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At a Crossroads?

Our Inspiring Spirit Program is the perfect road to take to…

  • To claim this TIME as your time.

  • To find out who you really are + your purpose (at any age)

  • To take back the reigns in your life + be happy, no matter what!

Yoga is a path of self-discovery… take the next step on yours!

The Inspiring Spirit Program gives you the tools, wisdom and the support to travel YOUR path with clarity, confidence and ease.

It’s never too late for a happy life!



I Had Lost Myself, But I Rediscovered ME & My Strength!

Before Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training, I felt stuck. I had lost myself. I didn’t know who I was beside being a wife and mother. Now I know how capable and strong I am. I have a direction. I also have confidence and clarity on where I want to go, and the steps to get there.  It feels AWESOME and EMPOWERING. -Caroline, Ajax.

It’s Your Time to Shine!

Imagine waking up in thdsc_1484e morning and feeling energized about your life again as you leap out of bed and into your day with ease, clarity and enthusiasm!

Imagine feeling good mentally and emotionally no matter what’s happening in your life!

Imagine starring in YOUR life again, and maybe launching a new, inspired career path too!

Balanced Life Yoga’s Inspiring Spirit Yoga Teacher Training and Self Development Program gives you the blueprint to live a great life, AND be a beautiful model of Yoga on and off the mat.

As well, it will give you all the tools, confidence and know-how to teach Yoga successfully and turn your passion into a rewarding part-time or full-time career.

Our program is a great personal development opportunity for those who wish to take their passion, practice, and learning much deeper.

Keisha Deoraj

Life Changing + Major Shifts

Since taking the Inspiring Spirit Program, I’ve made major shifts. I struggled with anxiety and depression and never thought I would be at ease with myself, but that is no longer true.

This program has been life-changing.

To all those considering being a part of this program, I have no doubt that this will be a wonderful experience for you as well. – Keisha D., Ajax, ON

 Your Life Changing Journey Awaits…

You do NOT need to be an expert Yogi. You just need to love Yoga, want to learn more and desire to live a great life!!!

We have helped nearly 1,000 people connect with their own light and become a happy, healthy, successful, peaceful and just all round LIGHT in the world. You are ready…to feel supported…to feel worthy…to SHINE! Embrace this opportunity.

Registration for Fall 2017 is NOW OPEN



THE Pioneer of Yoga and Yoga Teacher Training in Durham Region and The GTA


We have offered Yoga Teacher Training programs for over a decade so you
know when you commit to learning with us you are learning from the trail blazers, the most experienced and the most reputable.

We were the first studio to offer Yoga Alliance recognized 200 and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training and we continue the develop ourselves as well as our offerings to ensure the profession of Yoga + our students receive the latest + greatest in learning.

Join us in Fall 2017!

Registration is NOW OPEN

 The dates for your Fall 200 Hour Inspiring Spirit Program:

  • September 29-30 + October 1
  • October 20-22
  • November 3-5
  • December 8-10
  • January 12-14
  • February 2-4


Class Hours:

Friday from 7:00-9:30/10:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday from 8:30 am-5:00 pm



We promise you will THRIVE in our program and get even more than you bargained for… Don’t just take our word for it – check out our abundant testimonials with real-life student success stories Testimonials.


Don’t Take Our Word for It…Check Out Our Graduates Success Stories


A Catalyst for Change

On the surface I was a supermom with a demanding career. Inside I was lost and miserable.

My plate was always overflowing, but my cup was empty. Overwhelmed, distracted and irritable, I was pushing away the people I cared about most. I dismissed my nagging feelings of “this isn’t really me” because I had given up hope that I could be anything other than a victim in the cult of busy-ness.

The Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training program was a catalyst for change. Both my work and personal relationships have improved as I am more authentic, compassionate and present in the moment. I’m excited to share my gifts – which now include the gift of yoga practice – with others. I know I am creating a purposeful life having made this investment in myself and starting my journey with Balanced Life Yoga. – Lisa I.


Camille Shares Her Experience in Her Own Words



No More Self-Doubt – Wow!

DestaBalanced Life Yoga’s Inspiring Spirit Program and then Mentorship Program has not only been instrumental in helping me step confidently into my new role as a yoga teacher, but the time spent in guided discussion with Shasta exposed me to a new level of self inquiry which has facilitated a profound shift in my life.”  – Desta, Peterborough, ON.



Feelings of Empowerment

For the first time in my life I feel something even greater, a wonderful, euphoric feeling that released any fear and anything that held me back. I felt my spiritual family and felt lifted and empowered. I went from feeling fear, anxiety and mistrust, to feelings of support and allowing myself to trust others and myself. – Maria S.



IMG_3370From Pushy to Feeling in the Groove

“Before the Inspiring Spirit Program, I was feeling imbalanced and confused about where I was going and what I wanted to do with my life. Now I feel not only clear with a new vision and the actions needed to make it happen, but I feel much less anxiety or pressure about it all. I can see that even my language has changed. I use to try to “perfect” or “dominate” things and “make them happen” but now I feel much more fluid and less pushy as I paint the picture and align to what I really want in my life. I feel much more balanced and excited within.”-Michael, Ajax, ON.




Improved Mindfulness and Better Relationships!!

I am now more mindful of what I am thinking and how I effect the people around me. This has meant better relationships and more ease in my life. This journey of self discovery has been the icing on the cake of my already solid Yoga and spiritual practice. I am going deeper into things with the new tools I’ve gained and it feels really inspiring!” – Sarah, Ajax, ON.


Fired Up My Passion

I had no idea the shifts that I would make in taking part in Balanced Life Yoga’s 200 HR Inspiring Spirit program. I now realize my own self-worth, realize that I am worthy of happiness and I am extremely confident in sharing that with others. This program truly fired up my passion, and the best way to put it would be “It’s like I have been sleeping, and now I am awake.” – Jennifer C.

Inspiring Spirit Yoga Teacher Training includes: 

  The Art of Asana – We widsc_1661ll teach you all you need to deepen and lead a Vinyasa, Power, Therapeutic and Flow/Gentle style class with a strong focus on alignment and methodical teaching.


  • Understanding the Body – Our Applied Physiology & Anatomy modules make anatomy easy to understand and fun!


  • Live a Great Yoga Life Our modules on the History, Philosophy & Wisdom Teachings of Yoga are some of our most popular as we teach you the rich depth of Yoga and how you can apply it to your life to live happier.


  • Cue + Teach Authentically – You will learn easy Sanskrit AND how to cue like a PRO.


  • More Than Bones – We guide you in the practice of Pranayama (breath work), Meditation and Mindfulness as well as give you a clear road map for understanding and healing the Chakras & Energy Bodies.


  • Teach Like a Pro Yes, we teach you to teach!  Learn teaching Methodology, good Assisting, receive clear, easy class scripts to get you started and guidance on creating a class. We also talk about ethics, challenges and integrity so you are well prepared to start teaching with confidence.


  • The Yoga Biz – You may do it for the love, but you can also make a little moola too. We will share with you our recipe for building classes and community, successful marketing and where to get started so you don’t feel overwhelm.


  • Hands on practice  – You will also receive actual practice with hands-on teaching and assisting so you have real life experience.


  • Time for You…Your Practice – Students also receive 40 class passes to Balanced Life Yoga so you can practice, enjoy and keep learning  on your mat too!


 Your Guides & Cheerleaders

Angela.shasta.helenOur team of teachers are some of the most sought after teachers in the GTA who bring their own depth of experience, passion, insight and even humor to your Teacher Training experience.

Our teachers include Balanced Life Yoga Director, best-selling author and award winning teacher, Shasta Townsend as well as senior teachers Angela Ryan, Helen Mason, and Krista Bromfield.

As teachers, we’re all enthusiastic about sharing its power to connect, transform and elevate your life. We offer authentic teachings from the heart of experience. Don’t settle for anything less than heart-felt, experienced teachers who have a proved track record.



Join us in Fall 2017!

Registration is NOW OPEN

 The dates for your Fall 200 Hour Inspiring Spirit Program:

  • September 29-30 + October 1
  • October 20-22
  • November 3-5
  • December 8-10
  • January 12-14
  • February 2-4


Class Hours:

Friday from 7:00-9:30/10:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday from 8:30 am-5:00 pm





Learn what our recent graduates had to say – click below to watch 2 minute video on Balanced Life Yoga teacher training.

Am I Ready?

April NewsletterTrust that you are being called…

This program is open to new or seasoned practitioners. We invite you to consider investing in yourself and your future and help to create a space for peace and prosperity to flow to you and through you.

Learn the complete yogic path and how to teach it professionally and creatively in this comprehensive certification program that will launch you on a path to deeper personal understanding and an inspired spirit.




Where Can I Teach?

Smile PicYoga Teacher Training is an investment of your time and money. At Balanced Life Yoga you will receive top quality instruction from industry innovators. You will also have the opportunity to become a part of a community of teachers, students and like-minded people who want the best for you; not to mention Balanced Life Yoga actually hires from our teacher training program.

Take your training with us to ensure you give yourself the gift of the best instruction and a potential job opportunity.


The Growth of Yoga Continues

Did you know the latest Yoga in America study shows that 20.4 million Americans practice yoga, compared to 15.8 million from the previous 2008 study, an increase of 29 percent.

In addition, practitioners spend $10.3 billion a year on yoga classes and products, including equipment, clothing, vacations and media. The previous estimate from the 2008 study was $5.7 billion.

AND 44% of Americans said they are aspiring yogis – that is they plan to start Yoga in the next year.  Yes, that is 44% of people say they plan to start a Yoga practice…this means a HUGE volume of students who need great teachers to guide them, lead them and inspire them…Will you be one of those teachers?

Essentially Yoga is a growing practice and business, and we need GREAT teachers to keep sharing this life saving practice!


Tuition and Registration

  • $3,450 + HST regular price and is 100% Tax Deductible!


  • Fee includes tax-deductible tuition, extensive manual, certificate and class passes! When you compare pricing be sure you ask what is included. With all this, Balanced Life Yoga is the best value around!


  • $500 + HST non-refundable deposit due at time of registration. All fees are nonrefundable.


2017 Payment Plans

Balanced Life Yoga is pleased to offer the below payment plans for all students registered in our 200 Hour Teacher Training program:

Payment Option 1:

  • $500.00 + HST at time of registration
  • Remaining $2950.00 + HST due by September 1, 2017

Payment Option 2:

  • $500.00 + hst at time of registration
  • $1,475.00 + hst due September 1 and October 1, 2017.
  • Financing fee of $150.00 + hst. Due September 1, 2017

Payment Option 3:

  • $500.00 + HST at time of registration
  • $737.50 + hst due September 1 + October 1, November 1 + December 1, 2017.
  • Financing fee of $250.00 + hst. Due September 1, 2017.


Why We Charge a Financing Fee

Most of us are very use to the idea that if we don’t pay in full for any service or product, then there is always a financing fee.

That’s what this is…We are effectively acting like a bank or credit company by holding the remaining balance for students who choose to use payment plans and as such there is certain risk for us as well as administrative time and energy, and thus a certain fee to do so.  We know you understand.

You will note that our fees are still significantly LESS than major credit cards, and most studios roll that financing fee into your prices so you never see exactly what amount you are paying.  We are very transparent on what that amount will be.


Get Your Fees Back!!! – We’re An Official Educational Institute

Balanced Life Yoga is a fully accredited yoga teacher training school and recognized as an official educational institution from Human Resources and Development Canada.

A Certificate is granted upon satisfactory completion of all courses and an official receipt. Balanced Life Yoga is also registered with the federal government so all of your tuition and books are eligible as a tax deduction – many students have received fees back in tax returns. It’s like getting your training for free!

Balanced Life Yoga is recognized by the following associations: Yoga Alliance (North America) Balanced Life Yoga is a registered school of Yoga Alliance for both the 200 and 500 hour levels of teacher training. Click here if you want further information, see the Information for Students from Canada Revenue Agency about Tuition, education, and textbook amounts.




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