Yoga is an ancient technology that includes postures, breathing, mindfulness and relaxation as well as tools for living well in the modern world. You don’t have to be a contortionist to do yoga. Anyone and everyone can benefit from yoga.

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Welcome Home!

The strong roots of Balanced Life Yoga's foundation is a heart-felt sanctuary of yogis and yoginis who seek to connect with the highest in themselves and live a life of love and happiness; as well as our high-minded teachers who are dedicating to bringing the best of themselves forward each day – on and off the mat so we may demonstrate the true possibility of Yoga.

We are grateful for hundreds of people like you who, seeking a place they can call home, have found our sanctuary for body, heart and soul. We are here so that you may feel grounded connected, loved, supported, re-energized and renewed as well as step out of limitation and move forward upward with strength, courage and love. Thank you choosing Balanced Life Yoga and spreading the word, love and good vibes of Balanced Life Yoga.

We celebrate you!


Shasta, Director & Creator

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