If you invested $1 and got $10 back would that be a good decision for you?

What if you could invest $10 and get $100 back or $10,000 and get $100,000, would that be a great rate of return?


If you could 10x your money why would you not make that investment?

Yet, the mistake many Yogis and heart-focused service providers make is that they never even begin to invest in themselves or their business…with qualified mentors who have a record of proven success.

It is a HUGE mistake to only invest in more “technique” training and certifications and neglect your mindset, soul purpose self-development and business mastery.

Plain talk: Heart-focused teachers and wellness practitioners who stay in business (i.e. make money) INVEST in their business – both mindset management and hard business skills – from people who have already done it.

They know that every dollar they put into themselves and their business will come back to them usually 10x or more the initial investment.

They also work with qualified teachers…someone who is has actually achieved what they want, and is continuing to build success, not just talk about it.

Plain talk: Your boyfriend with the Tourism Degree is NOT a great business mentor for your Yoga biz.

So what does investment look like and what does it give you back?

Here’s My Secrets of Success – Investments Revealed:

I’m pulling back the curtain and sharing just how much I have invested over the last few years.

Even though I have been in business for 15-years, I don’t want this list go on forever.

I DID struggle in the first couple years as a Yoga teacher in this business THEN I hired a proven business coach and that made a HUGE difference.

Since 2005, I have ALWAYS had a mindset mentor and business coach and it helped me achieve powerful results.

I’m not suggesting you invest at the same levels I have, but I am clearly stating that investments in your mindset and business HAVE to happen to get the results you want…

Success doesn’t happen because of magical fairies in the Universe! 

Here is what I have invested in myself and my business(es) in the last 5 years:

  • 2014 – $12,000 in Success Coaching / Money Mindset Management= Priceless (and an actual 6-Figure revenue stream)

I felt the impulse to write a book but was full of self-doubt.

“Who am I to do this?

“Will people judge me?”

I had lots of inner voices sabotaging me so I hired a business/life coach to support me in overcoming this fear, and to bring this work to the world.

The result was that I wrote my book (fast) despite the doubt and I felt like I truly found my voice and created something that even made a difference in the reader’s life = PRICELESS!

I also did a LOT of work that year around my money mindset, and healing my family’s “poverty” consciousness and fear of lack. I just made the decision to NOT WORRY ABOUT MONEY, and learn how to truly align to Spirit and FLOW = PRICELESS.


  • 2015 – $15,000 in Book Marketing / Online Program Development Training  = Best Selling Book & 6-Figure Coaching Biz

I published Happy, Sexy, Shameless – What Our Mother’s Didn’t Know About the Birds and the Bees and it became an instant best-seller on Amazon.  I spent $10,000 in a program to learn how to successfully publish and market a book and it totally paid off!  Not only was the book a bestseller but I had a great time meeting people, sharing this work and providing tools in any small way to women and men who wanted a better understanding of sacred sexuality.

I also invested $5,000 to learn how to create high-level transformational coaching and online programs. I then created The Rich & Satisfying Relationship Blueprint Program which has now helped dozens of couple deepen their relationship and avoid divorce, as well as creating an additional 6-figure income stream in my business.

  • 2016 – $20,000 in Woman Entrepreneur’s Mastermind = Priceless (and $30,000 in referral clients)

I was seeking my soul tribe of female entrepreneurs who could help me grow and support me internationally. I also wanted to learn more skills around marketing, team management, and standing in my Feminine Leadership. This group of like-minded, loving soul sisters helped me see myself in new ways, which was totally priceless!

In addition, supporting these women in their soul work was a true honor.

  • 2017 – $30,000 in Mindset Mastery Coaching + Transformational Sales Techniques = 80% Growth Rate In One Year!!!

I took out a line of credit to make some serious business investments and I actually made the money back in the first week of applying the techniques I learned. That’s a great investment!

I invested in learning Transformational Sales techniques, which I also trained members of my management team in, and this translated into a huge revenue boost and just feeling more confident in myself.

I also worked deeply on old patterns of “mistrust” and this allowed me to created my “dream team” in terms of business support.

This then freed me up to create additional steams of service and the joy of supporting my students/clients at a more powerful level.

I also have the JOY of having an awesome management team who are growing in their soul purpose too!

And, having support in place has allowed me to sleep better at night = PRICELESS!

As a bonus, I also gained more time freedom, which allowed me to travel more in 2017 and support my sister in her business venture as well as spend more time with my husband who is also starting his own business =  PRICELESS!

  • 2018 – 6-Figure in Business Mentoring = Unlimited Return

I heavily invested in mentoring this year and cashed in RRSPs to do so because I know I am my best investment AND I want to truly be of the highest Service for my clients, my team and my family.

In just a month, I have uncovered a particular soul purpose avenue that was in my blind spot for years.  I am in the process of building out a massive offering in this area with the intention of making a huge impact in the area of love, sex and spirit.

I also stood on the stage with my husband as we co-taught Love Medicine. This was a major dream of mine come to fruition, both in terms of my relationship with my husband but also in my desire to support Love in our world = PRICELESS!

In less than a month I was also shown that I need to support people in their soul purpose success and I created the Yoga-Preneur Blueprint. Supporting Yoga entrepreneurs and heart-focused service professionals is a BIG service and honor!!

I am sharing this not from a place of hubris but to demonstrate just how powerful investing in yourself and your business can be with the right person…not just financially but for your peace and fulfillment in this life too.

Even if you are just starting out, a great mentor can help you overcome fear, doubt and overwhelm and reveal your Truth and Soul Purpose power, as well as help you avoid years of costly delays and even more costly business decisions and mistakes!

I would be thrilled to be that mentor for you.

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Plain talk: Suffering is NOT spiritual!!  You were born to be a success 🙂

Much love,


P.S. If you have a friend who is a yoga-preneur or a soul-service business person who is suffering to make money in their business, please pass this on as we want to support them too.