I have been flat broke…I can’t buy Kraft Dinner kinda broke.

Money struggles – I’ve had a few!  

But I learned HOW to think, be and act in harmony with prosperity instead of poverty, which was the mindset I grew up in.

I shot a quick video on how I went from having 68 cents to a life I could never have even imagined.


I am NOT special, but I learned how to align to abundance without losing my integrity.

No matter where you are in your money journey, this quick video might be helpful. 

Ready to Rock Out 2019 – Durham Region + GTA Peeps?

If you want to learn how to 

  • heal money blocks, 
  • step into service without sacrifice, and
  • make money doing what you love…

Then join me at Balanced Life Yoga on February 22-24, 2019 for:

Money Mastery for Yogis (and Transformational Teachers) Ready to Make A Living 

You CAN teach Yoga, offer health or transformational teachings and make MONEY!!! 
As a Yoga entrepreneur and business leader, I am excited to share two-decades of Yoga business success and show you how to overcome your own fear of being “salesy” or pushy as well as a proven way to create more ease and financial success by being in service at a higher level.

You will learn how to:
·     Do what you love and make money.
·     Heal outdated beliefs about money, success and Spirit.
·     Get more moola flowing in your life, NOW!!

This is for yoga teachers, health-preneurs, transformational teachers and service-based business people ready to make an impact and income! 


Learn how to turn $500 into $50,000 and more!

I will not offer this again this year!  

This is YOUR sign! 

Much love,


P.S.  Money Mastery for Yogis (and Transformational Teachers) Ready to Make A Living will only be offered once this year! Register now.

P.P.S Have a friend who could use some more moola, and learning how to make it continually, please send this to them too