Here at Balanced Life Yoga we see YOU.

We see your urgency to step into something BIGGER.

We see your desire to create meaningful work, offerings and gifts to your community and the WORLD.

That is why we are dedicated to offer powerful continuing education (whether you are a Yoga teacher or not) for you to continue your development and growth as a person, teacher and LEADER.

If you want to create a 6-figure wellness business, or  if you want to learn more about myofascial release, WE HAVE YOUR BACK.


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Create Your 6-Figure Dream Job ~ Connect to Your Purpose

Yoga-Preneur Blueprint with Shasta Townsend

What if we told you that you can teach yoga, or start a wellness biz and actually make money.

We are talking about living a life of ABUNDANCE.


  • Getting clear on your desires + life purpose.


  • Creating purposeful, ease-ful work, where you feel like you are making an actual difference in the world.


  • Feeling financially supported, making 6-figures doing what you LOVE (YES, it is possible).


  • Money is no longer a problem, stress or worry for you. It flows to and from you.


  • You feel happier, centered and fulfilled everyday.

If you are a Yoga teacher, wellness coach/professional, healer, body worker (the list goes on) and you want to learn a proven 6-figure business blueprint to teach you HOW to create a meaningful career that actually makes money then reach out to us today.

Book your Discovery Call here with our Program Advisor, Jenn to see if this program is the right fit for you.


SAY yes to you and your life purpose today.


Inspiring Spirit 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training + Self-Development Program

If you want to:

*Deepen your personal practice

*Learn the tools to literally create the life of your dreams

*Step into your desire of becoming a Yoga teacher/wellness leader + practitioner

*Be surrounded & supported by a powerful group of like-minded individuals (who will become like family)

Click here to book your complimentary Discovery Call with our Program Advisor, Jenn now to see if this program is right for YOU!

Our accelerated Spring training starts April 13, 2018 and there are still spots left! Say YES now.

Find our 2018 program dates + more here.


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