It is always challenging to witness events in our world that are steeped in violence and fear. Sadness, rage, fear and fury can rise up in us as well as confusion, pain and maybe even vengeance.
I felt shell-shocked and saddened this weekend by the events in Beirut and Paris, but I also know that NOW is the time to stand in my Yoga Super Powers of love, compassion and positive energy. I will not allow myself to feel terrorized, fearful or vengeful. As Gandhi said: “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.”
So I do my Metta practice of sending love to EVERYONE and EVERYWHERE. I shared this practice in class yesterday, Saturday, and I felt the entire room of beautiful hearts power up on LOVE. I am moved to share a recording of that Metta or loving kindness practice with our entire Balanced Life Yoga community.  This powerful, ancient practice is just what we need to do as individuals and as communities.
We must come together in a higher vibration, and stand in the Yoga principles of non-violence, compassion and love, only then will the Light truly triumph and peace be possible. It is up to each of us.
So remember:
  • You are powerful beyond measure.
  • Your thoughts and intentions DO matter, and they do affect others.
  • Love is the HIGHEST energy in the universe so our job is to keep returning to the place of love within us and literally beam it out.
  • You are LOVE!

If you feel called, please listen to and even share this Metta practice of loving kindness. Now is the time to LOVE.


Sending you all big love,