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Here you will find a new video each month as part of our Meditation Series offerings. Sit back, Relax & Enjoy!


Meditation Series – Yoga Nidra (Shasta Townsend)

Meditation Series  – Guided Relaxation for Slee(Debbie Gepp)

Meditation Series  – Special Place Meditation for Kids (Laura Avard Gardner)

Meditation Series – Metta Practice (Shasta Townsend)

Meditation Series – Release Stress & Anxiety (Debbie Gepp)

Meditation Series – Giving Up the War and Finding Peace (Shasta Townsend)

Meditation Series – Flower Meditation (Helen Mason)

 Meditation Series – Cloud Meditation for Kids (Laura Avard-Gardner)

 Meditation Series –  Being in the Now (Shasta Townsend)

Meditation Series – Peace and Relaxation (Helen Mason) 

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