FAQ’s Yoga Teacher Training

I don't want to teach yoga, is that ok?

Yes, the core of our program is SELF DEVELOPMENT and GROWTH.

Many people step into this program because they want to do something just for themselves.

You will graduate this program feeling confident and clear in yourself and even if you don't teach you will feel like a powerful leader in your relationships, workplace, and home. 

You will be a rockstar teacher if you choose – but even if you don't teach your life and practice will radically transform!

What are the real-life benefits to this?

What AREN'T the real-life benefits to this program is the question you should be asking!

The inner and outer growth you will experience has the capacity to change your life. We have seen people have massive physical changes from weight-loss, to deep healing. We have had students who graduated the program the happiest they have ever been in their life. One graduate recently described it as “being born” again.

We joke that it is a BONUS you get a teaching certificate. 

P.S. we truly believe at the core of an amazing teacher, is one who has done in the inner work.

Are there any prerequisites to taking the Inspiring Spirit (i.e. certain number of years doing yoga)?

This program is open to everyone!

As long as you are open to learning + growing, willing to step outside of your comfort zone and ready to transform your life, this program is for you.

We have had people step into this program after only doing a few yoga classes in their life.

It is a great way to build + expand your current yoga practice no matter where you are at in your yoga journey.

How is the Inspiring Spirit structured?

The program is set over the course of 6 weekends spread out over a period of time (for example, 1 weekend a month, depending on the program).

It is Friday nights, Saturday and Sunday days.

We want it to be like a retreat. Each weekend you are diving in and learning and then you are able to go home and integrate all of these juicy teachings into your life so you begin to deeply understand this information…which is TRUE wisdom.

You also receive 40 drop-in classes to the studio so you are fostering your practice on the mat over the course of the program.

Is there homework and will I be able to manage it?

Yes – the homework we assigned is completely manageable. It is designed to be reflective in nature, so you are really begin to understand these yogic concepts. You choose how much energy and time to put into this experience.

We have had single moms, with multiple jobs, young students in school with part-time jobs (and so many other people) THRIVE in this program…because they decided!

Will I be able to teach yoga after graduating/how does it work?

After graduating our program you will not only receive an official certificate, but you will feel confident and clear to start teaching yoga!

We are the hub of yoga teacher training in the GTA.

Having been running this program for over a decade, you can trust you are going to the SOURCE of teacher training excellence.

Many of our student's have not only to go on to teach yoga as a volunteer, part-time and full-time, but many of them have also gone on to open their own successful studios!

Are you registered with Yoga Alliance?

Yes, we are registered with Yoga Alliance International. We are also a registered educational institute, so we are 100% deductible.

Is the tuition tax deductible?

YES! We are registered educational institute with the Canadian government – so we are 100% tax-deductible.

What happens if I miss a day or weekend?

No problem! If you miss some time on the weekends, we can easily set you up with private sessions to make sure you stay on track. We give you are best rate for these sessions. You can chat with us further if you already know dates you will be away.

What separates you from other yoga teacher training programs?

Well we can't speak directly to other programs (we can only speak from our experience and feedback from students)…

But you know you are in amazing hands from some of the most experienced teachers, who not only are full of knowledge, but truly walk the talk.

With our emphasis on self development, you can know that if you choose to teach, you will be sharing from a deep place of understanding and of confidence.

We are so proud of the fact we have been developing teachers and transforming people's lives for over a decade (the hundreds of testimonies speak for themselves).

You will not only become the best version of yourself, and a confident, well-equipped teacher if you choose, but you will also have a family of life-long teachers and friends.

All of our student's who have an open mind and heart like you end up receiving and taking away so much more then they ever could have expected.

So expect your expectations to be exceeded. 

If you are interested in this next step, and want to learn more, have a conversation and have your questions answered, just click here to apply and book a call with one of our highly trained staff who are here to support you!

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