About our Creator, Shasta Townsend

“A place where everybody knows your name!”

This was the inspiration almost 20-years-ago. Balanced Life Yoga creator, Shasta Townsend found Yoga after a battle with anxiety and insomnia but found that several studios in the GTA were not as welcoming as they could be and wanted to create a safe space where everyone was welcome, and they could safely grow, heal and expand.

Balanced Life Yoga was born. In 2003, we started in a small space in the back of a bookstore, and have grown to 3,000+ square feet and thousands of amazing souls who’ve shared their life with us.

Shasta continues to bring her passion for welcoming community, the power of possibility and the teachings of Yoga to this community as the CEO and visionary creator.

She is also a best-selling author, international speaker and award-winning entrepreneur and advocate for living well. Shasta had a humble start herself growing up in one of the most economically depressed and racially violent areas of Canada. She overcame an early life of poverty, abuse and violence and attributes the success principles and mindset teachings of Yoga and Tantra as a major turning point in her life.

Shasta is also Cree-Metis and brings her Indigenous heritage and inclusive energy to the medicine wheel that is Balanced Life Yoga.

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