Join Us Online from December 26, 2020-February 10, 2021

Stay sane, balanced, connected and flowing! Human connection included 😉 Join us online during the current province wide shutdown.

Stay Balanced at Home

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Yoga Teacher Training

Dive deep into your mind/body wellness and learn to help others too!
Join Us Online from December 26, 2020-February 10, 2021
Stay Balanced at Home
Yoga Teacher Training

New To Yoga

Imagine waking up in the morning and feeling energized.

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Welcome Home!

This is your sanctuary + a place where you can feel truly at home…

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Become a Yoga Teacher

The tools, training and PERMISSION to “do for you”.

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So Thankful

Thank you, Balanced Life Yoga, for being the place where I found love and kindness for myself.

-Kristy Laverty

Found My Soul-Tribe

I have been a member of Balanced Life Yoga for years and have made connections that will never cease, friends that I will grow old with, people that make up my soul tribe.

-Gillian S

Less Anxious & Overwhelmed

The practice of yoga and the Balanced Life Yoga studio in particular really guided through one of the most transitional times of my life – becoming a mom. After having my daughter, and feeling overwhelmed and lost, I signed up for Mom and Baby yoga. Immediately, I was less anxious, I was able to exercise with my baby right there with me.

-Courtney C

More Than A Community

Balance Life Yoga is more than a community, it is a family. The unconditional love & support that you receive from each & every one that walks through those doors are truly a blessing. The positivity, the continuous growth nourishes my soul & spirit.

-Jaybe M

A Place I Call Home

All bodies are welcome, all levels are welcome.  When I step in the doors I know that there will be a smile, a welcome hug, a joyful hello. An acknowledgment of me.  It truly has become a place that I call home.

-Verlene H

Staying Active, Relaxed And Connected To My Partner

Balanced Life gives me the opportunity to be as physically active as I wish, helps me to obtain mental perspective and relaxation, and share it all with my life partner.

-Alan K


Chakra Energy System

Earth Star Chakra Energy System with Intuitive Reiki Master, Helen. Within each of us is a universal and unique energy grid that connects us to a vast intelligence, and wisdom. The Chakras are a map of this intelligence and can…

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