Mentorship Program

You have completed a 200-hour or 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training, and you know the value of receiving one-on-one support so you are ready for a truly beneficial, inspiring and empowering mentoring experience!

Balanced Life Yoga presents its renown Mentorship Program for graduates of a 200-hour or 300-hour Yoga teacher training program who want to truly advance their teaching skills usefully, powerful and quickly!


Finally Living in Alignment with my Dharma!

Completing the mentorship program, allowed me to confidently apply my new skills and knowledge in a way the was genuine to me and my energy in a safe and supportive environment with endless encouragement from Jenn.

My amazing mentor, helped to challenge me to step into the uncomfortable and truly embrace my new path. The mentorship was invaluable to me and helped to affirm finally living in alignment with my dharma!!!!!” – Kirsty F.,


Mentorship Program

You  don't  have  to  do  it  alone.

One of our experienced senior  teachers  is  here  to  help  you  

make  the  transition  to  teaching  enjoyable, easeful and fun!

Work  with  our  amazing



You’ll  receive one-on-one development and mentoring support as well as learn key ways to  teach from your heart,  attract from your deepest intention and create a flow of well-being,  prosperity and joy for yourself and your Yoga community.

Program  Highlights:

  • One-on-one  instruction  with  a  Balanced  Life  Yoga  Studio  senior  teacher  to  assess  and  refine  your  teaching  needs   and  skills.


  • You  will  have  the  opportunity  to  assist  your  mentor  in  one  class  per  week,  working  on  observational  and   teaching  skills  in  the  classroom.   Pre and post class debriefs will help you focus your learning  experience.


  • Learn valuable and meaningful ways to market and sell, build community, stand in your voice and radiance and  increase your class attendance and your income as a teacher.


  • Have an opportunity to sub or teach at Balanced Life Yoga.


  • At the end of  the program,  audition for the Balanced  Life Yoga studio directors  and  receive  feedback.   We  hire exclusively from its Mentor Program and are seeking to build and grow our team.


  • Become a part of  a  wonderful  family of  Yoga teachers and step into your light and power at Balanced Life Yoga!


Program cost is $549 + HST .

We are grateful to have had a great response to this program and our mentorship spots fill quickly so we encourage you to enrol today!!!


Next Steps

Please complete and submit the application below the word document below and email it to us.



Success Stories

Found My Voice 

“After completing the Inspiring Spirit,  I felt that I needed extra support on this new life’s journey of being a yoga  teacher. I needed to find my yoga voice. My mentorship with Cindy was exactly that missing piece of guidance that I required. My mentorship was beyond my expectation,  Cindy didn’t just tell me what I needed to do or how to teach, she gave me the information that supported to me in figuring out how to make changes to my practices that’ll serve me and my students. Throughout every stage of the  mentorship, she guided me through knowing when to provide constructive feedback and when I needed a little extra nudge while always supporting me with her gentle fun loving personality. “ – Chantal Daignault


I Grew More Confident As a Teacher
NaliniI grew a little more each week. I felt confident greeting students as they came in to class, assisting them and supporting my teacher as well as observing her and being aware, staying open and trusting. As a teacher, I feel I have grown, become more confident and ready for the next step of teaching in a studio environment so that I can share these learnings with those who are ready to take the path of yoga and meditation as it is truly a transformative tool, one breath and one step /posture at a time. I have also learnt as a teacher that learning never stops as we continue to evolve. I feel I am truly blessed to be part of the Balanced Life Yoga community of teachers, students and friends who very generously share the teachings, experiences and positive healing energy with others. I am truly very grateful and blessed to part of this wonderful community. -Nalini, Ajax, ON.


“The Mentorship Program was an incredible opportunity to learn new skills, be of service, and grow as an individual.

This program also gave me the opportunity to practice the art of hands-on assisting skills and how to serve others.

Through the mentorship process, I was able to discuss my own personal challenges and receive unique instruction on how to deal with these issues through the yogic perspective.

This was truly transformational and had effects not only on my yoga teaching and assisting, but also in my own personal life. After completing the Mentorship program, I feel more confident, capable, positive, and incredibly inspired to continue this journey of self-awareness and development.” – Shannon, Oshawa

Ignited My Passionor Myself and Yoga!

aleks 1I was introduced to yoga about 10 years ago and even though I loved all the benefits that yoga offered, I struggled to keep it a daily or sometimes even weekly practice. Inspiring Spirit Yoga Teacher Training with Balanced Life Yoga ignited that passion once again and I finally learned that there is no deadline or obligation that cannot be moved around or postponed to allow for my daily practice. I learnt that taking care of myself and having that 1 hour of me-time every day was not selfish but rather the best way to keep my energy high and create the space to become my best self, mother, wife, friend and co-worker. This was truly an inspiring training that lead me on the path of teaching and sharing my yoga experience with like minded people. Thank you to all the wonderful teachers and mentors at Balanced Life.  You are truly an amazing group of loving, caring and compassionate ladies and I am very proud to be a part of your community. Aleksandra M.


I entered the Mentorship Program hoping to gain more confidence in my teaching skills and not only did I become more confident, but I opened my heart and spirit as I witnessed the powerful ability of Yoga to help people heal both physically, mentally and spiritually. With the help of my mentor, I saw its impact on many different people and in many different ways from a small shift in a pose to deeper transference. All people have the ability to connect to our own Divine energy through the practice and with the helping hands of a great teacher. I now feel I can do this too. In addition, it has driven me to want to reach for more and discover how I want to bring Yoga to people. Thank you to Shasta and the Balanced Life Yoga team for helping me open the doors and continue through this amazing and Divine journey. With my skills and heart, I hope to brighten the light of people the way you have nurtured mine. – Sarah B., Whitby


“The opportunity to be a part of the Balanced Life Yoga Mentorship Program gave me an amazing chance to observe an experienced teacher instruct students in body awareness, yoga philosophy and asana as well as also witness the relationship of trust between teacher and student. I gained deeper insight in how not to over-instruct, to let students come to their own place of balance between struggle and ease, verbal cueing and how to use props and the wall. I also learned how to be compassionate, clear and loving to students so they deepened their practice but never felt singled out. I completed the program with a deeper understanding that no two people will have the same experience. I was reminded that instruction starts with the breath and moves from the ground up, whether from feet or hands and to always be mindful of teaching from a place of compassion and respect. These are the lessons I will carry with me into my own teaching practice. With gratitude…” – Dawn, Pickering, ON.


“I loved the personal time I spent with Shasta before class each week and thoroughly enjoyed our conversations and discussions. Her questions encouraged me to dig deeper and examine my beliefs and fears about teaching yoga as a newly-minted instructor, and my questions for her were always met with thoughtful, well-informed answers.  Observing and assisting in classes increased my confidence and helped me feel more comfortable in front of a group of students.  I was inspired by Shasta's style of teaching and left each session feeling excited about taking my new skills out into the world. I am taking a year to travel and teach around the world – something I never thought I would do but my deeper confidence and ongoing passion has fueled this leap!  I would like to thank Shasta for sharing her knowledge and wisdom, for encouraging me to believe in myself and to pursue my dreams. With respect and gratitude. -Erin C., Ajax


Thanks to all the learning in the Inspiring Spirit Program combined with the Mentorship Program this private session was a hit and the student was amazed at my professionalism and knowledge as a new teacher. The Mentorship program is an amazing opportunity to gain further confidence to teach. To sum it up in one word, “WOW!” If someone is interested in teaching or maybe even deepening themselves they would benefit greatly from this program. The Mentorship program solidified all that I learned in the teachers training and help me to fully connect to my true potential as a teacher. -Kazzrie, Toronto, ON


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