Costa Rica 2014

We had a great time in Costa Rica in 2014!  Thank you to all who shared their dedication, friendship and fun!  


We will announce our 2015 international destination soon!


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[pullquote style=”pullquote” ]I loved the Balanced Life Yoga Costa Rica retreat–particularly yoga and meditation EVERY day!! I wish I could do that back here! Your knowledge, insight and philosophy is SO soul-satisfying Shasta. Your retreats are never a disappointment. And Mr. Ian–he is incredibly loveable, thoughtful and so genuine–many thanks to him for being the wonderful person he is! Thank you again! -Tiffany, Uxbridge[/pullquote] 
   [pullquote style=”pullquote” ]”There will be many things that I do now that I’m back, as a result of this retreat. I will be always grateful for the experience, and I commit to staying connected with those I’ve met. People have noticed that I can’t stop smiling!” – Ana, Toronto[/pullquote] 

Thank you to such a great group!
“My life has been enriched by meeting both you and Ian at the Balanced Life Yoga Costa Rica Retreat.  Shasta, your thoughtful and steady presence was so healing for me and you were so  calm and inspiring.  Ian’s salt of the earth  personality and connection to nature was inspiring for me.  Thank you for making me part of your family.  The retreat was a new life experience for me and was wonderful and uplifting in so many ways.   I’m pretty sure “Circ de Soleil”  won’t be knocking on my door anytime soon, but the stretches I was able to accomplish made my body smile.  I am moving into a different chapter of my life very soon and I know the spiritual teachings you have provided me with will help me through everything I have to undertake.  I have learned so much from you in such a short time.”
-Bev, Oakville, ON

 “The Balanced Life Retreat was nothing short of life changing for me.  The time away from my regular hectic schedule to focus completely on nourishing my body, mind and spirit, along with the teaching and guidance from Shasta, allowed me to deal with things that were holding me back and unlock new potential for myself and my future.  I can’t wait to get started! And I can’t wait for the next trip.”  – Sara, Ajax, ON


 “Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for the 2014 Costa Rica Retreat. You have given us all a gift like no other! I never realized how much I was limiting myself with my own thoughts and how trapped I felt in my own body until you helped me open up and do the work. I now feel I can achieve things I never thought possible for myself. I experienced happiness, freedom and awe as I went places I’ve never been before both physically and spiritually. It has been both incredibly challenging and liberating this week. I really enjoyed the enlightening and inspiring lessons that came with each practice. Your teachings Shasta, are an absolute blessing. I look forward to having this knowledge, experience and sense of community to bring home and incorporate into my everyday life. I am very thankful to you, Ian and everyone else who has made this experience so incredible. Sending love and appreciation!”   -Sabina, Uxbridge, ON


“I came back from Costa Rica completely rejuvenated and revitalized. Realizing that paradise is a state of mind not a destination, the retreat provided the opportunity to tune in and soak up the experience. The natural beauty, whole food, daily practice, like-minded community and Shasta’s truly insightful teachings made it one of the most memorable adventures I have ever experienced. A week away at “Yoga Camp” is just what I needed to unplugged from the day to day and truly connect with my self.  Can’t wait to see what unfolds for next year!” – Rachael, Bowmanville, ON 


We had a great time in Costa Rica in 2014!  Thank you to all who shared their dedication, friendship and fun!  We will announce our 2015 international destination soon!



“It was a pleasure and privilege to be a part of Balanced Life Yoga’s 2013 Costa Rica Retreat! I thank Shasta for sharing her insight, hindsight and foresight in such a meaningful way. She provided us all with the motivation to grow daily in our yoga practice, while challenging us to seek out and create the communities that will support what we aspire to achieve in mind, body and soul. Shasta is indeed an inspiration and I am so glad that I was able to experience the essence of “pura vida” in Costa Rica with Balanced Life Yoga! And Blue Osa is truly a magical place and I can’t imagine a more fitting venue to nurture the spirit of natural harmony within.” – Kathy S, London, ON.

“Thank you to Shasta and Ian from the bottom of my heart. I cannot thank you both enough for your continuous love and sharing of your hearts unconditionally as well as the dream you create for others!! I simply said “yes” to loving myself and attended your “Magical Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica”! I soaked up and experienced true life unfolding before my eyes and it took my breath away many times! I am so grateful for the love and passion that Blue Osa and its kind people mirrored back to us every day. Being surrounded by the natural beauty and peaceful setting, the ocean and true treasures of the Jungle was truly amazing and allowed me to witness the beautiful unfolding of the many new courageous butterflies in the attendees. I am truly grateful for all your love and sharing! Grateful with love.” – Helen M., Ajax

“I attended the 2013 Costa Rican yoga retreat with the extremely talented Shasta and a group of wonderfully inspirational people. The trip was a magical experience filled with tears of joy, laughter, encouragement and support. I have never felt so rejuvenated and relaxed in my entire life. The yoga and meditation each day soothed my soul and left me with the feeling of ultimate tranquility. The staff at Blue Osa were absolutely amazing and I have never had more delicious and gourmet meals! Thank you Shasta for making this such a memorable experience for me that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Namaste” – Alicia T, Toronto, ON. 

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