Happy. Joy. Bliss. Blessed. Cheerful. Glad…

The emotions and experiences that make life a LIFE.  (And maybe good coffee too which makes me really happy!)

This month we celebrate HAPPY at Balanced Life Yoga.

I mean real, heart-felt, doing cartwheels like a 7 year-old happiness.

Many of us are good at making others happy but when we consider making ourselves happy, it feels a little more shaky.

Recently a mentor asked me, “What truly nourishes you and makes your heart leap, Shasta?”

I thought about it, and aside from all the obvious things like my husband, my work, and my family, the things that really make me happy include:


Being in nature.

Being with amazing people. (This community!!!!)

Learning and sharing wisdom.

Moving my body and expanding my brain = Yoga.

So I am dedicated to doing these things. MORE.

For I know when I am truly rooted in my joy, I show up in my best self which is good for everyone I love.

So consider what truly nourishes you and makes you happy…And do that. NOW. YUP. RIGHT NOW.

Share with us on the Balanced Life Yoga Community Facebook page just what makes you H A P P Y.  We would love to hear form you + get inspired!

Big Love + Namaste,


May YOU Be the Happiest Person You Know

Yoga is one of the easiest, best-est and sure-fire ways to create a happier you so join us on the mat this month!

Check out our class offerings now and schedule your class in your calendar so you keep that date with yourself.  You will be HAPPY you did 🙂


Offerings to Create Happy


Spring Retreat


Spring Cleaning for Mind, Body + Soul Retreat with Shasta

Saturday, May 6, 2017 from 9:30-4:30 pm

Get happy in the country + join Shasta in a day-long retreat set amongst the trees of Heart’s Acres, the country location of Balanced Life Yoga.

We will lovingly and powerfully clear out that which stands in the way of your HAPPY.

Learn more NOW!








 Earth Medicine – Three Essential Essential Oils for Happiness with Shasta

  Saturday, May 13, 2017 11:30-12:30 pm

Join Shasta as she de-mystifies essential oils and how to use them with ease and safety.

You will learn how to use three essential oils that are specific tools in mood management, resiliency and positive energy.

Special Mother’s Day weekend pricing! Register yourself and bring Mom or a    friend for free!








Happy Life 101 Workshop AdFREE CLASS!

Intro to Happy Life 101 – A Community Class with Shasta

Tuesday, May 23, 2017 8:00-9:00 pmJoin Shasta as she shares a powerful tool in this free offering for all ready to say YES to a powerful technique for instant joy. In just 60 minutes you will learn how to shift your mind and emotions into a place of calm, clarity and joy.






Happy Life 101 – Joyful Living/Balanced Life Series with Shasta

Tuesdays, May 30 -June 27, 2017 from 8:00-9:15 pmJoin Shasta as she shares easy how-to Happiness Hacks in this unique 5-week series that is  open to all seekers wanting to create a life of more smiles and less stress.

Learn more NOW!