have gained so much from my treatments with Helen, from the meditation workshops and from the support, love and energy that is constantly offered through this beautiful Yoga Studio that is so much more than that.  – Nadia  Ajax. ON




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