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The AEVA from Just Vertical


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The AEVA is a modern hydroponic garden system that allows you to grow large indoor plants and veg all year round! We are official Just Vertical sellers.

Canadian made, this indoor garden makes vertical farming at home possible and beautifully complements your home. The AEVA can grow over 200 different plants, and up to 10 lbs of fresh, sustainable and pesticide-free produce on a monthly basis.

Regular price – $999.

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Wild Harvested Canadian Chaga

As a superfood Chaga has gained much popularity due to its heavily researched potential anti-tumour and immune-modulating properties.

It can be added to coffee or made into its own tea. It is nearly tasteless, and a great way to add a superfood to your family’s diet.

Indigenous people have used it for centuries. We sell wild and ethically harvests chaga in the tradition of our ancestors, including a gratitude offering, from the pristine forests around First Nations native territory in Ontario.

Available in whole form for $35 per pound.

Pick up from studio.

Purchase 10lbs or more for $30 per pound. Delivery in GTA included.

Rectangular Yoga Bolsters

Once you get a bolster you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Whether you use a bolster to stretch, cure your back pain or to help you dive deeper in restorative yoga, this favourite yoga prop is sure to be loved in any household or yoga studio. Handcrafted by Halfmoon in Vancouver

We have limited supply.

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