Welcome Home!

The strong roots of Balanced Life Yoga's foundation is a heart-felt sanctuary of yogis and yoginis who seek to connect with the highest in themselves and live a life of love and happiness; as well as our high-minded teachers who are dedicating to bringing the best of themselves forward each day – on and off the mat so we may demonstrate the true possibility of Yoga.

We are grateful for hundreds of people like you who, seeking a place they can call home, have found our sanctuary for body, heart and soul. We are here so that you may feel grounded, connected, loved, supported, re-energized and renewed as well as step out of limitation and move forward upward with strength, courage and love. Thank you choosing Balanced Life Yoga and spreading the word, love and good vibes of Balanced Life Yoga.

We celebrate you!

Student Success Stories

Found My Soul-Tribe

“I have been a member of Balanced Life Yoga for years and have made connections that will never cease, friends that I will grow old with, people that make up my soul tribe.”- Gillian S

Less Anxious & Overwhelmed

“The practice of yoga and the Balanced Life Yoga studio in particular really guided through one of the most transitional times of my life – becoming a mom. After having my daughter, and feeling overwhelmed and lost, I signed up for Mom and Baby yoga. Immediately, I was less anxious, I was able to exercise with my baby right there with me.” – Courtney C

More Than A Community

Balance Life Yoga is more than a community, it is a family. The unconditional love & support that you receive from each & every one that walks through those doors are truly a blessing. The positivity, the continuous growth nourishes my soul & spirit. – Jaybe M

A Place I Call Home

“All bodies are welcome, all levels are welcome. When I step in the doors I know that there will be a smile, a welcome hug, a joyful hello. An acknowledgment of me. It truly has become a place that I call home”. – Verlene H

Staying Active, Relaxed And Connected To My Partner

“Balanced Life gives me the opportunity to be as physically active as I wish, helps me to obtain mental perspective and relaxation, and share it all with my life partner.” – Alan K

Gem of a Place

“I'm very glad I found this gem of a place. The courses I have taken have taught me how to, not only enhance my personal yoga practice, but how to go after the things I want in my life. My family has commented on how much more relaxed I seem. Shasta's words to me the first night of the Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training struck a chord, and this was reinforced throughout her classes. I'm learning to “do” for me, not just everyone else. It's a difficult process, but I'm working on it, and one day, I hope to inspire others to be the best they can be.” – Patti T.

Incredible Community

“Balanced Life Yoga completely changed my life for the better. Reiki healing, the various workshop and class offerings along with the Inspiring Spirit 200 hour teacher training – I have been a member of this incredible community for 3 years and as a result my fears have truly dissolved and my life has become abundant and enriching. There is always such a welcoming and comforting positive energy held in this amazing space. I have met lifelong sisters and mentors. Through this community I finally felt I found my true self and place in this world and I cannot express the gratitude I have to Shasta for attracting and creating such a powerful and amazing community and to all the members and teachers who were called and said yes. I love you all and wish you peace and love always.” – Nadia Y.

Feel a Part of Something

“I found Balanced Life shortly after I lost my son and it has helped me so much with my healing. Having taken several pre-registered courses (prenatal, mom and baby, stroller fit, and the beginner 1 and 2 programs) I've had a variety of teachers – and all of them have helped me along with not just my fitness but also my spiritual and emotional healing by being so supportive, caring, and compassionate. It's such an incredibly peaceful atmosphere, but it's also a warm and joyful community of students and teachers. Greeted by name when you walk in the door, you feel a part of something. I love it here and am so grateful to have found them when I did.” – Amanda R.

Feels Like My Second Home

“Balanced Life Yoga is so much more than a place where you come to learn a few postures. It is a true community that is filled with love, respect, support and guidance. The teachers are incredibly knowledgeable and are lifelong students themselves, which means you are always getting the best. This place feels like a second home within a very short amount of time! Aside from thoroughly enjoying the wide range of classes available to me at Balanced Life Yoga, what I'm most grateful for is the change I've experienced within myself. Thank you!!” – Jillian L.

Welcome Me Enthusiastically to the Mat

“I have been part of the Balanced Life family for over 5 years. I couldn't imagine my life without my weekly yoga routine. Yoga is the prescription for a healthy pain free life! Throughout the years I have benefitted from the wise and caring women who welcome me enthusiastically to the mat. I am so grateful for Balance Life Yoga. It has helped me navigate many storms in my life! Namaste!” – Heather S.T.

A True Gem

“My experiences at Balanced Life Yoga are always positive and enriching. When I am ready to practise, the wonderful people there welcome me warmly and allow me to find the calm I need. They gently support me through whatever level I can manage and make the session challenging but not overwhelming. The instructors are knowledgeable and skilled and I feel confident in their ability to help me work through poses to maximize strength and flexibility while preventing injury. Balanced Life Yoga is a true gem in Durham.” – Amanda F.

A Special Place

“Balanced Life Yoga is amazing! The instructors are kind, friendly, knowledgeable and motivating. There are a variety of classes to choose from and something that suits every need and energy level. This is a special place full of wonderful people.” – Alison W.

Relaxed and Welcomed

This is such an awesome yoga studio. Feel so relaxed and welcomed at this studio. The teachers are amazing!! Definitely recommend this studio! – Morgan B.

Quality Studio Right Within My Community

A beautiful studio with incredible teachers, definitely worth your while to check it out. Love having such a quality studio right within my community. – Sarah M.

Rejuvenated, Physically & Mentally

Joining a yoga studio is something I have thought about for a long time. Balanced Life Yoga has been a great experience. I come away from classes feeling rejuvenated physically and mentally. So glad I joined. – Cheryl D.

Loved Every Minute

Very friendly and welcoming studio. I did 3 months of mom and baby yoga here! Loved every minute of it! It's a great group of loving and knowledgeable people! – Stephanie C.

Warm, Welcoming Yoga Studio

A warm welcoming yoga studio with very professional instructors. I especially enjoy Norma's and Shawna's classes. Cues are always right on and alternatives given if you have any difficulties. Just a great place! – Christina H.

Guided by Trained Professionals

“Balanced Life Yoga offers a great variety of yoga. Practice is guided by trained professional instructors. You can select challenging or restorative practices. The two beautiful studios are spacious bright and welcoming. People are friendly and there is a community feel. Workshops are offered to enhance the yoga experience. I would highly recommend trying out Balanced Life Yoga.” – Michelle D.

Beating My Work Stress with Yoga!

imageEven though I’m only in a beginner class, and just beginning my yoga journey, Lisa S.it has already made a difference in my life. In the middle of a particularly stressful day at work, I found myself quite upset and was at a loss as to how to manage and move forward. We have a small room at the office that staff use when they are not feeling well, and I took myself there to calm down. After a few moments, I thought about trying some of the yoga poses I’ve learned in class, as well as the breathing exercises. After about 10 minutes of practice, I found I was much calmer and felt relaxed, strong and ready to take on the rest of the day with renewed energy and a positive attitude. I?m so grateful to have yoga in my life as another tool to help me cope with challenging situations. I’m so glad I found Balanced Life Yoga! – Lisa – Beginner Student.

My Safe Haven

imageI have begun down a new path and that journey was initiated in large part thanks to Balanced Life Nadia YYoga. I still cannot fully describe the energy and growth that I have experienced after walking into this sanctuary. I only wish that everyone is this world would stumble upon this beautiful place so that they can awaken something deep within them and be guided on a journey to become the greatest most powerful form of themselves. Thank you to the Balance Life Yoga community for the positive experience which you have created for me. I feel so blessed to have opened the gate to a world filled with so much willingness to help and give. It truly is contagious and I hope these positive vibes will spread throughout the universe. Everyone would be better off knowing how much good lies outside and within themselves. -Nadia Ajax, ON.

Barre Strong has the BEST Results

imageI was out with my friends and everyone was complimenting how great I looked. It’s been six weeks since I’ve been taking the Barre Strong class and it has toned my entire body, primarily my core. Of all my workouts; hockey, running, resistance training, competitive motorsports, this has produced the best results for overall fitness and toning. The cool part is I can have a big sweaty workout or a light workout, it all depends on how hard I want to push myself. Norma is a great teacher, working with us when we need it and making the class fun. I’ve been recommending this class to all my friends and the warm friendly atmosphere of the Balanced Life Yoga studio and the staff.. – Brett Barre Strong Student

Made a Difference in My Life

image“Thank you to Cindy for being such a wonderful Yoga instructor. You were so patient and helpful and have inspired me in so many ways. The passion within you radiates and reminds me every time I see you that women our age are strong and beautiful. You have made a difference in my life. Joan McClenaghan” – Ajax

Realizing My Own Potential – Wow!

imageBalanced Life Yoga’s Inspiring Spirit Program and then Mentorship Program has not only been instrumental in helping me step confidently into my new role as a yoga teacher, but the time spent in guided discussion with Shasta exposed me to a new level of self inquiry which has facilitated a profound shift in my life. Although I knew how to APPEAR confident, self doubt was a constant internal struggle for me. I would often find myself agonizing over what “the best answer'” or “best decision” might be. Under Shasta’s mentorship, I witnessed an unfolding of confidence and clarity within myself that I didn’t realize was there. From this place of confidence and clarity, I thank Shasta and Balanced Life Yoga for giving me the opportunity to realize my own potential!” – Desta, Peterborough, ON.

First Prenatal Class with Krista I Knew I was in the Right Place

I had never practiced yoga before my pregnancy and I wasn’t sure if it would be for me. From the first class with Krista I knew I was in the right place. The stretches and exercises helped me to stave off the aches and discomforts of pregnancy and Krista’s knowledgeable instruction and tips for day to day really helped me to feel well. The 2UNITE Prenatal Partner Yoga and Birth Prep with Krista and Dwayne was wonderful and I found it to be more useful for labor preparation than any of the other prenatal education classes I took. The additional workshops with experts in the community also provided great supplemental learning. Most meaningful to me was the time Krista spent with me after class answering my questions, reviewing positions and just helping to alleviate my anxieties about labor. Thank you Krista and Balanced Life Yoga for enhancing my pregnancy experience. I can’t wait to pass my six week check up so I can start Mom and Baby Yoga and Stroller Fitness! – Jaclyn and Dani- Ajax

Convinced My Hubby

Convinced my hubby finally to join and now he wants to continue on with future classes! – Beginner Student, Ajax

We Made A Great Choice – Husband and Wife Love Yoga Together

Ever since my husband Alan and I first signed up for the Beginner’s Yoga class at Balanced Life we knew we had made a good choice. We continued through the beginner’s learning process and have became drop-in class regulars (Strong and Calm is a favourite). Yoga at Balanced Life has helped us both mentally and physically and we learn something at each and every class. Everyone there is so friendly and supportive – making the studio such a comfortable place to be. We love coming to class and always leave feeling better than when we arrived! – Janice K., Pickering

Grateful To Learn How To Manage Stress

I found Yoga during an especially stressful time. The changes I have seen are very meaningful to me. Learning how you to focus on myself and how my body feels, has allowed me to recognize the negative effects of stress in my every day life. I then reconnect with my breath no matter where I am and refocus and relax. Also, during class I am extremely grateful for the strength in my body. It has taught me to find a deeper appreciation for my body and all it does for me. – Chrissy

Feeling Fully Relaxed

Since starting Yoga I have noticed not only an improvement in my flexibility, but a fantastic release of stress. This allows me to fully relax and do something for me. -Meghan

Doing Something Nice for My Body

I’m not as stiff and sore since starting yoga, and it makes me really happy to be doing something nice for myself and body. -Danielle

Yoga is the “Treatment” That Changed My Life

I started YOGA 3 months ago and my life has changed, Yoga helped me change my life…. to say the least. LONG story short. I was speaking with a therapist on a bi-weekly basis and I was going to Chiro on a weekly basis due to a back injury from 2 yrs ago. So every single week and sometimes more than once a week…So much time spent in those clinics.

Ever since I started YOGA I see my therapist once a month and I go to Chiro once a month. (sometime less now). YOGA is my treatment and so much more.

I have trained myself how to breathe. I can now be in a pose and control my breath and make it go to my back and give it space and help it heal. I am actually communicating with my breath. For the first time in 31 years I am connected with it. It is like I have made new best friends with my body. I have taught myself how to help settle my mind. I never thought that I could ask my crazy busy thoughts to leave my mind and not disturb me for a few minutes while I enjoy savasana. And now that is one of my most favorite most peace full moments of the day.

I truly feel like a different person and wish I started YOGA 20 years ago. I never realized how peaceful and how amazing life is. YOGA has made me look at life in a completely different light.- Meghan

I Found My Sanctuary

I have finally reached a time in my life where I now prioritize my well being and fitness. The Yoga at Balanced Life Yoga is different from other places thanks to the high quality of teaching and the attention to safe practice within your own limits. All of the teachers are so incredibly authentic. They truly want you to develop in your own practice. The ego is left at the door. Balanced Life Yoga is my sanctuary. It nourishes my mind, body, and soul. When a leave my practice I feel ready to ‘ manage’ life and all that comes with it. -Moe (Maureen) T. Ajax

Balance & Peace

I’m so grateful for the Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing course. The classes have helped me to find some balance & peace in my life. I had gotten so busy that I had been neglecting to take care of myself. I started feeling out of balance & stuck. Thankfully, things have a way of showing up just when we need them. When I saw the second offering of the Chakra class, I knew I had to take it. As I worked through the lessons, I began to see just how blocked I was. Thank you and the other women in our class for the patience and understanding. You have helped me through a more difficult time than I could possibly explain.What an amazing journey this has been. Thank you for sharing your wisdom & strength with us. Namaste – Bev K.

Strong & In Control!

The Balanced Life Yoga team is responsible for me finally being able to move the needle on “work-life balance” in the balanced direction!!Upon walking in, I knew I was in the right place. After feeling the effects of taking the classes, which leave me indescribably peaceful, I know I am on the right path of bringing more calmness to my life. Life is going to be jam packed with stress, but I believe we owe it to ourselves to try to take time out and make ourselves and inner souls a priority to result in being stronger on the inside, to increase our capabilities to deal with everything that life hits us with a clearer mind. I’ve never felt so strong and in control of my life! – Cathy S.

Incredibly Glad

I am incredibly glad that I joined Balanced Life Yoga. My Beginner I teacher has been excellent! The classes are a perfect fit for anyone beginning a yoga practice. – Maureen T.

Favourite Part of the Week!

Coming to this class is my favourite part of the week. Our teacher is so amazing! I highly recommend the Yoga for Better Backs class for anyone with back issues. – Heather M

Best Choice

This Beginner I Class is the best choice I could have made at this point in my life and my journey is just beginning! Thank you for an amazing instructor, I am looking forward to Beginner II – Ann T.

Inspired to Big Life Change

When I joined the Balanced Life Yoga family, my life was upside down. I didn’t know which way to turn. I wasn’t focused and had no roots. Through the Inspiring Spirit Training Program and other amazing offerings there, I became more positive and confident. Now again, I am making a major change in my life and I am resigning from a dissatisfying job. I know I can do anything! Thank you to Shasta and her team for your shining light, your strength, your knowledge and your positive energy. – Patti, L. Whitby, ON

Profound Experience

My partner and I completed the beginner series and it was a quite profound experience for both of us. This classes are amazing! The teacher loves what she does & it comes through during the practice. Plus the challenges she does are exciting & she does just that, challenges you in the best way. My practice of yoga doesn’t end when I finish a class. It stays with me, all day, every day. It changed the way I look at myself, at others, at the world around me, and it makes every challenge I deal with a little more manageable. I am more effective at everything I do. Those around me notice the difference, too (and not without gratitude). Yoga changed my life for the better. Thank you, thank you! Namaste! – Simona C.

Positive Change

This has been a positive change in my life! – Dee C.


Enjoying yoga! Surprised how much I use every muscle! – Susan M

Amazing Feeling!

It is amazing to see your body change from being stiff to being flexible after completing Beginner I & II. – Job N.

No More Fear

This has been my first experience with Yoga and although I came in with a little bit of fear, I was greatly surprised at how easy it was to relax and feel very comfortable. – Brad K.

Using The Breath

Using the breathing techniques learned in Intro to Yoga to get me through some medical tests – it has helped a great deal to keep me calm and focused. – Cathy M.

Positive Environment

Great classes – love the atmosphere, positive environment & the neck massages!

Sleeping Much Better

Thank you! I really enjoyed my Beginner classes at Balanced Life Yoga. The class has really helped me focus and my sleep has drastically improved. – I. Hunter


Since starting Beginner Yoga I’ve noticed increased muscle tone, improvement in my posture and an awareness to my breath. – Michelle W.

I Feel Good Every Time I’m There!

Balanced Life Yoga is a wonderful community. It is a safe place, a comfortable place, a welcoming place…. I feel good every time I’m there. In addition, they have amazing teachers. I’m just a new student, but I say to every other new student I meet that every class is great – your teachers are so good – clear cueing (so important for new students), always new dimensions instead of the same thing — how is it possible that I can recommend every teacher and every class?! I hope BLY will be there for decades to come! – Beth, Scarborough.

I Feel Fabulous

I love yoga and especially Balanced Life Yoga! It has been amazing for my physical being but has also helped me in many ways such as sleeping… I feel fabulous! – Liz D.

Proud of Myself

I feel confident with my body and am proud (& sometimes surprised) of what my body is able to accomplish. – Jenny.

Continuing My Beginner Practice!

Love the Beginner class and studio! Always feel so welcome. – Katie B.

Loving After One Class

I now love Yoga and will enjoy it for the rest of my life! – Marian H.

Learning to Breathe

The 3 part breath learned in my Beginner Yoga class has helped me relax and sleep so much better – Thank you! – I. Hunter

Meditation Tools

During a family illness, I practiced the tools learned in Shasta’s meditation offerings and it helped me centre myself during this challenging time. – Devin.

My New Found Practice

I absolutely love yoga, and I’m convinced that I lucked out finding Balanced Life Yoga and all of you to get me started down this path. The people you attract (because of the studio’s inclusive, friendly and non-judgemental philosophy), the warmth of the other students and the talented, fun-loving, sincere and warm teachers have got me hooked!!! I am, and will continue to be, an advocate of the Ajax Balanced Life Yoga studio, and I look forward to growing in my practice and learning from all of you! – Pat, Ajax.

New Found Energy

Yoga has been the best thing for me. It keeps me focused and centred. I’m tired often and after class I have energy that I didn’t have before. I don’t know why I didn’t come sooner!” – Pamela M., Oshawa.

I Feel Stronger & Healthier

I joined Balanced Life Yoga in May 2013 to learn how to deal with the anxiety I felt after my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. My mom and I have always shared a special bond, and at that time, I realized that I needed to be stronger in body, mind and spirit for her, and my father, as we accept and begin to cope with the changes in our lives. Since joining the Introduction and Beginner Yoga programs, my body feels more relaxed, my mind is calmer, and the friendly and supportive atmosphere has been rewarding. I look forward to the continued growth as a Yogi, and becoming stronger and healthier for myself and my family. Thank you” – Suzette N., Ajax

Good Life Choice

Everyone at the studio is friendly and supportive and there is a comfortable feeling as soon as you walk through the door. Coming here was definitely a good life choice. – Janice K, Ajax.

Best Sleep In Months

This is the first time I’ve tried Yoga. I found that after the class I had plenty of energy and also that night I had the best sleep that I have had in months. – Al, Scarborough

A Sense of Acceptance & Community

I have been attending classes at the studio since 2012 – after having gone through the Beginner series and finally making the leap into drop-in classes, I feel amazing and more importantly, my lower back pain has subsided. I feel a sense of community and acceptance the moment I walk into the studio. The more I practice, which is 3 times a week, the better I feel. The studio works for me in so many ways. – S. S., Ajax

Feeling Calm After 19 Months of Excruciating Back Pain

I just read a “testimonial” on the newsletter….and thought she had read my mind and was speaking out loud, on my behalf. I just did my first ever yoga Beginner 1 class, this week. I was ordered to do yoga by my chiropractor, who is an avid athlete and complete yoga aficionado. I have had excruciating back pain for 19 months now and nothing seems to help, even the chiropractic work is only fleetingly helpful. Well, forget about wanting to “relax”, or do “something for myself”, or having “quiet time” ha! I am normally high energy and very demanding of myself, physically and mentally. My chronic back pain has disrupted my lifestyle, my tennis, my golf, my gym work, and my ability to just plain WALK and SIT down without some agony. Despite my skepticism, I came away from the class on Monday night feeling weirdly calm. I walked to my car and actually thought, “good grief, I feel a little bit better.” I didn’t believe it really!! Katie is charming and empathetic both. I did not feel condescended to, nor judged because I couldn’t even sit up straight, without the wall to support my back. I felt somewhat comfortable in doing the movements, and the breathing. I decided to embrace the teaching because frankly, I’ve run out of options. I’ll be back for lesson #2. Thanks. I’m a believer! – Penny L.

Yoga Has Made Me FEEL Different

I attended my first Yoga class at Balanced Life Yoga in March and have found the biggest change in my life since I started yoga is not feeling guilty making time for myself and committing to it. Yoga has made me feel different! I feel stronger because I am pushing my edge each time and it helps to de-clutter my head – Terri F.. Ajax

Getting My Life Back

I first came to Balanced Life Yoga in January of this year on the advice of my Chiropractor because of whiplash. I started Beginner I and noticed a difference very early on in the program. Little things like looking over my shoulder to reverse the car out of the driveway was easier. My neck and shoulder felt more flexible and the pain was noticeably diminished. I am also a Nursery School teacher, so I have to be in good shape to keep up with those little ones. Yoga has allowed me to do that. I recently completed the Beginner 3 session, and I feel great. I look forward to continuing my practice with the wide variety of drop-in classes at the studio. I have my life back! -Anne V.

Feeling Like an 8-Year-Old Again!

Thanks to just one private therapeutic session with Shasta I was able to get out of bed the next day with no stiffness, no pain and I could move around the house like my eight year old. This gave me a feeling of gratitude and freedom. All I can do is smile and talk about how great I feel for the first time in years. I am truly grateful to Shasta and for this private session. She reminded me of how powerful we are as human beings. -Kazzrie, Ajax, ON

Yoga Reminds Me To Relax, To Just Let Go

I’m in my late 40’s and started yoga to improve my flexibility. Practicing at Balanced Life Yoga has been hugely beneficial because I feel my body is less tight: I just feel so much better. Yoga reminds me to relax, to just let go. I like the life lessons that are inherent in yoga, and my practice has also become a time to think and reflect. I like the teaching at Balanced Life – the classes are well cued, inspiring, supported and safe. I also enjoy the studio itself because of its inclusive, uplifting ambiance. – Jackie H.

More Kind to Myself

When I first came to Balanced Life Yoga I was overweight, experiencing chronic pain, and facing the breakdown of my marriage. I was scared and uncertain, but realized that the only one who would take of me was me. Starting yoga was the start of taking care of myself in all sorts of ways. Thanks to Yoga I’ve lost weight, feel stronger, flexible, and more toned. My back and hip issues have all but disappeared. I’m more appreciative and open to the blessings that life has to offer. I am more able to see grace and love surrounding me even in times of loss and sadness. Yoga has helped me release negative baggage and grief, and be open to the good things in life. My practice has assisted me in my personal journey to let go of fear and embrace life’s changes. Balanced Life has been a sort of touch stone that has helped me function through tough times. Yoga has taught me to be more tender and kind to myself. -Jane K.

Losing is Good in So Many Ways

I had gained close to 100 pounds over 9 years. I felt so unhealthy and knew I needed to do something. I practiced yoga in the past and remembered how it grounded me. I was so intimidated and self-conscious but the teachers at Balanced Life Yoga helped me find the confidence I needed to continue. I have lost 60 pounds already and am feeling lighter and more alive than I have for a long time. Balanced Life Yoga is a refuge for me and having a regular yoga practice helped me be more mindful of my thoughts, my words and my eating habits. When I walk through the studio door I feel like I can finally exhale. I am feeling much lighter in so many ways. – Tracy, Ajax

From Turmoil to Peace Through Yoga

From March to June of this year, my life felt in turmoil, everything that was constant seemed to have changed. I was not feeling myself physically, emotionally, and mentally. When I talked with friends they seemed to not have any understanding of this time. My doctor suggested anti-depressants. I knew I needed to find the cause of the problems. I turned to yoga for answers. The work was hard and constant but through my yoga practice, speaking with wonderful instructors and attending Shasta’s mindfulness workshops and one to one work, I found my peace. I had lived with negative self-talk in my head for years and I am happy to say that the strategies I have learned from Balanced Life Yoga and my dedicated practice continue to help me stay whole and balanced. Thank you to Balanced Life for being a sanctuary for me to land and do the work I needed on my life journey. I think that I had to go through those painful months in order to grow as a person! – Heather S – Ajax

Slowing Down I Found A Better Version of Me

“Yoga has helped me to slow down. I’m the type of person that if I didn’t force myself to slow down or stop I’d always be on the go. Returning to my yoga practice has allowed me to find space to breathe and reflect on my behaviours and attitudes in my every day life. I begin to notice when I’m not breathing or getting caught in the whirlwind of every day life. Yoga has allowed me to de-stress to the point where I have loved ones in my life noticing and encouraging me to stick to my practice. I’m becoming a better version of myself simply by practicing. I feel better physically, emotionally and mentally and am so appreciative of my yoga practice allowing me this opportunity to slow down.” -Gilda R.

Yoga Helps Recovery from a Heart Attack

I came to yoga two years after having a heart attack. I had done a meditation class and wanted to try yoga as well. I work in the medical field in a high stress job. I began with beginner yoga. After 6 weeks I noticed less stress and tension in my neck and shoulders. I also like the awareness I have in my posture now and enjoy listing to my body more. I am so glad I added Yoga to my life! – Melita

Less Tension More Enjoyment

I came to yoga because my physiotherapists recommended I try it to reduce tension. And it did just that. Thanks to the beginner and gentle Yoga I have much less tension and strain through my neck, shoulders and back. I also like that I do not have to be “good at it” to get the benefits and enjoyment of Yoga. It is something I can just come and do for myself. I am glad I followed that recommendation! -Kim J

It’s Never Too Late

I had cared for my husband for many years, due to his long battle with Cancer. It took a great toll on my health, and being in my 60’s, I was not, as we say, a “spring chicken” anymore. My daughter said to me that it was time that I gave myself the same amount of love and care I had given my husband – she suggested I take up yoga. I would normally have let the monkey mind take over, telling myself that I was too old for yoga, and that I did not have the energy anymore, but I decided to give it a try. On my first class Angela, the teacher, mentioned that many seniors in care were there simply because they were not as mobile as they once were; it had nothing to do with their minds. This certainly made me think. Joining yoga is the best gift I ever gave myself. I have been an avid student of yoga for 3 years. Yoga has given me so much: I am flexible, I am energetic, I can even stand on my head, much to the amazement of my peers! I have self-confidence that I did not have before, and lots of wonderful friends. I am 63, and did my first deep-sea dive with my grandson this year. I was also in a really bad car accident last year, and walked away without a scratch. I know that it was all due to my yoga! Yoga has taught me how to stay focused, how to love myself, never to judge myself. It is not an exercise; it is a journey that keeps unfolding and showing me just how wonderful I am. To me yoga is a way of life – it keeps me mentally alert, physically fit, and spiritually aware. – Catherine M., Ajax

From Injury to Top 10 Finishes!

I’m a runner and I was having some injury issues that I couldn’t shake. I decided to join Yoga for Jocks. I was so nervous going to my first class because I didn’t really know what to expect and I didn’t consider myself to be flexible at all. Within a few weeks I noticed a difference both with my running and with my strength training at the gym. I felt more balanced and stable and also just generally stronger. At that point I was feeling more like a “yogi” and was confident enough to join a “regular” class. As the spring racing season began, I was committed to doing several 10K races. As I ran my first 10K in about 8 months, my finishing time was about 3 minutes faster than it was in the fall. This was without any significant change to my training, except for the addition of yoga. My 10K times continued to decrease and I even had some top ten finishes in my age group at various runs. In addition to using yoga to improve my running, it has come to be a regular part of my routine and has helped me balance out the busy-ness of the rest of my life. It is an hour just for me that I have come to rely on to de-stress and regain clarity. -Jaye C., Whitby

The Best Mom I Can Be

With the excitement and nerves of having my first baby, a very stressful period at work and adjusting to the change of pregnancy, I REALLY appreciated the sense of calm and balance I always felt in the Prenatal Yoga classes. They helped prepare me for my labour and the physical demands now of being a new mom. When my son Connor was born, we found out that he has Down Syndrome. I am so happy to have the skills and benefits from yoga to help me be the best mom I can be”. -Christie, Ajax.

The PERFECT Yoga for All of Life’s Stages

I am so grateful for Balanced Life Yoga and all of the many different styles of yoga classes offered at the studio. I have found that no matter what stage I am at in my life, there is always something perfect to balance me out. When I first joined Balanced Life Yoga, I was in a place where I was getting back into running, and the Yoga for Runners class was just perfect for me at the time. As my athleticism progressed and the class changed to Yoga for Jocks, here I found another wonderful practice to balance out my body and relieve stress. Then I got pregnant! This absolutely wonderful stage of my life was supported at BLY with their Prenatal Yoga classes that I truly enjoyed throughout my entire pregnancy. And now that little Owen is here in the world, we are loving every minute of Mom and Baby Yoga. As a new, first time mother I was very nervous and apprehensive about joining the Mom and Baby yoga class with a 6-week old baby. I couldn’t imagine my little one lying still for the class without wanting to be held or carried around. I was also still nervous about packing Owen and all the gear up for the class, setting up and then packing it all up afterword. After the first week, I was so incredibly happy that we joined the class! There was some feeding and changing during the class, and a few moments where he needed settling, but this amazing class made me realize that Owen loves to be out with other mom and babies, and so do I! I think the energy in the room allows the babies to settle and really take in their surroundings, while allowing me a little time to practice yoga and to ground myself. The energy and relaxation I feel after the class is so great for both Owen and I. Every week, we look forward to our Tuesday morning yoga!! Can’t wait until he’s big enough to start his own kid yoga!!! -Andrea C., Ajax

Loving The Whole Experience

Not only is my physical posture improving – I find myself sitting more comfortably at my desk but I am more relaxed thanks to Yoga. For me “Open your heart” not only applies to posture but translates to me having openness and confidence as well. I’m loving the whole experience. –Carolyn H.,

From Anxious to Ease

Before coming to Balanced Life Yoga and learning meditation I felt like things were BIG and at times like I was anxious and disconnected – especially from people. I felt stressed and tired most of the time. Since starting a Yoga and meditation practice I feel like I really see people I work with which means I feel more connected and I realize there are no big things. I can manage everything. I am feeling happier and more at ease. – Cathy B., Ajax

From Self Conscious to Self Care (and Happy)

Since my first yoga class, I have been hooked! I love taking care of myself. My stress is lower and my overall health has improved. I am about to start my nursing career and it is extremely important to lead by example and practice what you teach so to speak. For me, Yoga also allows me to create time for myself, leave the world behind and focus on the present moment which leaves me feeling happier and calmer no matter what is happening. There’s also no judgment in class and no need to compare your self to the rest of the class. One of the biggest challenges for me has been getting over the self-consciousness I’ve felt, and recently I’ve returned to practicing regularly after a long period of time and have found it really challenging to let go of where I “used to be” in my practice. In working through this I do my best to remind myself that it really isn’t about how “good” you are, but it’s about the intent, where you ultimately would like to aim for in a posture, and moving there a little more with each practice. I like the light, happy nature of the classes too. This creates fun and joy – just what Yoga is about. – Laura L.

Immediate Results from Dedicated Practice

I can’t believe the almost immediate results I have experienced. In addition to always feeling welcome and included, since I started practicing more consistently at Balanced Life Yoga I lost 11 pounds and in only three weeks! I am so happy with my progress. Yoga worked for me. – Tara

Feeling Good Again

I found Balanced Life Yoga at a time when I was facing a challenging personal situation. I was feeling out of balance and knew if I took care of myself then everything would work. And it did. Yoga has made me stronger, both mentally and physically as well as more patient which makes me a better Mom and a better massage therapist. The ability to centre myself, and find that deep place inside which allows me to focus on the enjoyment of life itself has had such a profound impact on my life. Yoga makes me feel good. And, as life gets more demanding, feeling good is a good thing! – Colleen, Ajax

A Victim of Unhappiness No More

“Before the Super Life Course and Balanced Life Yoga I had an uncomfortable and painful relationship with certain members of my family. I felt helpless and at times a victim of their unhappiness. Now that I have a new perspective and new tools I feel free and happy in myself and can allow others to just be as they are with no need to change them. I also feel more confident and open to new friendships. I made a major shift and am feeling great.” -Kathleen, Ajax.

Student Exam Panic No More

“As a full-time student in post secondary, I lead a very hectic and demanding lifestyle. With the proper breathing techniques I have learned throughout my yoga experience, I am now able to incorporate these techniques in stressful situations. For instance, when I know that there are major exams approaching, I take a few moments to breathe in and out of my chest and belly in order to overcome my anxiety. As a result of doing this, I find that I am doing exceptionally well because I no longer freeze on tests and exams. I am so grateful.” – Sam Buchanan

I Feel Longer and Looser in my Muscles

“Thanks to Yoga classes at Balanced Life Yoga I feel longer and looser in my muscles which was one of my main goals. I also met great people from the Ajax area and continue to meet many more. Thank you.” – Nicole Fabbri

A Beginner Experiences Immediate Peace & Relaxation

“I like most people have a stressful job and was really looking to find a sense of peace and stillness through yoga – a way to wind down and connect with my body. The Intro to Yoga class was a great starting point for me as I was a complete and total newbie. After my first class I was hooked. I saw immediate results and found that after practicing yoga I would feel calm, strong and balanced. I have even started applying some of the breathing techniques I have learned when I am feeling stressed and they help me to relax and refocus. I can’t wait to continue with my practice. Each time is like a gift to be unwrapped. I learn something new about my body and my mind every time. Yoga will always be a part of my life now and I can’t think of anyone who would not benefit in some way from its teachings.” Kait Nienhuis

Yoga is An Island of Comfort for Me

For me Yoga means sharing an hour in a group class to take care of myself – my mat is an island. This gives me release, comfort, forgiveness and gratitude as well as a time to challenge my body and thanking it for what it can do. –Jen Conn

Leaving My Job – Finding My Voice

Today marks three weeks since The Great Resignation. I call it that because leaving my stable, make-mamma-proud, business-card-worthy, pension job was no easy feat. It took a year and a half to muster up enough courage to finally walk away, a year and a half to stand in my own truth. I was sure I’d heard this idea before, expressed in a dozen different ways by the likes of Oprah and Deepak, but it had never resonated so deeply with me as when Angela began a Flow class with a mini lesson on the Vishuddha chakra and I showed up to listen – really listen. Thanks to all I learned through Yoga I found the courage to trust my heart and offer my voice and gifts more fully in the world and the feeling is amazing! – Sabrina R., Ajax

Off The Treadmill

Before Yoga I was on a treadmill trying to balance my life. I had some health issues so knew I had to get off the treadmill before the speed of it threatened to throw me off. I now have a sense of inner calmness, focus, inspiration and awareness of my body (so much that I am hoping to teach Yoga in the future to help others bring this into their lives). I feel stronger and healthier both physically and mentally. Whether it is a Power Yoga session or Gentle Yoga I always am revived and “motivated” at the end of class. -June

Taking Care of Myself…Finally

“Life before Balanced Life Yoga was more of a rat race, not being in tune with what I wanted in life, being available to everyone and putting myself second. Living with old patterns that I had developed and believed in, as far back as my childhood. Now I am a much happier person, in love with life, I have worked through those old patterns and kept from them what is meaningful for me now and I am still available to everyone but in a healthier way. I have learned to put myself first in a non-egotistical way and accept that I am allowed to be happy and in love. I have realized that ‘resistance is futile’. If I listen to my inner-strength and wisdom, I know that the Universe has a way of getting Its way.” – Linda, S. Pickering

Moving Past Worry

I have a tendency to overthink things and this leads me to worrying and becoming stressed. Yoga helps me ground more, go within and feel more balanced. I know I am doing something really good for myself and am getting better at going with the flow. Being at a place like Balanced Life Yoga helps me apply the principles of purposeful intention and Laws of Attraction. I have learned how to put out more positive energy and to focus less on what I perceive to be “not working”. Since joining the studio I have come to a deeper awareness of myself and how interconnected my energy is to everyone and everything. I am in the right place and being provided essential tools as I continue the journey of self discovery. I love to pass along the best of myself and the teachings to others and I notice and treasure the magical moments that continue to happen. – Ann G., Ajax

Comfortable in My Own Skin

“”Prior to Yoga I lived a fast-paced, high-stress life with huge emphasis on work and others; ignoring my own needs. A life crisis was my awakening to focus on myself …leading me to find Balanced Life Yoga. Yoga taught me the concept of taking care of myself – both spiritually and mentally. Committing to my Yoga practice created a healthier, more harmonious self, thus allowing me greater compassion for others. My increased sense of trust, serenity and life satisfaction was fostered by the lessons and philosophy taught through yoga practice. I became more accepting and non-judgemental of myself, others and the Universe. I honour my strength, sense of self and dignity as I approach life’s conflicts with love and peace. It is my grounding and healing practice. The physical aspect has had the amazing effect of increasing mindfulness and comfort in my own body. A greater positive presence and confidence in my body’s abilities has improved the intimacy in both my relationship with myself and with my partner. Balanced Life Yoga has become my sanctuary; a place not like any other. I have not found such acceptance, love and positivity at any other studio. The energy at Balanced Life Yoga draws me back over and over again. I gain so much from Shasta’s teachings; she is truly my mentor in life.” – Tiffany, Wagner’s Lake

Exactly What I Needed…A Better Version of Myself

“What started out as an inconsistent physical workout has evolved into a practice and journey of peace, self-acceptance, a positive outlook on life and LOVE. My Balanced Life Yoga community has enriched my life like nothing else ever has. The impact that yoga has had on my life is not something that is easy to put into words but I can say that each and every time I practice I feel a sense of “that was exactly what I needed”. I could walk into Balanced Life feeling one way and leave feeling renewed, with a sense of exhilaration and inspiration and that feeling is what keeps me coming back to the mat. I feel like I have the tools and the mindset to overcome obstacles, that I can trust myself and be much more present in my own life. Yoga has changed my life and I am grateful everyday for all that my practice has given to me. I came to yoga, like many before me, when things just weren’t working out exactly the way I wanted them to or the way I thought they should. My body feels stronger, my spirit is uplifted and my soul is renewed. Thanks to yoga I am definitely a better version of myself and see the world and the people around me with more love and acceptance than ever before. “ -Brigitte B., Whitby

Simply…From Unhappy to Happy

“Coming to Balanced Life Yoga opened me up to seeing things in a new way, and to be able to take the necessary risks in my life to open other doors. Since coming to Balanced Life Yoga, I’ve changed my work situation, which was a HUGE factor in my unhappiness. I’m not sure I would have come to this decision so freely on my own. Because of this decision too my husband and I have been able to add to our family and are the proud parents/owners of a golden retriever pup named Abby. We never would have been able to do this in my previous work situation. It’s a practice and I’m still learning, but I am enjoying the life I’m living. ? I love walking through the doors of the studio… It’s not your typical yoga studio – there’s an honest feeling of strength, and positive energy that you just surrounds you. It’s like my safe place.” – Erinn Ridell, Ajax

Walking With Hope Again

“I was always positive person but when I was having major issues with my hips that left me in constant pain so that even walking was a challenge it all came crashing down. Practicing Yoga has allowed me not only better movement but my hope and positive energy is back.” -Moira H., Pickering

Then I Got Pregnant!

This absolutely wonderful stage of my life was supported at BLY with their Prenatal Yoga classes that I truly enjoyed throughout my entire pregnancy. And now that little Owen is here in the world, we are loving every minute of Mom and Baby Yoga. As a new, first time mother I was very nervous and apprehensive about joining the Mom and Baby yoga class with a 6-week old baby. I couldn’t imagine my little one lying still for the class without wanting to be held or carried around. I was also still nervous about packing Owen and all the gear up for the class, setting up and then packing it all up afterword. After the first week, I was so incredibly happy that we joined the class! There was some feeding and changing during the class, and a few moments where he needed settling, but this amazing class made me realize that Owen loves to be out with other mom and babies, and so do I! I think the energy in the room allows the babies to settle and really take in their surroundings, while allowing me a little time to practice yoga and to ground myself. The energy and relaxation I feel after the class is so great for both Owen and I. Every week, we look forward to our Tuesday morning yoga!! Can’t wait until he’s big enough to start his own kid yoga!!! -Andrea C., Ajax

Feeling Like Myself Again

Since coming back to Balanced Life Yoga and committing to my practice, I feel like myself again. It is amazing how just three weeks can turn everything around. Thank you Balanced Life Yoga for this place and helping me find my happy. – Patti L.

Pain Killers No More!

Since starting yoga I no longer take pain killers for headaches. It has totally changed how I feel. I am now taking teacher training with Balanced Life Yoga, I was so thrilled with my experience. – Voula Phillips, Pickering

Peace Unlike Anything

I have tried classes at other studios and I do not have the same sense of peace I have at Balanced Life Yoga. I can truly forget everything that is going on in my life and turn inward during your classes and believe me for me that is a struggle – my mind is quiet and I lose myself in the practice. Just wanted to let you know I think you are amazing teachers and I continue to enjoy my practice at your studio. Namaste – K. Lyons, Brooklin

Relief From Pain

Since I started yoga the daily pain I felt in my hips has almost completely subsided. It is so wonderful to have some relief. – Jan Coulton, Port Perry

15 Inches Lost Already!

Since beginning Balanced Life in September of 2008, I have lost a total of 15 inches. The area were I had the greatest loss was my hips, a total of 10 inches. For the first time, in a decade I feel well and physically strong. Through eating well, walking and practicing yoga three to four times per week, I was able to feel good again. – Anita Vicente-Pereira, Whitby

Laughing Each Day

Yoga helped me find the courage to make positive changes in my life such as leaving a marriage that was not working any more for me. I have learned to live in peace and to live and laugh each day. – Jacquie Marquis, Ajax

Flexible and More Relaxed in Body and Mind

Since starting yoga I have noticed many positive changes in my life. For one, I have an increased flexibility which I thought would be a lot more difficult to get. Secondly, I find that I am better able to relax myself in any given situation just remembering to breath. And the best change I can think of is that I absolutely love exercising again! – Gillian Smith, Whitby

Managing MS Thanks to Yoga

Since participating at Balanced Life Yoga my symptoms and flare ups associated with my MS have improved and some have even disappeared. I am feeling positive and full of energy. I feel stronger in my body and mind and would recommend this practice to everyone – Heather

A Better Golf Game!

I am feeling younger, fitter and stronger than ever! My golf game is outstanding and I no longer suffer from any aches and pains even after playing golf for 7 days in a row! I recommend yoga to everyone. – L.K., Port Perry

Aches and Pains Gone!

Yoga totally took care of my aches and pains and left me feeling younger, happier and more able to meet the demands of each day. I highly recommend it as the perfect practice! – Shona B. – Whitby, ON

It’s Never Too Late to Feel Better

I came to yoga rather late in life but I found out it is never too late to start. I found so much in yoga that I felt was missing in my fitness practice. Since starting yoga I sleep better and have more focus. My knees and hips are pain-free and I have lost some weight. Balanced Life Yoga classes have been such a positive and enlightening experience. – Paula D., Ajax

Prenatal and Mom & Baby Yoga

So Happy to Share This Experience

Mom and baby yoga is the first class I signed Raphael up to. I really enjoyed that I could practice yoga and share the experience with him at a young age. I wish I knew about it earlier because I definitely would of signed up earlier. The little yoga exercises that Norma did with us was great for Raphael. Shortly after every class he had a bowel movement ( he is a little on the constipated side because he started solids and is still breastfed) It is a great way for a new mom to feel good about herself and at the same time enjoy yoga and keep baby close to you and connected. Raphael loves this class because he gets to interact with other babies and see mommy enjoying something different in a new atmosphere. Norma is a great teacher, she is gentle, thorough and a great yogi and exemplifies the zen energy every great yogi embodies. I am grateful to have joined to mom and baby yoga classes and I will continue to register until Raphael is too old. I also made some new Mommy friends which I’m grateful for. Every mom needs some of them. – Erika, Ajax.

We Have Created New Memories

My experience with the Mom and Baby Yoga and Stroller Fit classes have been great experiences! Shawna, Krista, Norma and Rachel, are amazing people and it has been such a joy to meet everyone! We have created new memories with the staff and the lovely moms and babies who we have taken classes with, I can’t wait to continue my yoga journey through the Balanced Life Yoga studio, and hopefully during my next pregnancy! Thanks for everything!! – Justine C., Oshawa

A Happy Journey To and Through Motherhood in a Community of Love

Balanced Life Yoga has been a huge part of my journey through Motherhood – nurturing my physical and emotional health through my pregnancy. I have always enjoyed yoga and have practiced it for many years; however, I had never felt so connected with my body through yoga practice than when I began prenatal yoga there. My husband and I participated in their prenatal partner yoga and we carried what we learned all the way through to labour and delivery. When praised by my nurse for doing a great job breathing, I proudly told her “this is my goddess breath!” As soon as I was physically able following the birth of our son, he and I joined mom and baby yoga. It is fantastic to stretch and strengthen those mommy muscles in a comfortable environment and interacting with other mamas and babes on a weekly basis. What I love most about Balanced Life Yoga is how committed the teachers are to the health and well being of their yogis. Balanced Life Yoga is not just a yoga studio, it is a community of love that I am so happy to be a part of. I look forward to continuing my mommy yoga journey and venturing back into ‘my’ yoga through their other wonderful classes. – Daniella M., Ajax

Friendship, Fitness & Fun Made Me a Better Mom!

I just wanted to thank you once again for the amazing experience I had during the whole Prenatal and Mom and Baby offerings. I really wouldn’t have been able to pull through the rough first months and then the depressing winter without the support of the wonderful mums I met through Balanced life yoga and in particular without the teachers’ support and advice. The best thing about Balanced life yoga is that it is so much more than just a place to practice yoga, it provides social environment for many mums like me who spend most of the days during maternity leave accompanied by their babies only and mostly indoors. In addition, there I found the motivation to take care of myself and as a result be able to take better care of my daughter Mila. To me Balanced life yoga are you. I don’t know if you realize it, but you ladies are doing an incredible job! Thank you from the heart – Maria, Ajax

I Feel More A Part Of My Own Body

I always have loved the physicality of practicing yoga poses, but not until starting the classes at Balanced Life Yoga did I understand the mental and spiritual connection that I could have with myself, and the baby in my tummy! The girls at the studio have shown me this side of yoga and I am so grateful. I feel more a part of my own body, the life within me, the people around me, and my surroundings. Thank you! -Alli W., Whitby.

New Mom Finds Friendship and Confidence

Krista and Shawna are two amazing woman at Balanced Life whose love for teaching and their students made me feel welcomed on the first day of Mom and Baby Yoga and every day after. For me it was a great experience that helped me gain confidence again and accept myself. I am so looking forward to the next session. I love seeing all the babies grow along with the friendships I made in class. It was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself and my happiness. – Karen & baby Megan

I Recommend To All Pregnant Women That I Know!

Before signing up for Prenatal Yoga at Balanced Life Yoga I lived a regular life, but essentially did little to no exercise once pregnant. Registering for prenatal was an excellent way to get out, talk and be with other pregnant women and learn safe ways to move my changing body, not to mention learning wonderful labouring techniques that I could practice with my partner. It was really nice to share my journey with Krista as well as all of the other moms – who I still keep in touch with today (nearly 3 years later). Prenatal yoga was a relaxing, strengthening and educating experience that I recommend to all pregnant women that I know. – Gillian S.

A Healthy and Strong Mom With Energy for Twin Babies Thanks to Yoga

Mom and Baby Yoga and Stroller Fitness at Balanced Life is a must for me. After having my twins, I had a hard time getting back into a fitness routine. Every time I attempted to work out while the babes were sleeping I would feel guilty about not doing chores around the house or I would be so exhausted that I would curl up in a ball on my yoga mat and have a nap. I signed up though and the classes have instilled in me a need to be active with my children that will last a lifetime. The classes have also acted as a springboard into other activities. I no longer feel guilty about taking the time to workout on my own and I now have the energy…so my yoga mat is no longer a makeshift bed! My girls need a healthy and strong mother. With the help of the mom and baby classes at Balanced Life Yoga I am now on my way!” I have met and befriended so many amazing and inspiring mothers through both the classes. This is so important to me because I am the first in my circle of friends to have children. I love, love, love the teachers – Shawna and Krista. The pair of them are lovely, welcoming and mothers themselves. I could go on all day about the two of them. They are the BEST fitness teachers I have even encountered. It was truly a pleasure to be in their classes. – Amanda F.

A Great Pre and Post-Natal Experience Thanks to Balanced Life Yoga

When I think back over my pre and post natal experience, the Balanced Life Yoga community was a huge part of it! When I found Balanced Life Yoga, I found a team of teachers who ensured I had a great experience every class and make felt feel apart of the community. I felt like an appreciated individual and not just another customer. The Pre-natal classes with Krista kept me energized and fit during my entire pregnancy. My husband and I also took some of Krista’s Partner Pre-natal classes that helped us stay connected as a couple and taught him some valuable skills that helped with labour and delivery. The Mom and Baby Yoga and Stroller Fit classes offered me a way to stay fit, and connected to my kids. They also provide a great way to meet other moms – VERY IMPORTANT! I’m so grateful for the team and their commitment to what they do.” Jandy B.

From Kids Yoga

Kid’s testimonies!

I like yoga because it makes me feel good because you need to breath in and breath out. It makes me feel good because I do the poses slowly. I like concentrating. – Conor age 5

I feel good when I get home because all the poses make me feel good. I do yoga because we get to have fun. Snake pose (cobra) makes me feel good. – Rylie age 5

I wanted to try yoga because my mom does yoga. It makes me fee, good because the moves stretch my body and makes my bones feel good. -Nate age 6


Never a Disappointment!

I loved the Balanced Life Yoga Costa Rica retreat–particularly yoga and meditation EVERY day!! I wish I could do that back here! Your knowledge, insight and philosophy is SO soul-satisfying Shasta. Your retreats are never a disappointment. And Mr. Ian–he is incredibly loveable, thoughtful and so genuine–many thanks to him for being the wonderful person he is! Thank you again! -Tiffany, Uxbridge

A Gift Like No Other

“Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for the 2014 Costa Rica Retreat. You have given us all a gift like no other! I never realized how much I was limiting myself with my own thoughts and how trapped I felt in my own body until you helped me open up and do the work. I now feel I can achieve things I never thought possible for myself. I experienced happiness, freedom and awe as I went places I’ve never been before both physically and spiritually. It has been both incredibly challenging and liberating this week. I really enjoyed the enlightening and inspiring lessons that came with each practice. Your teachings Shasta, are an absolute blessing. I look forward to having this knowledge, experience and sense of community to bring home and incorporate into my everyday life. I am very thankful to you, Ian and everyone else who has made this experience so incredible. Sending love and appreciation!” -Sabina, Uxbridge, ON

Life Changing

“The Balance Life Yoga Retreat was nothing short of life changing for me. The time away from my regular hectic schedule to focus completely on nourishing my body, mind and spirit, along with the teaching and guidance from Shasta, allowed me to deal with things that were holding me back and unlock new potential for myself and my future. I can’t wait to get started! And I can’t wait for the next trip.” – Sara, Ajax, ON

I Have Learned So Much!

“My life has been enriched by meeting both you and Ian at the Balanced Life Yoga Costa Rica Retreat. Shasta, your thoughtful and steady presence was so healing for me and you were so calm and inspiring. Ian’s salt of the earth personality and connection to nature was inspiring for me. Thank you for making me part of your family. The retreat was a new life experience for me and was wonderful and uplifting in so many ways. I’m pretty sure “Circ de Soleil” won’t be knocking on my door anytime soon, but the stretches I was able to accomplish made my body smile. I am moving into a different chapter of my life very soon and I know the spiritual teachings you have provided me with will help me through everything I have to undertake. I have learned so much from you in such a short time.”-Bev, Oakville, ON

I Can’t Stop Smiling!

“There will be many things that I do now that I’m back, as a result of this retreat. I will be always grateful for the experience, and I commit to staying connected with those I’ve met. People have noticed that I can’t stop smiling!” – Ana, Toronto

Never Felt So Rejuvenated!

“I attended the 2013 Costa Rica yoga retreat with the extremely talented Shasta and a group of wonderfully inspirational people. The trip was a magical experience filled with tears of joy, laughter, encouragement and support. I have never felt so rejuvenated and relaxed in my entire life. The yoga and meditation each day soothed my soul and left me with the feeling of ultimate tranquility. The staff at Blue Osa were absolutely amazing and I have never had more delicious and gourmet meals! Thank you Shasta for making this such a memorable experience for me that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Namaste” -Alicia T, Toronto

Blue Osa is Truly A Magical Place

“It was a pleasure and privilege to be a part of Balanced Life Yoga’s 2013 Costa Rica Retreat! I thank Shasta for sharing her insight, hindsight and foresight in such a meaningful way. She provided us all with the motivation to grow daily in our yoga practice, while challenging us to seek out and create the communities that will support what we aspire to achieve in mind, body and soul. Shasta is indeed an inspiration and I am so glad that I was able to experience the essence of “pura vida” in Costa Rica with Balanced Life Yoga! And Blue Osa is truly a magical place and I can’t imagine a more fitting venue to nurture the spirit of natural harmony within” -Kathy S, London, ON

The Best Week Of My Life

“Just spent the best week of my life in Costa Rica at the Balanced Life Yoga Retreat with a group of absolutely amazing people who I miss already! Looking forward to the next time I can go back. Thank you Shasta Townsend for doing this incredible retreat. I am filled with positivity and feeling amazing!”. -Sabina H., Uxbridge, ON

I Soaked Up and Experienced True Life Unfolding

“Thank you to Shasta and Ian from the bottom of my heart. I cannot thank you both enough for your continuous love and sharing of your hearts unconditionally as well as the dream you create for others!! I simply said “yes” to loving myself and attended your “Magical Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica”! I soaked up and experienced true life unfolding before my eyes and it took my breath away many times! I am so grateful for the love and passion that Blue Osa and its kind people mirrored back to us every day. Being surrounded by the natural beauty and peaceful setting, the ocean and true treasures of the Jungle was truly amazing and allowed me to witness the beautiful unfolding of the many new courageous butterflies in the attendees. I am truly grateful for all your love and sharing! Grateful with love.” – Helen M., Ajax

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