One of the greatest moments in my life was realizing that NOT every thought in my wee head was TRUE.

I learned that I could in fact examine thought, and decide if it was a “story”, someone else’s “stuff” or truth. And if I wanted to even think that thought!

After years of terrible anxiety and insomnia and feeling like a prisoner in my own mind, this was like someone opened up the jail cell.

The ability to examine thought meant I could CHOOSE – choose my actions, my reactions and in fact choose my life.  Choose to go to SLEEP!

How did I do this?

I learned to do this through the practice of CONSCIOUS OBSERVATION aka meditation. 

If meditation sounds like a scary word just consider what it would mean to have the ability to NOT be a  victim to thought.

Imagine feeling clear in your own mind.  Imagine knowing how to release negativity instantly. Imagine knowing how to literally align with the power within you.  Imagine all the relationships in your life improving!

This is the power that conscious observation gives us.  So this is a personal invitation to join us this month in any number of amazing conscious observation offerings.

As we “get back to routine” after the summer consider what intentional practice will give YOU the power to truly create a happy mind and happy life.

Yoga, Meditation, Barre, wellness workshops, Yoga Teacher Training…these are all tools to connect the dots from the impossible to the possible.

Re-dedicate to you!

Much love,

Shasta + Your Balanced Life Yoga Family



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