Imagine not only doing what you love and getting paid well…but also creating enough abundance in your life and business that your partner could step away from his/her soul sucking JOB too!

It may sound like a dream, but it is a reality I created in my life and marriage.

Just a few years ago, my husband, Ian was working in construction and hating it.

It was heartbreaking to watch him get up in the wee hours of the morning and literally drag himself to work.

It was even more heartbreaking to see him come home defeated and worn out…flake out in front of the TV and numb out.

It was creating tension in our marriage and we both knew it had to change. 

So I was happy to look at how I/we could create more revenue streams in my business to totally create ease around money so that Ian could step out of his soul-sucking job.

We also created a stream of revenue together that we would have never had the guts to take on, but we had reached a new place of honesty and understanding that we could actually work together. LOL!

Within a super short time the income that he was making in his soul-sucking job was completely replaced, and more! 

He “retired” from construction and is now blissfully creating his own business and even more abundance. 

He seems like his “old-self” again and our relationship is stronger than ever.

If we can do this, you can too!

We often hold our spouse or partner as the reason we can’t take the never step in our life or business…

We may think we are being selfish by investing in our self…

We may have a false belief that they won’t support us…

But the truth is when we create more abundance in our business it means more for our partner and family… and who doesn’t want more ease around money in their marriage.

And not only from a monetary perspective, but when we give ourselves the permission to take risks, invest, step it up and shine bright, we also give our partner the permission to do so!

Love is about bringing out the best in each other and supporting each other in living in the Divine Abundance that is our birthright!! 

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