Sleep deprivation is actually a form of torture!
Yes, lack of sleep has become a daily experience for millions of people around the world.
Stress. Fear of the future. A churning mind, and restless body. It’s terrible
For years I struggled with insomnia. At its worst, I was getting maybe an hour or two a night.
The insomnia only compounded my anxiety. My anxiety only compounded the insomnia.
Even the cocktail of pharmaceuticals did not help that much and left me foggy.

Then I discovered Yoga and in particular the breath practice (below) that balances mind and body that ancient teachers have taught for thousands of years, and my mind began to chill out AND I began to sleep.

Almost 20-years later, I am pretty much free of insomnia and anxiety.

If I don’t practice Yoga or pranayama (breathwork), it can come back so I stay disciplined as I never want to feel that worn out again.

Yoga pretty much has an answer for anything we are struggling with, and there are no side effects!

Try this 8-second breath practice in this video and allow the power of the practice to “reset” your brain and body.

Put Insomnia and Anxiety to BED

Get Calm

If you want to go one step further and learn even more tools to manage insomnia and anxiety, I created an online program called Get Calm – Meditation Specialist Certification.

If gives you all the foundations to start to take back the reins in your own mind and feel in control and calm, again.

“In this time of uncertainty, I am learning strategies for wellness in this course – it's been great!

I can feel a true transformation happening because of this.”

– Laura B

Shasta Townsend is the creator of Balanced Life Yoga and is an internationally sought after speak and author on wellness, human potential and living a first-class life.