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“You will be on medication for the rest of your life.”

I remember the terror I felt hearing these words at the age of 25 sitting on the cold steel table in my doctor’s office after she diagnosed me with anxiety.

I remember thinking: “How will it be at 40 or 50, if it’s like this at 25?”

Yes, there was anxiety and even mental illness in my family as my doctor pointed out, but I refused to accept that diagnosis that my brain was basically just “screwed”.

It was a major wake up call to take control of my mental and physical health and wellbeing.

I was on anti-anxiety medication for a year. I am cognizant that many people will be on medication, for good reason, for the rest of their life so this is not a criticism of those choices or needs.

But for me, that diagnosis lead me to the path of Yoga and meditation, and a year later in that doctor’s office she marvelled at my weight loss, my improved sleep, my overall happiness and my change in attitude.

“We are weening you off the Paxil,” she said. And I never went back to it.

So, can Yoga and meditation heal anxiety?

It did for me. I began to move my body, learn to focus my mind, give gratitude and create some boundaries and sure enough I started to sleep better, look better and feel better.

My journey to mental health and happiness was the inspiration to create Balanced Life Yoga.

I know what it is to suffer inside the dark spaces of the mind and feel as though you are a hostage of worry, fear, anxiety and self-doubt.

I also know there is a way out of that terror…that we are not on this earth to suffer in mental anguish.

I still have moments of anxiety and worry, but I have powerful tools to move through it all fast and with ease. (Keep reading for how you can access these tools too!)

I am passionate about sharing these tools and am so grateful to my entire team of Yoga teachers, compassionate staff and amazing students who share my passion for creating a happy life.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, worried, alone or anxious, then reach out.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Staying isolated or closed off is one of the best ways to feed these feelings.  So don’t.  We are here for you.

Come to class. Sign up for a meditation offering. Book a Reiki appointment. Go for a walk. Ask someone to have coffee.

And check out my 3 Happy Mind Hacks below.

Wishing all of good life balance, great mental health and an abundance of ease + grace.

Big Love + Namaste,



 3 Happy Mind Hacks

What did I do in that first year that shifted things so fast?

Here’s what I did:

1. Move + Detox  
Simple, and we have all heard it before… I signed up for a Beginner Yoga class and was hooked because I felt so good!

The Yoga asanas, breathing and twisting helped me detox years of tension as well as got my digestion back on track which meant I was literally eliminating toxins. This is GOOD FOR THE BRAIN! When the body is full of stress hormones, we stay in a stressed state. Yoga is perfect because we not only move, but we detox through improved breathing, sweat and the actual asanas themselves.

2. “Remake” the Brain
I felt like I had a broken record in my brain. I was often stuck on a negative thought that just went around and around, so I knew I had to learn to break this habit.

Classical meditation where you think of nothing, was IMPOSSIBLE for me so I learned guided meditations and relaxation techniques including Yoga Nidra.  I also dove into the realm of neural-plasticity and learned how to “remake” my brain.  I learned how to choose the thoughts I wanted to think and how to select my responses. If I can do this, then anyone can!

3. Feed My Mind
I knew I was a “sensitive” person and that watching scary movies, negative news stories or being with toxic people, left me feeling scattered and anxious so I made a conscious effort to “feed my mind”.

That is I cut out certain TV programs, certain media offerings and even limited time I spent with certain people.  I chose instead to read more inspired books, be with my new Yoga family and choose to be with friends who were on the same wave length.

I still do this. I know that create our mind so I want my mind to be full of calm, happiness and clarity and choose the “food” to nourish this.

What tools would you add here?

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Remake YOUR Brain – Spring Cleaning for the Mind

Flow Yoga & Guided MeditationJoin Shasta for her upcoming Meditation Series and empty out the cobwebs in your mind, including overthinking, anxiety and worry (which we all have!) and learn to find clarity and calm.

You will investigate simple but profound meditation techniques to help you live a happier, healthier and freer life.

This five week course is suitable for those who are new to meditation or those seeking new tools.

Spring Cleaning for the Mind- Meditation Series with Shasta

Tuesdays, April 18 – May 16, 2017 from 8:00-9:00pm

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Feel the Need to Rebalance + Reboot YOU?

Spring Retreat

Feeling the need for a rebalance and reboot?

Join Shasta and empty out the cobwebs in mind & body and reconnect to your true balance in a day-long retreat set amongst the trees and blossoming of nature at Heart’s Acres, the country location of Balanced Life Yoga.

Spring brings renewed energy and is a perfect time for clearing out and cleanings as well as renewing your dedication to health and happiness. Join us for:

Spring Cleaning for Mind, Body + Soul Retreat with Shasta

May 6, 2017 from 9:30-4:30pm

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