First off THANK YOU for being a part of this community. We love you.  We love this soul tribe. We love being your “second home”. 

Serving you is our SACRED DUTY. We hear from you how important this community is to you, and we are grateful.  

In all transparency…the growing amount of stress, struggle and suicide in our world has kicked us in the ass to expand the outreach of Balanced Life Yoga.

We would be remiss if we stood by and did not create more centres of BELONGING, LIVING WELL + YOGA. So, we are…but we can’t do it alone!

This is a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT that we are dedicated to expanding the Balanced Life Yoga “garden” by opening more studios by the end of 2018 in the Durham Region. 

SO, we are reaching out to ask you: 

“Do you want to get involved in building the next Balanced Life Yoga studio(s)?”

Watch Balanced Life Yoga founder, Shasta Townsend’s message on how you can get involved.

Next Steps…How to Get Involved

Yup, we are doing this a little differently ‘cause we know our community is full of rock stars and we would love for you to get involved…

If you feel moved to offer your expertise, support and passion then…

Please respond via email (respond to this or email

1.   We are looking for passionate community volunteers who want to help spread the good word and even become Balanced Life Yoga ambassadorsHeaps of gratitude, accolades and air kisses for you!

2.   We are looking for Rock Stars wanting to contribute to this in the following paid positions with experience in: 

·       Operations Leadership – who have a special knack for implementing + following proven operations well as being great at team management…experience in start-ups a bonus!


·       Facebook Ad Specialist – who has a strong understanding of wellness marketing along with the ever-changing world of Facebook.
·       Administration + Support Lead – who loves checking things off a list, has a keen attention to details and loves both people + computers.

Respond to us via email with resume and cover letter. Send to 



Love, Blessing and Gratitude from Shasta + Your Balanced Life Yoga Family