Inspiring Spirit Self Development & 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

Inspiring Spirit Testimonials


Corporate Worker to Wellness Entrepreneur

“Before I stared this program, I was feeling confused and really struggling making decisions. I felt like I was living in a box… I have grown, I have learned to trust myself and let my light shine.”


School Teacher Building a New Yoga Program

Life was good, I thought all was good. A shift happened in the program where I now see things differently. I now feel empowered. I am not the same person.


Yoga Teacher, Rising Spirit

“I feel like I have more clarity and direction on my next steps and I am confident to take the next steps on that path.”


Wellness Advocate + Yoga Teacher


“I have discovered more about myself and breaking barriers that have been allowing me to stand in my own way.”



Yoga + Mindfulness Studio Owner

(The Inspiring Spirit) has really affirmed me on my path…I know I have the tools to implement to make my dream come true – OPENING MY OWN STUDIO!



New Mom + Mood Management Yoga Teacher

“I knew I needed a change… The last few months have been totally transformative. I feel like a different person. I have finally found stillness in my myself.”


Yoga Teacher + Mom 

“I realized what I was WORTH and that I could claim my worthiness everywhere including in my family AND at my workplace.”



Yoga Teacher + Aspiring Massage Therapist

“Gotten more out of this program then in years of personal therapy!”


Best Investment I've Made In Myself

“Stepping into the Spring 2018 Inspiring Spirit program, has helped me create inner peace & more joy in everyday living. By spreading the love, sharing each other’s successes & really celebrating this thing we call life, creates more opportunities & a solid foundation for you to build on. Every time I step into Balance Life Yoga, I feel that I am feeding my soul with the knowledge of ancient teachings & really connecting to my purpose.

There have been major shifts in my life that allowed me to develop a deeper truth based connection & love for myself. I have never ever experienced anything quite like this & could have not gone to a better school than this one. I was so drawn to their energy & not knowing what will happen is always going to be scary but also the best part. Not knowing of what you are capable of, not knowing your strengths & not knowing why you stop yourself from being who you truly are. You invest in; nice clothes, homes, vehicles but what have you done for yourself? Why not invest in you? Money spent on yourself in order to become happier & healthier is not money wasted. This chapter has ended but the journey has just begun!” – Jaybe M.


Confidence, Clarity & Connection in Myself Is Through The Roof!

What you've created at Balanced Life Yoga is so much more than a space for physical practice.  And let's be honest, a simple increase in the mere physical practice of yoga would actually suffice in boosting the universe, but what Balanced Life does is so much bigger.  That list of experiences could have had another fifty adjectives.

What I have received in the past six months during this program is unparalleled. The confidence, the clarity, the connection. I still find it shocking how profound the effects have been.  How much of a shift my perspective, my thinking and my BEing have experienced.  And I can't lie, I want more.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all that you do and all that you are.  Thank you for giving me me.  

With light and love,

Gillian S., Oshawa.

No More Just “Getting By”

“The Inspiring Spirit was a brilliant program! It was so much more than Yoga teacher training! The instructors and their messages gave me the confidence in myself to do what I normally would not do. I now truly live life knowing that life is not just about accepting the status quo and merely “getting by” day by day. There is so much more life has to offer and I am ready to meet opportunities head on! I couldn’t believe the transformation I saw in myself and in all of my fellow teacher trainees in only a few short months. Thank you, Balanced Life Yoga!” – Amanda F.



At Peace With Me

Before the Inspiring Spirit program, I was on my journey of self-improvement and self-discovery.  I felt I had made progress on my own, but I was at a bit of a loss as to how to keep moving forward.  I felt directionless, unsatisfied with life and wanting something more.  Yoga had become an increasingly important part of my life for managing my depression, feeling good about my body, and gaining confidence in myself.  The Inspiring Spirit program was mentioned to me by Cindy, and I felt immediately called to it.  I was in for a pleasant surprise and a life altering experience.
Now, I feel like a completely different person from who I was last September.  Self compassion and patience with myself has become part of my life, rather than an often-forgotten tool to try to stave off my depression.  My confidence in myself and my abilities has grown, not just in yoga but in other areas of my life as well.  I've started to shed the worry and anxiety about what other people will think, and to really place value on what is important and juicy for me.
I feel so much more at peace with myself, and new challenges that I face are now seen as opportunities for growth as opposed to scary blockades ready to induce failures.  My own yoga practice has grown tremendously, and I feel ready to start sharing that with others.

Clarity On A New Career Path + Capable of Anything

“”Can I do this?” This question has been on repeat in my mind for so long, about so many things. At 46 I often wondered what should I do with MY life. My interests are so varied and so off the beaten path, that I have trouble finding a direction.

I heard about the Inspiring Spirit Self Development & 200 HR YTT and thought, “I could do that”, but it took over 4 years for me to actually sign up. Doubts and excitement battled in my mind for dominance. “What have I done? why should I do this?”. The first day of class was pivotal. The language of optimism started permeating my heart, and I was reminded that I am not alone. The world of possibilities started becoming real to me again. Week after week, month after month, assignment after assignment, I could feel myself becoming comfortable being me.

Yoga is more than the postures and breathing; it’s a key to acceptance of yourself. I accepted the unique ways I bring joy to life. I accepted that I exist in many different forms, and they are ALL capable of doing this. Not only can I do this life, I am the only one capable of doing my life! Now I have clarity on my next steps… Going back to school to pursue my passion of becoming a Zoo Keeper!” – Michelle, R.

No Longer Playing Small

“More than stretching the limbs, my teacher training taught me more about who I am…and can be. I learned to be conscious of the subconscious and see limiting beliefs and destructive thoughts for what they are, lies used to protect ourselves by keeping us small.

I'm thankful to the beautiful souls that joined me on this journey, I appreciate your vulnerability, support and connection. Thanks to all the teachers Balanced Life Yoga for sharing your wisdom and knowledge in support of our growth.” – Sudheer Joshi


A Catalyst for Change

On the surface I was a supermom with a demanding career. Inside I was lost and miserable.

My plate was always overflowing, but my cup was empty. Overwhelmed, distracted and irritable, I was pushing away the people I cared about most. I dismissed my nagging feelings of “this isn’t really me” because I had given up hope that I could be anything other than a victim in the cult of busy-ness.

The Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training program was a catalyst for change. While I was not regularly practicing yoga, I was intrigued by the dedicated opportunity to quiet my mind and look inside myself. The Balanced Life Yoga teachers generously shared their unique gifts and wisdom as they held the space for me to learn about myself, purpose, body, and spiritual connections.

I now have the clarity to discern what is meaningful to me, and the confidence to release my attachment to things that do not align. Both my work and personal relationships have improved as I am more authentic, compassionate and present in the moment. I'm excited to share my gifts – which now include the gift of yoga practice – with others. I know I am creating a purposeful life having made this investment in myself and starting my journey with Balanced Life Yoga. – Lisa I.

This Was Just the Beginning

I am proud of myself, of who I am. The Inspiring Spirit program was just the beginning.  I can now see the possibilities and can’t wait to start my life following the program. – Katie F.

Energized and Inspired

It was wonderful to connect with such a positive and supportive group and to deepen my knowledge of yoga. The journey was enlightening and beneficial in both physical and spiritual ways. The 200-hour Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training program left me feeling energized and inspired. – Michelle D.

Loved by the Divine

After completing the Inspiring Teacher Training program, all of my fear and anxiety is now gone. I could have never imagined this. I finally feel I have found a community where I belong, and through these teachings I have learned to find comfort in being exactly who I am. I learned to accept myself and found and developed my passion and inner warrior. I now know that I love because I love and when it comes back. I remember I am loved by the Divine. – Nadia Y.

Feelings of Empowerment

For the first time in my life I feel something even greater, a wonderful, euphoric feeling that released any fear and anything that held me back. I felt my spiritual family and felt lifted and empowered. I went from feeling fear, anxiety and mistrust, to feelings of support and allowing myself to trust others and myself. – Maria S.

Fired Up My Passion

I had no idea the shifts that I would make in taking part in Balanced Life Yoga’s 200 HR Inspiring Spirit program. I now realize my own self-worth, realize that I am worthy of happiness and I am extremely confident in sharing that with others. This program truly fired up my passion, and the best way to put it would be “It’s like I have been sleeping, and now I am awake.” – Jennifer C.

Opening the Door to Possibility

Balanced Life Yoga’s Inspiring Spirit program provided me with valuable tools to help realize the beautiful potential of all that life can offer. I am empowered to steer my own life and no longer feel the pressures of what I should be doing. I now know that anything is possible and it is completely up to me to decide my own path. I am so grateful to the Balanced Life Yoga community and the Inspiring Spirit program for the amazing changes that have and will continue to come into my life from this journey. – Jillian L.

A Life Changing Experience that Opened Me to My Belief in Myself!

DestaThe Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training was life changing for me. The biggest change for me is awareness. I am now aware of my own spirit, my own life and my own happiness. My heart has truly grown! And the community of like-minded individuals as well as the feeling you get when you enter this studio it is like truly coming home. This teacher training program is exceptional. The teachers are very committed to you and your journey and want nothing but the best for you and your journey. They are always willing to have patience for you and all your questions or just to hold space for you to talk. They helped me open up my mind and my heart AND my belief in myself. If you are thinking about doing this teacher training just commit and do it! – Cindy Logan, Oshawa, ON.



Realizing My Own Potential  – Wow!

DestaBalanced Life Yoga’s Inspiring Spirit Program and then Mentorship Program has not only been instrumental in helping me step confidently into my new role as a yoga teacher, but the time spent in guided discussion with Shasta exposed me to a new level of self inquiry which has facilitated a profound shift in my life. Although I knew how to APPEAR confident, self doubt was a constant internal struggle for me. I would often find myself agonizing over what “the best answer'” or “best decision” might be. Under Shasta's mentorship, I witnessed an unfolding of confidence and clarity within myself that I didn't realize was there. From this place of confidence and clarity, I thank Shasta and Balanced Life Yoga for giving me the opportunity to realize my own potential!”  –  Desta, Peterborough, ON.



Feeling Absolutely Invigorated & At Peace, Finally

susanThis program will blow your mind. You’ll get out of it much more than expected. I feel absolutely invigorated, having taken the Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training program. I now look forward to starting each day with a purpose, rather than aimlessly searching for meaning and direction. The Inspiring Spirit Program changed my life for the rest of my life. I started the program as a totally different person – a person whose emotions were always right below the surface, ready to cry without warranted provocation, or logical reason. Upon completion of the program, I am at peace, and not in constant turmoil within myself. I have made many friends, and will always have a community of supportive men and women at Balanced Life Yoga.   The program is facilitated by very experienced teachers who welcome you into their community of place, knowledge, warmth, love and enlightenment. Thank you Shasta, Angela, Krista and Helen for accepting me with open arms, and offering light and love without judgment. I can’t wait to continue.  – Susan Hamilton


From Tears of Tragedy to Tears of Joy


Yoga and meditation were something that I literally fell into after I suffered a tragedy if my life as I was desperate to find “me” again.  I came to realize that Yoga was my calling so I stepped into the journey and felt so good about enrolling in Balanced Life Yoga’s Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training Program. From day one of the Inspiring Spirit Program I felt a major a shift happening. Tears of joy come to me as I write this, for it was so life changing. I have never felt so supported and inspired. I have more patience, more strength. I have confidence yet remain humble. I have a copious amount of positive energy that I want to share with the world! I have a new found love and passion for my own practice, as well as wanting to share with others. The world is so beautiful to me, I feel as though blinders have been lifted. I thank all of those that were a part of this journey with me, and know there are many more to come!  Tejanna –Bowmanville, ON.


A Weight Is Lifted from My Shoulders 

I expected to learn some new techniques, some Sanskrit, and a bit of philosophy in the Inspiring Spirit program, but came out of it with so much more. I have a deeper understanding of the people around me, my relationships, my choices, and most importantly myself! I feel like a weight I didn't even know was there is lifted off my shoulders. This course teaches you how to be a better person, not just a great yoga instructor. The in-class discussions facilitate the building of life-long friendships. In taking the Inspiring Spirit course you will see the world differently – you will see the possibilities!  -Alli W., Whitby.


My Self Concept (and My Body) Totally Changed 

My concept of myself has changed because of this journey!!! This program affected me in so many ways. On the physical level, I lost 24 pounds and I am so strong npw. Mentally and spiritually, I am more compassionate with myself and others. I now know I don't have to look outside of myself for acceptance as I am in charge of me!! I have discovered that I am a good person. I now feel peace even in chaos. I learned to change my reactions to everything and everyone. I loved every single moment of my time doing this training; the people I met were all amazing and wonderful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! – Gloria O, Ajax


Grateful I Found the Time to Make this Positive Shift

As a mother of three, an Occupational Therapist and a runner, I had no idea how I was going to find the time and energy to participate in this training. I stopped thinking about the HOW and trusted the overwhelming feeling of excitement that I could learn more about yoga and bring it into my personal and work life. I not only feel I have the knowledge and skill to teach yoga, but there has been a positive shift in how I view and interact with the world, how I love my family and how I want to practice as a therapist. I have a hunger to learn more and can't wait to facilitate others to believe that anything they want in this life, can be accomplished by using the tools they already have within themselves.  -Kristina B, Scarborough


Many Blessings Received

When I signed up for the teacher training, I was not at all a seasoned “yogi”. I was a beginner to say the least. I expected from the course that I would walk away with an understanding and ability to “do yoga poses” What I actually learned was so much more and I dare say, life changing. I remember driving to the first class, scared to death. I wanted to call and cancel and forget I ever had the “silly” idea of yoga teacher training. I am so glad I chose to walk in the studio and begin my journey. Over the past 6 months, the training has taught me:

· to trust myself

· that I am enough

· to love myself

· to be grateful

· to meditate

· to let go

· to appreciate my partner

· to slow down

· how to be mindful

· that I can do anything

· I am stronger that I thought and wiser than I thought

· Philosophy

· It’s not a competition

· Everything is exactly what it should be

· It’s all good

· To have proper alignment

· To trust and respect my body

Thank you for the blessings, gifts and lessons you shared with all of us. This is just the beginning for me, but I know I have a strong foundation to build on.

-Catrina, Ajax


Forever In My Heart

This teacher training program is just the start of this yoga journey for me. I came here to challenge myself and open my heart and mind to new experiences, and that is what I received. I was completely out of my comfort zone, but I learned that was okay. This is in part due to the most amazing leaders/teachers of this program. Their different and compassionate styles of teaching yoga will forever be in my heart. Thanks for this experience and for the smile in my heart that I receive when I am here -Vicky, Ajax


My Essential

I have been a fitness instructor for seven years, attended countless seminars and courses and non of them gave me the tools to improve my teaching as much as this RYT program. It has helped me improve my cueing, my tone, and my attitude in my teaching. I now see Yoga as essential to my well-being. I see changes in the way I communicate not only with my clients, but my family and friends as well. I don’t think my changes are fully complete yet, as I still sometimes revert back to old habits, but now I recognize my behaviour for what is it and am better able to work on my reaction and feelings in a better way. Yoga has improved my strength both physically and mentally, I am eager to provide this to others. I have started teaching yoga classes and have even been able to share my love for yoga with those who swore they would never do a yoga class. The feedback I’ve had has been amazing and I look forward to continuing to improve the classes that I am offering. I look forward to continuing on with this journey and meeting more like-minded people on the way. Thank you for providing an awesome experience, and training program. -Deirdre, Whitby


A Change in Perspective

I expected to learn how to do poses correctly and how to guide a class safely and appropriately. What I did not expect was how my entire perspective on life would change. I now look at everyday challenges differently. I have the ability to use my breath to deal with life, and the knowledge to look at the world and myself, in a compassionate way. I have found spiritual guidance. I am so excited to continue to share my knowledge with the world. Thank you to all of the teachers at Balanced Life, who have guided my through this wonderful journey I didn’t expect to go through this journey while growing a baby, but you have all been wonderful and compassionate. You really helped me deal with my anxiety of becoming a mother in a positive way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. -Candice, Ajax



During this course, I had many inciteful moments, nothing that I could explain in words, none the less I felt them deeply. They have become my “touch stones” or reference points. The heartfelt comradery only intensified the teachings. This is my third teacher training course and Balanced Life Yoga stands shoulder to shoulder with the other two. In closing, I would recommend this yoga course for all who would want to travel inward to a place of true “being” -Patrick, Whitby


A Deeper Connection with the World and Others

The Inspiring Teacher Training at Balanced Life Yoga has been a transformational journey that inspired me. The energy, knowledge, and support from Shasta, Angela, and Krista welcomed me from day one. While I was excited for the journey to begin, I had no idea the depth to which this experience would touch my heart, uplift my soul, and expand my mind. On a personal level, I was supported in expanding my yoga practice by improving my poses and gaining knowledge that allows me to form my asana practice for my strengths, needs, and growth. I feel a deep connection to the philosophy teachings and have felt my view of the world change, my connections with others deepen and I have found a unity within myself that has leant to extending what I have learned beyond the four corners of my mat into all areas of my life. The confidence, knowledge and joy that has built light within me has been noticed by others and I have a keen desire to share that joy through my life and interaction. I began this journey as someone wanting to gain knowledge as a student and have emerged, still a student as this is only the beginning of my journey, but I am also finished this course with skills, knowledge and confidence that I can share with others. I am sure and truly grateful for the experience and energy I have gained from this course. It has been wonderful working with the students and teachers. Thank you for sharing in this journey with me. -Laura B., Scarborough


Finding Lost Parts of Myself

This program was completely fulfilling and inspiring. It allowed me to open myself and find apart of myself I lost a long time ago. The teachers are fantastic. They are knowledgeable, excited to teach, understanding, and patient. I felt so blessed to have wonderful mentors. The atmosphere of the studio is so lovely. It is calming and nurturing to a learning and growing environment. All the teachers and staff are friendly, warm, and inviting. This is a wonderful world to be a part of. As I continue to grow and go deeper into yoga, I want to thank everyone at the studio, especially Angela, Shasta and Krista, for their love and support through the journey. Thank you for helping me find a lost piece of myself and opening me to a world full of divine light. -Sarah B., Oshawa


The Perfect Combination

While it was my interest to expand what I knew about yoga and deepen my practice, I feel what I have learned is beneficial to everyday life; on and off the mat. When I chose this course, I was hoping to learn about the physical aspects as well as the spiritual basis for yoga, and this class was PERFECT! I enjoyed that we got exposure to different teachers and got to see lots of variety in style and method. The atmosphere was likely my favourite part of the course. I was full of anxiety the very first class, but it did not take long before that went away. The staff, my peers, and the environment make it so enjoyable to come. I have no criticisms on the program. I feel like the entire experience was so inspiring, and feel confident I now have the resources to teach, and the support of the staff is phenomenal. I would definitely recommend this class to others. Thank you so much! -Dennis, Ajax


A Spiritual Journey Beyond Expectation

This 6 month journey has given me more than I could have ever expected. Coming into the training, I expected most of the learning to be physical, on the mat yoga, but the spiritual journey exceeded my expectations. I have learned so much about myself, who I truly am, and am starting to unfold my true path in life. Everyone has noticed the difference over these last few months and I can’t believe the change in myself and in all my life relationships. I was nervous to start the course, thinking I wouldn’t have practiced long enough or be a good enough “yogi” to succeed, but the students and teachers, who I now call my friends, made that anxiety quickly dicipate. The environment and energy is amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to become my yoga family. The teachers were always available to answer questions, and I feel like I am knowledgeable and confident in myself, and my ability to teach a class when the time comes. Thank you to all who allowed me to be present to share this journey with them, and to the teachers who shared their immense knowledge and passion for yoga. It is truly unforgettable and life changing. -Kerstin, Courtice


A Remarkable Journey

This has been such a remarkable journey of self-discovery. I couldn’t have chosen a more amazing group of people and teachers to share it with. The teachers are very knowledgeable and have a truly inspiring way of grounding concepts that were seemingly out of grasp. Since starting the course, I have started to make significant changes in how I view my world and how I approach certain aspects of my life that were previously causing feelings of distress. I am more aware of how my practice on my mat, translates to my everyday life, and I am starting to feel more ease in with my daily routines. I have become more mindful of my actions, which has led me to make better choices which I can feel good about, and which bring me greater comfort. I leave this course feeling slightly saddened that it is over, but also extremely grateful for taking the opportunity to learn more about myself, and the wonderful people I have met. I am excited to continue learning and deepening my practice. I can honestly say that I don’t that I could have gained such an enriching experience anywhere else. I truly appreciate every minute of our time together. -Maddy, Whitby


Looking at the World Differently Now

I learned that yoga is so much more than just a series of poses; it is a way of living, thinking, breathing, giving, and enjoying being alive. It is about awareness of your spirit that provides health, joy and a sense of community with like-minded people. I learned to look at the world differently, compassionately. I have become more respectful of myself, others, and the universe. This means that I love myself more; I am less critical of my body, my shortcomings and my insecurities. Practicing yoga, and meditating in the way that Balanced Life has taught it has allowed me to calm down and enjoy my life, moment to moment. I am becoming more patient with my children, and having more fun playing with them. I am learning to listen to my husband more compassionately and also appreciate just being silent with him and others. I am thankful to all my teachers at Balanced Life for encouraging me, for sharing their strengths with me, and for teaching me the gift of just breathing! My journey has just begun, and Balanced Life has opened the door to so many opportunities. I am very grateful for this opportunity. -Wendy, Pickering


You Changed My Life

I started this program with an intent to learn yoga poses. I realize that intent was incorrect. I now realize this is a journey of enlightenment. I have gained a greater understanding of life within me and around me. The teachers and fellow classmates have made me a better person. Strength inside and out. To sit around the table and discuss the Bhagavad Gita teachings with my two teenage children and partner was so mind blowing. My teachers have inspired me to reach for more and to always believe. My mind has opened to many new possibilities. The instructors at Balanced Life are amazing and share so much love through the teaching process. This is a journey I am ecstatic to be on and to share with others through my classes. Thank you for everything. You have changed my life. -Karen, Bowmanville


When I joined the Balanced Life Yoga family, my life was upside down. I didn't know which way to turn. I wasn't focused and had no roots. Through the Inspiring Spirit Training Program and other amazing offerings there, I became more positive and confident. Now again, I am making a major change in my life and I am resigning from a dissatisfying job. I know I can do anything! Thank you to Shasta and her team for your shining light, your strength, your knowledge and your positive energy.- Patti, Whitby


I marvel at how wonderful I feel inside. the world seems like a different place to me now that I have found this inner calm after Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training. I now feel complete. I know I'm strong and can deal with life even when its challenging. I have found my spiritual path which lead me to believe in myself. I feel so good and I am sharing my good aura everywhere. My family and friends notice too and appreciate my renewed happiness. I only wish I had done this 20 years ago! – June, Ajax


WOW – is the only word I have for this journey. I thought I was going to learn just postures but I got so much more. This was so much more than I expected and I will bring everything to my life. I am feeling optimistic, happy and excited about the future again. All I learned is valuable insight I will take with me everywhere I go.” – Karin, Markham.


I feel I have tools – tools to assist others and tools to replenish myself. I feel grounded, alive and happy. Throughout the Inspiring Spirit journey I felt like I belonged and was totally supported. It is wonderful to feel at home in yourself and in this community.” – Ann, Ajax


I had fear and self-doubt but I chose this Inspiring Spirit journey for myself and it's been the best experience. I know I'm so much stronger inside and out and I truly feel at peace. I really have found a special place with all the lovely people at Balanced Life Yoga.” – Gerry, Ajax


Before the Inspiring Spirit Program I felt like I was trapped in a box but now I feel free, happy and that anything is possible. I am taking a year off of work to travel and teach Yoga and I am so excited.” – Erin C., Ajax


When I began the Inspiring Spirit program I was feeling lost and not sure what to do with my life. Through the program I learned that that was ok and that I was ok. Now I'm feeling more confident and even learned about a side of myself I did not know I had. New possibilities are opening up for me and I am excited about life again.” – Andrea, Ajax.


Six months ago we didn't know a thing about each other but in the beautiful, nurturing space created by the teachers at Balanced Life Yoga we thrived, grew and blossomed. The community of acceptance created through hugs, sweat and tears and discussions allowed our personal journeys to lead us each to where we are meant to be. You all mean a great deal to me and will always have a very special place in my heart. Namaste” -Mary-Leigh, Ajax, ON.


I realized I needed to take care of me so I registered for the Inspiring Spirit program. Thanks to the program I feel like I have taken the armour down and am letting people see the real me which is wonderful. I also feel much more centered and much less reactionary. I am feeling so connected to myself, to others to this amazing life.” -Kazzrie, Toronto


Through this program I learned I could come home to myself. This is a very empowering knowing as I hold a sacred space for myself. It's been a remarkable journey. I have a sense of radical acceptance for myself and others. The teachers at Balanced Life Yoga share so fully and are so passionate about helping others live a truly happy life. Amazing.” – Jessi, Calgary


I find I'm happy and calm now. I wish I had done this 20 years ago!” -Marlene, Markham


Having completed the 200 hour Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training at Balanced Life Yoga, I was able to discover who I AM and embrace my greatest potential. I feel empowered with a sense of inner peace that allows me to shine with happiness in all moments.” -Tanja S. Ajax


Thanks to the Inspiring Spirit Program and my experience at Balanced Life Yoga I now know all is within and all is possible. I use to focus on what I could not do but found thanks to these teachings that I don't have to worry about that and can instead CELEBRATE what I can do – which is a LOT. This helped me feel so worthy and so ok with everything as well as expand my life, start a new business and heal my body. I now wish to share that with others and let them now just how great they are too. Thank you.” – Heather S., Whitby


Before the The Inspiring Spirit Program I lived in the external world and based my view of myself on what others saidor felt towards me. Now thank to this training I have the ability to tune inward, to trust myself and love who I am and I know that no one can define me. I now feel I can live without fear as I honor myself and know that all comes from that – this has given me a sense of tremendous freedom and lightness. At Balanced Life Yoga I always felt seen and appreciated for who I am and that is tremendously powerful. Thank you.” – Andrea F., Ajax


I feel like I have been transformed. I began my teacher training in September of 2012. WOW!!! Of course I expected to delve deep into yoga and it's history but I never ever thought I would come out 6 months later a totally new person. This teacher training by Shasta Townsend not only gave me insight into what I was looking for in the Yogic world but insight into myself. Who I am and what I am suppose to be. I am more thoughtful, confident and happy! My family and close friends are amazed at my confidence and my whole new outlook on life and the world around me. I have made wonderful friends along my journey – not only with my fellow group of teacher trainees but with the whole balanced life family. I even decided now was the time to further myself and my knowledge and sign up for my 500 hour training. I will be forever thankful and grateful to Shasta and her team and will always feel part of a beautiful and loving family. Peace and Love. Namaste xoxo” – Joanne, Oshawa


I just completed the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Balanced Life Yoga! I must say I expected a lot from the program and it by far exceeded my expectations. I feel like I've finally discovered myself physically, mentally and emotionally. The support and encouragement I received throughout the program was exceptional! The relationships that I developed with Shasta and the teacher trainees was inspirational, empowering and a true blessing. Thank you for such an amazing experience! I will continue my education and practice as a student with this studio with absolute appreciation and dedication! A total life changer!!!!” – Alicia. T., Toronto


Have faith in yourself and to what has brought you to reading these testimonials. Whatever it is that you are thinking about doing, DO IT! I am so grateful to have completed the 200 hour teacher training, taking a chance, and giving myself the opportunity to trust the universe. I have walked away with more insight and a sense of self then I could have imagined. Shasta is a wonderful teacher and an inspiration. I thank her for sharing her knowledge and for being a source in my journey to my greatest potential. Namaste.” – Mary G. Ajax


The decision to embark on the 200 Hour Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself. The experience was life changing; learning from Shasta and meeting amazing new friends were just a few of the incredible outcomes of the course. The best part is that the learning doesn't stop and the feeling just keeps getting better. Everyone at Balanced Life was so supportive. Thank you & much love!” – Rachel T., Ajax


My experience in the Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training was more than I could ever imagine. I went into the course knowing that I could not continue in the life  and career-path that I was on. This course changed my life. The knowledgeable teachers created a sanctuary where I could re-discover myself, identify my life’s passion and purpose, deepen my own practice, as well as the ability to guide others through their practice. I learned how to open my mind to living now, feeling gratitude in the unfolding before me, and the tools to really face  and let go of the things that are no longer serving me. Thank you Shasta and the rest of the team at Balanced Life Yoga from the bottom of my heart!” – Michelle G., Uxbridge


My experience going through Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training at Balanced Life Yoga has been absolutely wonderful! I came here simply to find a new career path but I came out of it having found a new life path. The teachings we received made me realize what is really important to me in my life. I’ve learned how to change how I view and react to situations which in turn has made my life a lot simpler, easier and most importantly, happier. A huge thank you goes out to all the fantastic teachers at the studio, especially Shasta, Angela and Krista for their time and patience, for sharing their wealth of knowledge and for leading us through this exciting journey” – Nicole H., Whitby


The 200 hour Teacher Training was truly an amazing experience. I am eternally grateful to Shasta, Angela, Krista and all of the teachers at Balanced Life Yoga for sharing their wealth of knowledge and skills to make this world a better place. Namaste!” – Janet D., Ajax


A deep, heartfelt thanks to Shasta, Angela, Krista and all the other fantastic teachers at Balanced Life Yoga. The Inspiring 200 hour Teacher Training was more than just your average course, It changed my life in so many ways, the way I think about things, I have more patience, more love and most of all more confidence in myself to accomplish things I want in life including giving up a bad habit, which for many years seemed so hard to do. I have met many new and wonderful friends along my journey and feel that Balanced Life Yoga is more than just a studio but a home as well. Again – Thank you!” – Darlene H., Bowmanville


I thoroughly enjoyed the Inspiring Spirit 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. Shasta’s teachings and insights have helped me to become more present in my day to day living and to ‘let go’ and allow life to happen. I’m learning to bring more of my true essence back into my world and to embrace the deeper part of who I truly am. Shasta, Angela and Krista are incredibly passionate and knowledgeable in their teachings. Thank you to Balanced Life for creating an environment that embraces compassion, love and growth. My journey has just begun!” – Heidi G., Pickering


Thank you for an experience that pushed me into growth that will continue for a lifetime. All of the teachers and students contributed to a process that is breaking down the “walls” around my heart, opening me up to new insights and uncovering my truth. The 200 Hour Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training is indeed a course that trains you to teach and to learn about yourself. Thank you for helping to create a pearl from and for myself.” – Bette H. Port Perry


Balanced Life Yoga's Inspiring Spirit Yoga Teacher Training is more than just a certificate – it is a PHENOMENAL life change. You learn and adapt a more positive lifestyle, making life more joyful and fulfilling. The supportive staff and wonderful members make the atmosphere warm, inviting, and family-like. I definitely recommend this program to EVERYONE even if you do not want to teach. The self-discovery and self-growth is something everyone should experience in order to live their life to the fullest – Jenn Campbell, Bowmanville


I have been inspired to move with ease and grace into the full expression of who I am thanks to Balanced Life Yoga's Teacher Training. I now make a conscious choice to move towards the full expression of who I am by accepting myself as I am, accepting what is and creating space to allow the Divine unfolding to manifest. I highly recommend teacher training for students interested in finding a deeper reason for practicing yoga both on and off the mat and for those that are looking to share this gift with others. The teachers are quite simply amazing and truly inspire the spirit. Namaste.” – Jacqueline K, Ajax


Balanced Life Yoga's Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training does just that, it inspires your spirit.  I would recommend this program to anyone that is looking to build a stronger relationship with themselves.  I was able to dive deeper into my own practice, to understand what I need to focus on and learn more about myself, mentally, physically and spiritually.  I am excited to become a yoga instructor to share my experience.  Love and light to Angela, Krista and Shasta for an amazing journey. – Kaye Penaflor, Ajax


Aum Away From Home! Our teachers, Shasta, Krista and Angela, shared their hearts and deep understanding of the history, theory and practice of uniting mind, body and spirit. We learned a radically positive, world-embracing vision of the whole of what Yoga is. We were challenged physically, mentally, and spiritually to explore our own individual goals and expressions, and I personally experienced more joy and freedom throughout the training then in all the years I thought I was practicing yoga. What I learned about myself extends beyond my yoga mat in a “deeper than words can describe” kind of way. I know I've joined a big family at Balanced Life, and I am so very grateful for this. See you soon at our home away from home. Namaste!” – Lisa Rankine, Ajax


I would just like to send my gratitude and love to you and Balanced Life Yoga yet again, words can truly not express what you have helped me achieved.  Throughout the course, you learn how to love yourself, relinquish past pain and emotion and move forward with such positive energy. It has transformed my way of life, and has given me the strength to live free and have such clarity.  Shasta and the members at Balanced Life Yoga are true inspiration leaders of today, I strongly recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a healthy happy future.”   – Trista Rumbolt, Uxbridge


Yoga has now become a way of life for me.  I have a deeper understanding of my life purpose and how I can make a difference in the lives of others, something that I had struggled with in the past.  Shasta and the other teachers, Krista and Angela, are so knowledgeable, inspiring and supportive.  I recommend this journey to everyone.  It is truly life changing.” –  Dianne Di Michele, Ajax


I’m loving the teacher training program. The teachers are excellent and I appreciate the thoughtful, intelligent way the material is presented. The teachers bring such an inspiring presence to the group, and I’ve been surprised at how profoundly the program has affected my life already. I feel so fortunate to have Balanced Life Yoga in my life – between the teacher training, the Possibility 101 radio show, the Abundance Flows meditation cd – which I’ve listened to many times, I’m really benefiting from the studio and all its offerings. I thank you from my heart! – Norma Ackerley, Whitby.


The Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training was a life altering course. The instant bond created sharing the experience with like-minded people was incredible. Shasta is a wealth of knowledge and teaches in a way which enables you to transform your thoughts in a powerful, positive and gratifying manner. I woke up every morning excited. I valued being able to share my time in an extraordinary space filled with positive energies. Anyone who can discover the magic of yoga will vastly enrich their lives. Cheers to all the wonderful teachers and students at Balanced Life Yoga. – Stephanie M., Scarborough, ON


Thanks to the Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training you will learn how to live a BLISSFUL LIFE!  I found new energy and a new appreciation for life, nature, the people that surround me, and time.  Not only did I learn how to teach yoga postures but how to teach others to find their light.  This program IS for everyone!  Thank you to all of my teachers: Shasta and all of the instructors at Balanced Life and the amazing group of people I took this life changing journey with.  Namaste!   – Jenny Wilson, Brooklin, ON


The knowledge that I attained in the Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training course is something I will carry through the rest of my life. This is a great journey, and I was lost in who I was, and what I path I wanted to continue, but the guidance of this course had a deep unfolding for me personally. The clarity and inspiration the teachers offer in this course is phenomenal, and I have decided to continue my Yoga journey overseas.  This peace and ease of knowing is a gift, so MANY.   Thanks to Shasta, Krista, Angela and all the teachers at Balanced Life Yoga.  I cannot express in words how this experience was so empowering, life changing, and you build friendships that will last a lifetime!  – Mallory Smith, London, ON.


The Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training Program helped me to deepen my yoga practice both on and off the mat.  Not only did I gain strength and steadiness in my poses, but the experience enriched my personal and spiritual growth and revealed new possibilities and pathways open to me in other aspects of my life.  The summer program was both challenging and rewarding in many ways, and I would recommend it for anyone looking for more joy and renewed energy in their lives. – Sun-Mi J, Ajax


Since I finished Balanced Life's 200 hour teacher training in June, I've been looking for the words to describe my experience.  I've come to the realization that it is beyond words.  So I'd like to just say thank you. Thank you Shasta for sharing your wisdom and for holding such safe, loving space to open up, learn and grow.  Thank you all the generations who have kept yoga teachings alive and thank you to those who are continuing to do so.  Thank you all my fellow students for sharing the journey.  Thank you Balanced Life instructors for the privilege of assisting and taking your classes. Thank you universe for guiding me to where I am today. Thank you yoga, for leading me home. – Janna Burford, Wellington


Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training at Balanced Life Yoga provided me with the tools to take my practice to the next level. Not only did it provide me with an education on Asanas or Postures, but it gave me real life tools to help shift my perspective and opened the doors to an abundance of wisdom and possibility. My teacher Shasta Townsend is a gift to this planet and a true Yogini in every sense” – Shayne Traviss, Founder of and Inspiring Spirit Yoga Teacher Trainee, Bowmanville, ON.


Thank you Shasta and Balanced Life Yoga for lighting my fire of passion again, the Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training course was amazing and you were were inspiring, knowledgeable and amusing throughout! – Beth S., Toronto, ON


The Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training at Balanced Life IS truly inspring! It is the best thing I have done for myself. The physical yoga is such a small part of what you learn. It is truly a journey of self discovery and and enlightened way of seeing the world; it is better than any self help book! Even if you never want to teach Yoga, it is a course you should take. Thank you to Shasta and the wonderful family at Balanced Life who make  everyone feel welcomed!  Namaste.  – Lesa H. Uxbridge, ON.


I just want to express how much teacher training has meant to me.  I have  learned to say NO and put myself and my practice first. I am learning to love myself each time I come to my mat. I feel amazing after class and vowed to ensure that no matter how much I have going on, I will always make time for yoga.  The studio feels like a second home to me now.  I love that teacher training has allowed me to grow further emotionally, spiritually and physically.  I love where I am right now and am so looking forward to whatever is ahead, as long as yoga is always a part of my daily life helping me to stay calm in whatever busy-ness surrounds me.  Thanks for the wonderful experience and all your  insights, instruction and guidance.  Shanti! – Dawn G., Pickering


I have changed for the better because of the teaching I received at Balanced Life Yoga. I'm stronger.  I have more confidence in myself and what I can do for myself and others. All thanks to the support and guidance I was given. This took my already spiritual mind and body into another level, it opened up blocks inside me that I released and never have to worry about again. My life is new, fresh and I'm so excited to start being a yoga teacher, and to help others with this journey of a life time change. – Charlene B., Stouffville, ON.


A life-changing experience…you will not only walk away with the fundamentals of yoga but you will also have a deeper understanding of who you are, unbelievable friendships and a huge sense of gratitude.   I am ready to take the lessons I’ve learned and begin sharing them with others. – Vangie, S. Stouffville


I came to this course to help deepen my knowledge of Yoga and got a whole lot more and was given the tools to do so much. It has changed my life forever. Thank you Shasta you are an inspiation and an amazing teacher. Your love for what you do shines through you. Thank you to the amazing women I spent my weekends with. I met women who will be life long friends. This course should be taken by everyone. Thank You!   – Angela. T. Port Perry


This course has been a life changing experience. Not only did I greatly deepen my yoga practice, but I found new meaning and purpose in my life. I liked my life before, but now I can truly say that I LOVE my life and myself. Words cannot express how truly grateful I am for this experience, for my new yoga ‘family' and for Shasta, who is an inspiration. Thank you to everyone at Balanced Life Yoga, this experience truly has been life changing!” – Megan M, Uxbridge


I have been AWAKENED!!!! There has been a shift in me this week………thanks to BLY Teacher Training with Shasta.   I am REALLY practicing Yoga in so many ways…..going to more challenging  yoga classes,  eating healthy foods (not overeating), thinking before speaking, being more positive…….This is just the beginning, I am looking forward to the next 4 Teacher Training weekends and all that this Life Long Journey brings!!!! NAMASTE”  -Diana Bacon


I cannot put into words the depth of my learning and the overall experience gained from participating in the Inspiring Spirit Yoga Teacher Training program. Shasta’s compassionate and dedicated teaching contributed to a profound level of holistic learning providing me with lessons I will carry forever in my heart and apply in all areas of my life. I am extremely grateful for this program at BLY and would recommend it to anyone who wishes to become an authentic, compassionate teacher, as well as for those seeking to take their own practise to a new level.   – Katia G, Markham


The Teacher Training exceeded all my expectations. It has taught me that yoga is more than achieving perfection on the mat. It has given me a new perspective and insight on myself and life that has helped me to live better, treat others with more awareness and understanding and to love stronger.” -Dennis R, Whitby


When I signed up for this course, I had expected it would be like a course in school. I didn’t expect the larger and more significant impact it had on me – a shift in the path my life was taking. This has been an enlightening and life changing experience which will have positive effects for a long time to come.” -Harleen S, Whitby


I have come to learn more of myself in the last 6 months then I have in my entire life. My life has shifted and continues to evolve as I continue my journey. Shasta has created such a compassionate setting for learning and is an amazing teacher of yoga. I am truly blessed for this opportunity and will never forget it.” -Angelica V, Whitby


I love this quote. “I do what I do not for great reward or results but to discover myself”. Balanced Life Yoga’s Teacher Training has opened so much for me – not only the practise of Yoga but so much more. This journey for me was really about finding my way, who I am, my purpose. Shasta, her team and my fellow Teacher Trainees have made this journey the best yet. Thank you Shasta!  -Christy F, Stouffville


Coming out of this program I feel like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon. Whereas before my focus was very inward and down, I feel like I was given wings to fly and see a different world. This program is life changing and I recommend it to anyone who is willing to give a little time and a little effort for a lot in return.”  -Lucy  G, Pickering


You practise yoga for how many years and you can get into all these fancy poses and you think you know yoga. This course enlightens you. It makes you aware that you only knew a pinch of what this thing called “yoga” is. This course is for anyone who is looking to gain a deeper understanding of yoga, whether you will teach it or not. It is an amazing world you will be opening to and your life will be better for it.   -Andrea G, Markham


Thank you to Shasta and Krista for making this journey so worthwhile – your words have allowed me to see my life in a new light. Namaste!  -Gail Z, Scarborough


I always knew, deep down that something was missing, and that something was the connection to me. This course helped me connect and find who I am, who I was, what I want from myself from the people around me, from my life. It has helped me eliminate that which does not serve me. It has helped me find the inner peace which I can share to others. And it has deepened my own practise and helped me to find meaning in my practise. I have strength, wisdom and a sense of calm I have though I had. It has truly been an amazing journey.  -Natalie M, Uxbridge


My journey of Yoga began more than 10 years ago. Yoga gave me my health back. No doctor or therapy of any kind was able to offer me healing or relief of pain. I wanted to do the Balanced Life Yoga Teacher Training to be able to give the hope of health and healing and peace to others. Through the program over the last six months I have gained more than knowledge about how to safely teach postures, but also it was been a season of growth for me spiritually. The community created in our class was so supportive and loving and accepting that I gained confidence in my abilities and found my voice as well as a sense of purpose. Thank you to Shasta and all the wonderful instructors at Balanced Life Yoga you have been so inspiring and a blessing.  -Christine G, Lindsay


When I signed up for Teacher Training I thought it would be like going to “school” but I found it to be a wonderful learning experience. It was truly learning from heart/head “in balance” as opposed to just learning from the head. The friendships, supportive group encouraged me, beyond my expectations. I really appreciated Shasta’s openness to accepting me as a student. Shasta is a wonderful teacher and thanks for taking me through this learning in the last six months.  -Nalini D, Ajax


I knew when I signed up for Teacher Training that I would make friendships and relationships with other like-minded people. I had no idea that I would start a relationship with myself. I am excited to be invited to begin this journey that will never end! In our group we had people from all different areas and life experiences. Everyone had their own individual journey but we all came out closer, united and more enlightened because of it. Thank you Shasta, you truly are a Magical Teacher/Life Coach!   -Brandy M, Uxbridge


Since taking this course the term “yoga off the mat” has brought better connections and awareness in my everyday life.  -Ingrid S, Toronto


I have found this experience of Teacher Training very powerful. Balanced Life Yoga is well named as Yoga helps to balance one’s life so it is in rhythm with our environment around us. I think the greatest lesson in all of this has been not getting caught up in the end result – letting things unfold as they will. Seeing things from a new vantage point and realizing (it’s only taken 60 years!) that if we’re drawn toward something – go for it! If we do it our true nature will be revealed. Namaste!     –  Brenda A, Ajax


I know I would not have been capable of achieving the shifts in myself and my life without my month of life changing Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training program.  I was able to successfully negotiate an exit package. I made a plan for myself, drawing on many of our philosophy discussions on how I would conduct myself through the meetings and visualized the end result  – then let go of attachment. I even called the HR director later on friday night  – she answered about 8:00 pm and I thanked her for her compassionate respectful approach in our discussions and she thanked me and said that I ‘made her week' as her job is very difficult and so stressful, she wished me all the best and I told her maybe I would see her in a yoga class some day and sent her the link to Shasta! Thank you all at BLY!  – Laurel G, Bowmanville.


No one could have told me what I now know after taking this teacher training. This experience has opened my mind, body and soul. I am more confident to take risks and more peaceful so I see the beauty in every moment. Shasta has created a studio where individuals blossom and realize their true Self. Krista is a passionate and joyful teacher. This experience will surely surpass your greatest expectations.  – Jennifer, Whitby.


The 200 Hour Inspiring Spirit Course was one of the best decision I ever made. This course has opened me in ways I could not imagine and I have so much knowledge. The teachers, students nd environment all made this experience incredible. I higly recommend it.  – Robin, London, ON.


The 200 Hour Inspiring Spirit Course is an incredible experience. I learned so much more than I imagined and it far exceeded my expectations. The environment was safe and relaxing. I really enjoyed sharing this journey with Shasta and the others in the course who feel like family now. Thank you so much to everyone at BLY for making this such an amazing experience.  – Laurel R, Whitby


This course and the amazing teachers taught me the true meaning of Yoga and provided me with the skills and courage to not only change my asana practice but also my life. – Melanie J, Brooklin


Inspirational and expansive. -Anne, Whitby


I have learned so much more than expected. I have discovered my inner Self – the voice that I've been ignoring because I have been to scared to listen.  This course is so much than just becoming a Yoga teacher. Thank you Shasta for a life changing experience.  – Becky, Port Perry


I feel priviledged to have take this course. It has given me a deeper spiritual belief. I look forward to continuing with the 300 Hour course at Balanced Life Yoga.  – Laurel G, Bowmanville


Making the decision to step into the journey of the Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training seemed difficult at the time. How could I possibly be four hours from home? How would I juggle work and school? In the end I just had to trust that Balanced Life Yoga was the right place at the right time. And it was! This has been one of the biggest lessons from this experience – Trust. Trust the teachings, trust myself and always be true to who I am.  -Kelly, Windsor


Thank you so much for the Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training Program. These past six months have been the most transformative I have ever experience. – Cheryl, Oshawa


I have truly loved embracing yoga through this journey. Thank you so much for this amazing experience. – Helen, Ajax


I read in an article, “If yoga had a boot camp, teacher training would be it……. The best programs expect trainees to spend hours each day practicing, apprenticing with senior teachers, reading a myriad of books, learning poses inside and out—and that's just the tip of the iceberg.” I feel compelled to agree with the last part of that phrase….'that's just the tip of the iceberg'. Other than our physically rigorous training, it was your aura that commenced my immediate attention to your self-assuring strength that can be only drawn from what I later come to know as divinity. Wanting to thank you for opening my eyes to the possibility of connecting with my divinity, I take a moment to humbly pass on my energy to your presence Shasta. – Jules, Toronto


This course definitely changed my life! My yoga practice has deepened like never before. I have a greater understanding of what it means to Be Present, a greater sense of peace and an enlightened view of the power of the breath. My spirituality has unfolded, my self-confidence increased. I've met like-minded friends. A warm thank-you to Shasta and her devoted team. – Cheryl Bromfield-Wesley, Oshawa


I’m becoming a more compassionate and patient person. This journey truly made me a better person and the best part is; this is only the beginning. – Ada Ho, Whitby


Thank you Balanced Life Yoga for this remarkable journey. This was a life changing experience. The Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training course gave me the confidence to believe in myself and others and it gave me the tools to be a great teacher. – Melonie Goboitsios, Richmond Hill


I am so glad I had the faith to take this course. In six months I’ve learned to face my fears and lovingly detach from my “story”. Through my understanding of the union of asana, breath and meditation I am free to be the most authentic expression of my”self”. Thank you from my heart. With love – Catherine Pervan, Uxbridge


This course has been an amazing experience. I leave with a love in my heart, wisdom in my mind and strength in my body. Thank you Shasta and everyone at Balanced Life Yoga for making this journey unforgettable. – Reena Varjavandi, Ajax


I have learned that Yoga is not just practiced on the mat but is a way of life. I have learned to let go and just be present. Thank you to everyone at BLY. – Lisa Lamana, Pickering


I now see myself and others in a new light. I am taken by the thoughtfulness and consideration that is given freely without attachment here. – Allan Parker, Ajax


The Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training is a very in-depth study and journey into yoga. It provides you with all the tools you need to share yoga and gives you the confidence to go out and do it! – Donna Skipwith, Markham


The 200 Hour training course brought me a sense of community and freedom and the courage to share without fear of judgment. I leave with greater confidence in my ability to share my knowledge and make a difference in others’ lives. – Jenet Russell, Ajax


This course has been life changing. Shasta’s knowledge, experience and patience is a rare and wonderful gift. This entire experience has been truly inspiring and impacted my life forever both on and off the mat. Thank-you. – Jen G, Whitby


I love Yoga more than ever now that I have completed this training and can’t wait to teach. I have learned to listen to myself and to judge myself and others far less and be grateful for today. – Joanne Pameli, Ajax


I came to teacher training for many different reasons and the training EXCEEDED all of my expectations. I was living with constant pain and stress and now find myself physically better and mentally stronger. Even if you never intend to teach this program will improve every aspect of your life. – Tamara Saxon, Claremont


The Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training course has prepared me well to teach a variety of different yoga classes with a solid understanding of yoga theory, technique and hands on assisting. It has also shown me how to live a more peaceful and happy life. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in such a high quality program. – Cheryl Moore, Ajax


I have come out of my cocoon thanks to Teacher Training at Balanced Life Yoga with Shasta. It has changed my life! My doubts and insecurities have been replaced with a sense of self. I have been blessed to be trained by Shasta, who’s guidance was clear yet full of warmth. She knew how to adjust her energy to each student’s needs. I felt contentment with every class and longed for more as I left. I now face my days and nights with transformed mind, body and spirit feeling nourished. – Jules Sung, Richmond Hill


The Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training course has changed my life – personally and professionally. I am more grounded, more tolerant of others and have healthier relationships. I am more at peace and balanced than ever before. As a result I’ve changed my work situation after 15 years so I could focus on what really matters most to me. This course has been life altering and I will be eternally grateful. – Andrea Walters, Ajax


The Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training course has changed my life! Not only am I pain-free in my body but my whole demeanor and attitude to life has changed. I am calmer, more confident, centred and relaxed. I sleep better and am learning to let go. I am very grateful to Balanced Life Yoga and Shasta in particular for providing a safe place for me to undergo change and for gently guiding and educating me and helping me find my self. I would encourage everyone to give this gift to themselves. Thank-you. – Jacqueline O'Brien, Cannington


The Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training Program has been one of the most positive experiences of my life. Thank you to Shasta and all the teachers at Balanced Life Yoga for sharing this life changing course with me. – Jessica Gregory, Stouffville


This was such an inspirational experience and the teacher were amazing! – Julie Peacock, Orono


I look forward to the future with this new version of me that is more present and aware thanks to this course! – Shari Dale, Oshawa


I took the teacher training program to deepen and strengthen my practice. BLY was of the few registered yoga schools that offered a program that fit my schedule. The course has provided a solid foundation with valuable information on Vinyasa yoga. Along with firm support and encouragement from Shasta I cultivated and developed lifelong relationships with fellow students. The teachers are highly skilled and professional as well as fun. Thanks to my new found knowledge and inner strength I am stronger and more confident. I would absolutely recommend the program to anyone. – Carla Giacci, Toronto


If you have been thinking about taking Yoga Teacher Training – that is your intuition speaking – so listen. Upon completion of this course I take away with me the knowledge that I am a better human being – and the yoga is the bonus!! Shasta is a powerful woman who can pull out of you what you never thought possible – and the space she provides is nothing short of magical. If you are worried that you are not ready – don't worry – nobody ever is – all you need is courage and a little faith – stuff you already have. With confidence and great enthusiasm – I highly recommend this experience! – Julia Hazelton, Toronto


For the first time in my life I felt that I was exactly where I should be and everything is just falling into place. I have never been surrounded by such loving, supportive people as I was here during teacher training. This course has given me the tools to cope with anyone and anything that comes my way. I have finally found something that brings me great peace and contentment. – Chala Yorke, Ajax


I feel more grounded and connected to who I truly am. I feel strong, balanced and have an abundance of love. There are moments when I cant recognize who I was before this life changing experience. I have moved forward and this beautiful, soulful and artistic woman surfaced. Thank you Shasta for opening doors for me that I would probably never have the courage to open myself. – Elizabeth Major, Brooklin


Thanks to this course I am more peaceful, more accepting of myself and others and more confident that the universe will provide. I feel stronger in my body and in my life, and I feel like I can make a difference to others. The connections and friendships made during the last 5 months are amazing gifts. I am so thankful. – Adrienne Kelly Durys, Ajax


I am so much more confident in my practice and myself both on and off the mat. I approach life from my heart and not my ego. I have made wonderful friends and have a certainty in yoga I have never had before which has allowed me to open my own studio and change my path in life to one that feels wonderful for me. – Sacha Clarke Squair


I received more than I imagined from the past 5 months of teacher training. I've met great life long friends and shared life changing moments with them. My knowledge, inner strength and love has ripened to new heights on and off the mat. I would recommend this journey to anyone, even if you are not interested in becoming a yoga teacher. You will definately find growth, union and a purpose for your life. – Erin Keir, Ajax


This experience has been so positive. It is so worth it! I have had an amazing shift. If you are looking at bringing positive energy back into your life Balanced Life Yoga’s teacher training program will help you do just that. – Jeannie Wilson, Bowmanville


Thanks to this course I have a greater understanding of what I want out of life. I am better able to make decisions because I have a deeper connection within myself. The courage this course has given me to on my journey to myself has allowed me to live a better life. I started this course with the intention of improving my body and I have improved my whole life! – Corrine Stevenson


Thank-you is the only word that feels appropriate. I have learned so much more than expected. Thank you for opening my world to a realm of true possibilities. – Tania Kingston, Stouffville


Through the Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training Program I have increased my confidence to teach yoga. I have been a fitness instructor for 22 years and I have found a new area that I love. The core and intention from which Shasta teaches is truly inspirational. – Lorraine Lloyd, Whitby


Taking this course has re-energized my life! – Amy Beth, Brooklin


These past five months of teacher training have become apart of my lifestyle of balance and inspiration that I look forward to continuing. The teachings are priceless. – Gerald Heydens, Brooklin


Even if I never formally teach yoga, this teacher training course has been of tremendous value – it has helped me to find a place of calm and acceptance which resonates in the world around me. – Angela Ryan, Courtice


Absolutely transformational. – Lorna Holborne


I feel more deeply connected to my body and spirit thanks to this course. Teacher training has opened my mind to learn more about myself and it has helped bring calmness and love into everything I do. It has brought depth to my practice and provided me with confident thoughtful ways to share it with others. – Lisa Krisman, Stouffville


I was uncertain whether I had the time or the commitment to embark on this journey however I am so glad that I did! Since taking the Inspiring Spirit teacher training I have found the time and motivation for yoga but also for other meaningful things in my life. My creativity has reawakened and my sense of self is much stronger. – Romain Perrera


This course has gone above and beyond my expectations. It has given me the knowledge to be a great yoga teacher and I now have the tools to manage whatever the future brings. – Shawna Hayes, Scarborough


I feel calm and centred thanks to all I have learned through the teacher training program at Balanced Life Yoga. It has changed my life and my outlook towards others. I feel positive and happy and love my life. – Irena Zurawska


It was an amazing journey. – Charlotte Brown, Sunderland


My expectations were blown away. – Christina Lewis, Stouffville


This course has nurtured my path and supported me as a human being and a spiritual being. – Annetta Postma, Goodwood


My faith has been restored. Thanks to the Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training program, I have learned to release resistance and negativity. This shift has put such a positive spin on everything. – Marilyn Nickerson, Bowmanville

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