Imagine if money was not an issue…

We often believe that we can’t do what we love and have a great lifestyle, but that’s totally untrue!!

We can be of service, make an impact and make money…

IF we have the tools, the support and the proven blueprint to create a business and a life that is full of passion and purpose.

People have been begging me to do a program on how to truly make money by teaching Yoga (and in other heart-focused businesses like health coaching, etc), and after years of requests I’ve decided to share my secrets of success.

The Yoga-preneur Blueprint –

How to Make a Difference + Make Money Doing What You Love…starts this spring.

If this is something you think you might be interested in, then let’s chat…

You can book a time using this link if you are interested 🙂


There’s never pressure…but let’s talk sooner than later as I am taking a small number of motivated people in this, and people are already on my waiting list.

You won’t see this on our website as this is by invitation only…so considered yourself invited, and reach out if you are interested in a quick chat on whether this is right for you 🙂

Registration closes February 13, 2018 and special fast action pricing is in effect until February 1, 2018. 

2018 is the year you make an impact doing what you LOVE and make money too! 

Much love,


PS. If you have a friend who is a yoga-preneur or a soul-service business person who is suffering to make money in their business, please pass this on as we want to support them too.