As the students floated out of class, chatting, laughing and saying their “thank you’s”, I had a flashback to when I made the decision to say yes to taking my 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in the Inspiring Spirit Program last year.

Everyone’s reason as to why they first stepped on the yoga mat and why they decide to step into teacher training here at Balanced Life Yoga is unique, but for me it was a combination of my passion for Yoga, the Balanced Life Yoga community and I was truly ready to step into the next phase of my life.  I knew the training would support me as I developed into the best possible version of my Being, and it did!

I remember the first night when each student was being honored and invited into the studio space – a place I had already spent a lot of time in. But now it felt different, it felt even more magical then before.

That first evening, as each student introduced themselves and spoke about why they decided to be there, I realized how beautifully unique each person’s intention was.

Some students had practiced for 10+ years and had always dreamt of becoming a teacher; others had stepped on a mat once or twice and knew they wanted to learn more about this ancient practice. In the end, I noticed there was a much more profound and deeper reason why we were all there, in that moment, sharing that experience.

It was as if we were all called to be together and to step into our potential…a sacred calling to be sure!

The Inspiring Spirit Journey was one of the most profound and life-changing experiences I’ve ever had.

There are many reasons why the Inspiring Spirit Yoga Teacher Training can and it will be way more than learning asana, anatomy and history.

It can literally transform your life… If you just say YES.

Here are my top 5 reasons to take Inspiring Spirit Yoga Teacher Training:

  1. Finally figure out how to align your asana (and how to say asana). From the most foundational poses like downward dog to advanced postures such as headstand, you will learn how to amp up your practice and poses will start clicking effortlessly, everything from anatomy, subtle body energy to alignment. Plus, all the Sanskrit that goes along with it.
    1. Explore the history and philosophy of this Sacred practice. Think Yoga is just physical postures? Definitely not! You will delve into all the components that comprise and shape what we call yoga today. Learn how to apply these ancient texts and teachings into your daily life.


    1. Self-transformation. You will be faced with parts of yourself that you’ve shoved under the carpet that are collecting dust and are ready to be shown and transformed into something magical.


    1. During my training I made 17 new sisters. These are people I shared a Sacred experience with. You will be surrounded by like-minded people, who are moving through this just as you are and rooting for you each step of the way.


    1. Connect to your purpose & attract your dreams. Yes, you will be learning how to teach, and how to deepen your practice, but more importantly, you will get clear on what you truly desire and how to make that a reality, now.


It may have been a training that lasted a few months, but it has become a limitless resource in my life.

The tools, teachings and support given is infinite. I don’t think the benefits and transformations during the teacher training will ever stop unfolding.

I am forever grateful to the teacher’s who invited me to step into the yoga teacher training and to myself for trusting that all those perceived obstacles would solve themselves and everything work out exactly how they should when I made the decision to say YES.

If you are feeling called, whether you want to teach or not, dive into this heart first and you will never look back.


Say YES here to the Inspiring Spirit 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training + Self-Development Program.


About the Author

Jenn is the Studio Coordinator at Balanced Life Yoga and completed the 200 Hour Inspiring Spirit Yoga Teacher Training June 2016. Since then she has been teaching various classes at the studio including her Barefoot Boot Camp. She is holds an honors degree in Health Science, Kinesiology from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology where she also competed as a varsity hockey player. She integrates her expertise in biomechanics and anatomy with the ancient science of Yoga to create classes that are fun, functional and full of real-life philosophy.

She has a passion for adventure and less than one year after graduating from the Balanced Life Yoga Inspiring Spirit Teacher Training program she decided to travel the world, teaching Yoga in Bali, (yes, Bali!) scuba diving in Thailand, zip lining and abseiling down a waterfall in the middle of the Laotian jungle, trekking in Cambodia, and drinking the most delicious egg coffee in Vietnam.