There are two common “mistakes” I see most new and established teachers (and other wellness practitioners) doing that can lead to burnout, frustration and even boredom…

You are:

1. Not investing in their personal and professional growth

2. Not focusing on a niche

So… then what??

If you stop focusing on training, learning and growing, so does your teaching ability!

And if you don't have a niche, you will feel like you're throwing ideas at the wall seeing what sticks.

Teaching dozens of classes a week, undercharging for services or maybe not offering your services at all, because your frozen in option overload.

Think you are going to magnetize your ideal students and fill up classes if you're not clear in what you're doing and offering?


So what is one of the quickest and easiest ways you can transform your teachings and the impact you have on your students and clients?

Keep LEARNING and get clear on your NICHE.

We have great trainings coming up this year, that can help you hone a new skill, tap into a new niche and provide you with the tools to continue to develop as a rockstar teacher and service-provider…
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With love,

Shasta Townsend