Women’s Fall Harvest Retreat 2016


Women’s Fall Harvest Retreat to Reset & Rejoice

with Shasta Townsend


What a magical day spent with these wonderful, like mind, strong, beautiful, supportive women at Shasta’s Women’s Fall Harvest Retreat at Heart’s Acres – Shasta’s Country Retreat Home in Grafton.

We learned so much and are ready for anything! Feeling so lucky and grateful for our amazing community.




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it is important to take time to relax, review and reset as women.

Women's Fall Harvest Shasta



Fall is a perfect time to rest in the bounty of ourselves, and truly receive the goodness of this life, no matter what is happening, while at the same time reset our focus for what we truly desire.

It is easy to get caught up in the pushing to the next thing or the cult of busy-ness in our culture which leaves us drained, burnt out and anxious and disconnects us from our feminine power and often the ones we love.

 But it does not have to be this way…




If you are ready to allow more ease, abundance and love into your life, then join best-selling author and award winning teacher, Shasta Townsend for a day of transformative teachings and sumptuous relaxation that are designed specifically for women.


This day includes powerful teachings on Universal Laws, Feminine Principles and Spiritual Philosophy, Therapeutic Yoga, guided meditation, and collective ritual. We will soak in the nourishing vibes of our forest, have lunch and time to connect with like-minded women.


Your feminine essence has been calling out for this!


Women's Fall Harvest Shasta Offering 2


You will:

  • Balance your nervous system and mind as you return to a place of inner stability and feminine calm.
  • Gain clarity on what is truly important to you in your life now, for the remainder of 2016 and into the new year.
  • Learn tools to release any regret, pain or “unwanted” energy that you may have taken on this year, and feel freer in your mind, body and energy field.
  • Experience rituals and practices that allow you to stay in your power as a woman with ease and grace – you will receive hand outs to keep doing these at home if you wish too.
  • Feel a deep sense of gratitude and possibility as you learn how to identify what is actually going well and build upon it by using a specific focusing technique that literally change reality.
  • Experience the sumptuous connection of like-minded women as you rest back in heart-focused sisterhood and feminine care.
  • Feel nurtured by the essence of nature that surrounds our beautiful retreat setting.


Location: Heart’s Acres – Shasta’s Country Retreat Home in Grafton, ON.

Investment:  Regular Price: $249.00.


Please note there is a maximum enrolment number on this event so we encourage you to register early to secure your space.

Lunch will be served, and is included in the price.  We will ask for your dietary preferences and requirements upon enrollment. 

Students will receive a welcome package that includes directions, what to bring and more upon registration.

Beautiful Woman,

Trust your inner calling and truly take time for you this fall as you nourish yourself in the bounty of this retreat offering! 

This retreat is perfect for all women regardless of your experience level with Yoga, meditation or spiritual practice.  You are most welcome!!!

Bring a friend, and experience this transformation and restoration together…




171About Shasta Townsend

Director and founder of Balanced Life Yoga, an international best-selling author and a celebrated transformational leader in Yoga and embodied spirituality, Shasta has inspired hundreds of people through her breakthrough methods for awakening and empowering ourselves. She loves to see people blossom thanks to the teachings of Yoga, meditation, energy healing, metaphysics & quantum physics.  Her classes combine uplifting philosophy, creative Vinyasa sequencing and a lot of plain out fun! Learn more about Shasta at www.shastatownsend.com.

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