Preparing for Weekend 1

Preparing for Weekend 1 in a Powerful + Passionate Way

Dear Student + Friend,

Please read through this and follow the directions so that we can have a powerful first weekend and you leave with clarity on your Soul Purpose, how to monetize it and your next steps.

This pre-work is absolutely essential, so please complete it before that weekend and bring your outcomes with you.

*** An important note – Some of you may have done exercises like this with me or other coaches in the past. If that is the case please approach this from the NOW and with freshness.  Do not get caught up in what has been as we are also creating the new.

Step One

Listen to Shasta’s Heart’s Longing Meditation

Make notes and be present.

Step Two

Print and complete the Shasta’s Lifestyle and Planning pdf.

Step Three

Print off and complete Shasta’s Mindset pdf.

Step Four

Print off and complete Shasta’s Branding and Audience pdf.

Step Five

Please bring all notes, completed pdfs, insights and questions along with your enthusiasm and passion to the first live event weekend.

I look forward to creating the next big and beautiful step with you!!

Much love,

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