Better Backs

Yoga for Better Backs with Dr. Sarah

Get up from the chair without creaking and moaning…Suffer no more!!

Yoga is a powerful system for preventing and managing the most common types of back pain.

This class offers a hands-on gentle and therapeutic approach for back rehabilitation and stress release.

Students will bring flexibility and relaxation to sore backs as well as build strength and learn better posture.

Dr.Sarah is not only a chiropractor with an amazing knowledge of the spine, but she is a well versed + compassionate Yoga teacher so you know you will be safe, cared for and in good hands.

All welcome. Great for beginners too!!!

Our Offerings


  • Thursdays with Dr. Sarah from 6:45 pm-7:45 pm. January 11-February 15. $95 or twice weekly for $170


  • Thursdays with Dr. Sarah from 6:45 pm-7:45 pm. February 22-March 29. $95 or twice weekly for $170


Join two Barre Strong weekly sessions (or mix and match with another pre-registered class) and take advantage of the Twice Weekly Special for $170 and SAVE $20!




“I came to Better Backs with Dr. Sarah because I was suffering from chronic and intense back pain that had persisted for more than a year. My mobility and lifestyle had been greatly limited. After attending her workshop and classes over these last few months, I have noticed a remarkable improvement in my overall pain levels, my stability and mobility have greatly improved along with my ability to cope with the pain. Dr. Sarah has been very patient, yet extremely encouraging. She never forces you to do something you are not ready to do, yet gentle guides you into achieving your desired pose. I highly recommend Dr. Sarah and the Better Backs class as a helpful solution to anyone suffering from back pain.” – Rosanne, Ajax.


“I had zero back pain by my third Better Backs class. Amazing!” – Sherry Lee, Ajax. 


“I love this class so much! It’s my second time taking it and I will be back. I’ve seen such great changes in my life! Thank you. – Joy, Ajax.


Back Health Workshops

Look Better / Feel Better – Yoga for Improved Posture + Better Health with Dr. Sarah

Friday, January 19 from 7:30 pm-9:00 pm. 


Friday, March 2 from 7:30 pm-9:00 pm. 


Friday, July 13 from 7:30 pm-9:00 pm. 

Cost: $30

Avoid looking like a Zombie or the Hunchback of Notre Dame!  

Yoga can noticeably improve your posture, making you look taller, thinner, and more confident. As well, recent research proves how poor posture is actually affecting our health and happiness.

The good news is Yoga can help counteract our tendency to slouch as well as increase body awareness and overall strength.  We literally look and feel better!

In this workshop, Dr. Sarah will share with you the many effects of “slouching” on the body, emotions and the brain, and more importantly guide you through a Yoga practice to specifically strengthen those important postural muscles and reverse the slump.

Many postural problems are caused by the hours spent each day hunched over a computer or commuting so she will also share easy tips that you can take to the office and promote better posture at work.

So avoid your own Zombie apocalypse and register today!

All levels are welcome.  Please bring a Yoga mat. 


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