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“I'm very glad I found this gem of a place. The trainings I have taken taught me how to, not only enhance my personal yoga practice, but how to go after the things I want in my life. My family has even commented on how much more relaxed I seem.

Shasta's words of encouragement and empowerment the first night of the Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training Program, struck a cord. I'm learning to “do” for me, not just everyone else. I hope to inspire others to be the best they can be too.”



Saying YES to your self can feel uncomfortable sometimes.

Many of us have been taught to always be there for others, and to do for others at the expense of ourselves.

We are told we are selfish if we take the time, spend the money or invest in our self…

Yet, we long to “come home” to our self and:

  • Know who we are as a person
  • Get clear on what we want, and have the confidence to go for it
  • Feel relaxed and at ease in our own skin.

We also want to be a better spouse, parent, friend, colleague and citizen and we know we can’t be if we are neglecting our own health and happiness.

At Balanced Life Yoga, we know it can feel like a challenge to commit to YOU, so we are here to give you the permission, encouragement and tools to do so with ease.

We have a variety of trainings that are a joyous exploration of the wisdom teachings of Yoga that allow you to:

  • Feel happy, no matter what!
  • Know yourself and feel at home in the world!
  • Get clear on what you want, and how to go for it!
  • Create better relationships, more abundance, and more joy!

Our Inspiring Spirit Self-Development + Yoga Teacher Training Program is an amazing way to dive deep into these wisdom teachings as you learn more about yourself and the how-to of creating a great life full of satisfying relationships, fulfilling experiences and a sense of peace.

We welcome everyone even newbies to this program.

If you are ready to truly explore the powerful path of Yoga and YOUR SELF, join us today.

We offer trainings that easefully fit into your life, and make it a snap to say YES to you!

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