Our Mission

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Angela.shasta.helenWe love people. We love seeing them shine. We love assisting in any small way.  We BELIEVE in you.

We DO NOT judge, condemn, gossip, compare or just generally make you feel small. We are dedicated to building people UP. We see your light and your potential. You are SAFE with us. We are here to help you step into your possibility. Check out our Testimonials to learn first-hand from other students like you 🙂

Unlike big box gyms, fancy but nameless sports clubs or franchise studios, we WANT to see you and connect with you.  You won't get lost in the crowd. You will never, ever feel ego from our teachers or our community members. You are a member of our family and as such we truly CARE about you.

We are also authentic teachers.  At Balanced Life Yoga we’re inspired by our own personal practice and evolution on the yogic path. As a team, we’re enthusiastic about sharing its power to connect, transform and elevate your life. We offer authentic teachings from the heart of experience. In other words we WALK THE TALK, and we are dedicated to our own continued growth both on and off the mat.  Many of us have overcome great personal tragedy, loss, limitations and just plain out struggle thanks in large part to YOGA so we know the power of this practice. We are teachers you can believe in.  We are here as your cheerleaders, coaches, friends and guides.

Our heartfelt community is also just that – a true community of hearts.  We have people from all walks of life, all ages, all body types, all religions and all paths but we all share a common interest in living well and creating something life changing and affirming.  Many people tell us they have never experience a place or people like those at Balanced Life Yoga and we agree.  We are grateful everyday to be apart of something that is truly special, beautiful and wonderful here in Durham Region and on planet Earth. So come and join us for a truly transformative, fun and uplifting experience.  You are ready.



[toggle Title=”The Difference” status=”toggle_closed” padding=”content_pad” separator=”yes” ]We have something for 11013421_950993208253249_9153456988618451594_neveryone by making yoga meaningful and accessible to YOU. Make the seemingly impossible possible as you begin your Balanced Life journey that is founded on strength, flexibility, health and harmony. As skillful teachers, we provide opportunities that unite body, mind and heart with your unlimited potential for radiant well-being.[/toggle]

[toggle Title=”The Promise” status=”toggle_closed” padding=”content_pad” separator=”yes” ]We’re here to serve you in every way. As a team of professional yoga teachers and wellness practitioners, we’re devoted to deepening our offerings through our ongoing training and exemplifying the yoga philosophy through personal development and growth. We demonstrate kindness, courtesy and compassion to provide a welcoming space for you to cultivate happiness on and off the mat.[/toggle]


Your New Home – Welcome Letter from Director


I feel truly blessed to be apart of Balanced Life Yoga. It started as a vision for a place where “everybody knows your name” – a place we could call home. My intention was rather than over a pint of beer it was over a Yoga mat that people could feel connected, embraced and accepted.  It was my hope in some small way to bring a little more love, light and joy to the world. It began with my vision of a world where people could feel steady and sweet no matter what came their way, where we all felt we mattered and where we learned to find and embrace our own potential – a place where we could all connect to possibility.

Yoga literally saved my life over a decade ago. I feel eternally indebted to these practices and I have not done this alone in anyway. At Balanced Life Yoga we are blessed with truly wonderful teachers and staff.  Every time a member of our team walks into our studios they bring the best of themselves, their most positive intentions and their own passion, humor, light and power.  Everyday they do their best to bring the vision and intention of Balanced Life Yoga to life so that you may experience the best instruction in a meaningful, safe and inspiring way.  We all feel we are here to serve and we seek to be the best in ourselves for you at all times.

The vision at Balanced Life Yoga has always been to assist people in living a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life. We love assisting people at the body, mind and spirit level to connect to possibility – whatever that may be – the possibility of a better sleep, of a more balanced body or feeling that they have tools to deal with a demanding family member. At Balanced Life Yoga yoga is not just about exercise rather it is about using the tools of the Yoga, meditation and well-being practices to live the life we love.

Thank you for considering Balanced Life Yoga.

Gandhi said, “Your life is your message.”    I try to live and teach from this – thank you for giving me and our entire team the opportunity to do so for you at Balanced Life Yoga.

And thank you for connecting to possibility…we look forward to having you in class soon:)




Balanced Life Yoga Values


Empowerment & Responsibility

We wish to offer empowerment & responsibility to each and every person that comes into our studio. We want you to know that you are supported and love, feeling empowered to take responsibility for your own life and development.

Possibility & Potential

Our main goal is for each student to know that there are no limits to their possibility & potential, but those we create for ourselves. See ourselves and all we meet as creators anything is possible.

We also are committed to “being the solution” rather than focused on any problem.

Appreciation & Celebration

Remember to celebrate yourself and others; it is what creates happiness and love in our community. We deeply value and appreciate all our students, team members and community. We show love in all we do.


We are committed to doing all things with a sense of celebration, joy and play.  We seek to find happiness in each and every day. The purpose of life is joy!


We are committed to being support, love and connection for all and we honor the one-ness of life and source everywhere. The Source for life is love, peace and abundance.  We see ourselves and all others as Divine creators in this amazing life and this amazing body.  We honor the light in you as the same light that dwells within all life.


Creating Sacred, Loving Space

Balanced Life Yoga Code of Conduct

Balanced Life Yoga is a community focused on empowerment, collective collaboration, radical acceptance & inclusiveness and unlimited possibility. We are founded on positivity, celebration, connection and love. We are space for all to grow, heal, expand and uplift. In order for  everyone to have the most positive and nurturing experience all of we have a Code of Conduct.

We so love YOU and we are committed to creating an environment of safety, welcome and celebration for all who join us in any setting all including our physical studio spaces, events and spaces in the wider community, on retreats and in any formal and informal events. As such all who enter any of our spaces including online community are required to adhere to the following Code of Conduct: 

Radical Acceptance

Balanced Life Yoga welcomes everyone who is willing to commit to the teachings of Yoga and demonstrate well being and acceptance of all. As such:

  • Homophobia, racism, sexism and religious intolerance is not permitted in any form in any of our studio settings including events outside of the studio such as retreats and special offerings as well as in print, social media or electronic press of any kind.
  • Gossip, unkind speech or action and negative judgment of others is not permitted in any of our studio settings including events outside of the studio such as retreats and special offerings as well as in print, social media or electronic press of any kind.
  • Speech, action or energy that makes others feel unwelcome, judged or less than in any way is not permitted in any of our studio settings including events outside of the studio such as retreats and special offerings as well as in print, social media or electronic press of any kind.


Safety and Sexuality

Balanced Life Yoga honors each person’s personal space and experience. We honor as well the sexual current and seek to create spaces that are free from any abuse of the sexual current and any inappropriate or unwanted sexual speech, action or energy. As such:

  • Sexually explicit speech, action or conduct is absolutely intolerable.
  • Unwanted sexual advances are unacceptable and are reason for immediate ban from all studio activities.
  • Sexual comments, advances or actions toward any staff, teachers, students or any member of the community are reason for immediate ban from all Balanced Life Yoga events and settings.
  • Abusive speech, action or energy is absolutely intolerable and reason for ban.


Leave Only Positive

Balanced Life Yoga is committed to self-responsibility and encourages all students to take responsibility for our spaces. Balanced Life Yoga adheres to a “leave no trace policy”.  As such:

  • All members of the community are asked to take responsibility for all their personal items as Balanced Life Yoga holds no responsibility for them.
  • All members of the community are asked to ensure they leave no trace after any of our classes, events or retreats including taking garbage, recycling and other items with you to ensure spaces and environments are clean and welcoming.
  • All members are required to ensure any props or materials are put away cleanly and safely after use.
  • All members are asked to send a moment of appreciation to all others in the community, our teachers and staff and the studio space as well.



Balanced Life Yoga is dedicated to celebrating everyone and we ask for all to assist in this. As such:

  • All members of the community are reminded of the power of their energy, intention, action and words and are encouraged to uplift and celebrate themselves and others.
  • We invite all members of the community to seek the positive and to demonstrate love and acceptance in each moment.
  • All community members are invited to “be in the solution” and trust themselves and the unfolding.


Balanced Life Yoga is dedicated to serving the highest in individuals, groups, communities and the planet. We are here to assist in creating more wellbeing, love and growth and our Code of Conduct is in place to ensure we can do so. Failure to follow the above code will result in immediate and long-term ban of all Balanced Life Yoga events, communities and offerings.  Thank you for participation in creating a space of celebration, love and possibility.




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