Social Responsibility

Linked Prosperity and Shared Success

We value our people. Our teachers and team are a huge part of what makes us us and provide an exceptional experience and service to you. As such we have always compensated our teachers on a success share model. This means our teachers are some of the most highly paid and recognized teachers in North America. We feel good about that. This means you support a locally-owned company who does business with integrity and abundance.

Giving Back Practices

We give back and care about causes and organizations dedicated to the betterment of women, children and also land stewardship and care of our furry friends.

As such we sponsor several children in Central America through Plan Canada, and make ongoing annual donations to send girls to school, support the disbursement of feminine hygiene products and kickstart women-owned businesses.

We are ongoing donors to The PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary, as well as other animal welfare organizations and charities.

At this point we are also seeking to partner/contribute to BIPOC / Indigenous Youth Entrepreneurial organizations and groups. You can reach out if this is your organization at