Balanced Life Yoga Values



—Empowerment & Responsibility

We wish to offer empowerment & responsibility to each and every person that comes into our studio. We want you to know that you are supported and love, feeling empowered to take responsibility for your own life and development.   

Possibility & Potential

Our main goal is for each student to know that there are no limits to their possibility & potential, but those we create for ourselves. See ourselves and all we meet as creators anything is possible.

We also are committed to “being the solution” rather than focused on any problem. 

Appreciation & Celebration

Remember to celebrate yourself and others; it is what creates happiness and love in our community. We deeply value and appreciate all our students, team members and community. We show love in all we do.


We are committed to doing all things with a sense of celebration, joy and play.  We seek to find happiness in each and every day. The purpose of life is joy!


We are committed to being support, love and connection for all and we honor the one-ness of life and source everywhere. The Source for life is love, peace and abundance.  We see ourselves and all others as Divine creators in this amazing life and this amazing body.  We honor the light in you as the same light that dwells within all life. 


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