300-Hour Teacher Training



readyLearn to embody your highest potential, give you the tools to be of even greater service and channel your passion into real transformation for your students and increased opportunities + income for you!

Teaching Mastery gives you the philosophical, energetic, healing and practical tools to serve your students at a deep level while activating in YOU your highest potential + richest desires.

“I had no idea what was going to come from me. I have grown so much. The support from Shasta and my fellow classmates in this program is beyond any I have ever felt before. I am elated and grateful. I am a stronger person and things don’t bother me as much. I am a better version of me! I feel I have something to truly offer now.” – Joanne, Oshawa, ON.

You are excited about the possibility of continuing + deepening your development as a Yoga teacher…

You know there is MORE you want to offer up – from yourself and from the rich offerings of Yoga…And this is an opportunity to grow yourself and your offerings…


One of the Best Things I’ve Ever Done

“There are so many things that I have learned and discovered about myself. This is one of the best things I have ever done for myself and will allow me to serve my life’s purpose with all my heart. I am forever grateful to the welcoming and beautiful community at Balanced Life Yoga. – Sarah B.

why me-

The truth is many yoga teachers are sharing their gifts and making change in the world.

They may have a successful class structure + robust following…

But here’s the thing…

Our students are awakening in ever more expansive ways.

They want to truly embody Yoga and transform their minds, bodies and hearts – to truly live a great life.

Students want someone has the power to truly witness their metamorphosis (and know what’s happening even when they don’t), teach them the magic of transformation with ease + grace and encourage them to access their own essential nature of joy and Divinity.

There is also a multitude of potential new students to Yoga too.

This requires that we have the tools and insight to truly respond to a beginner’s needs and inspire them to a life long journey with Yoga.

Finally, there are millions of people suffering with physical + emotional pain, who have often tried it all.

They feel frustrated, alone + hopeless. Mainstream medicine can’t help them, but Yoga can!

These people often have specific needs + regular drop-in classes don’t work for them so we need to be prepared to serve them powerfully.

They crave specialized adaptive classes and privates too. And they make for very loyal students whose lives you are literally saving.

We need to have adaptive tools as well as a deep understanding of emotional, mental and physical healing that goes well beyond what we learn in a 200-hour YTT to serve the burgeoning call for Yoga.

There are millions of students who don’t just want to touch the surface anymore. They don’t want to skim over healing. They don’t want to flounder in pain.

Your students want real, deep, sustainable change.

As Yoga teachers, we can’t hope to lead our students into their own transformation if we have not actualized our own power first + learnt the tools of transformative magic.


dear heart


Shasta Townsend + the senior team at Balanced Life Yoga offer you:

 Teaching Mastery – A 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program.

This program gives you not only a huge breadth of tools + skills to serve your students, but it allows you as the teacher to truly embody the spirit of Yoga and stand in your power as a true professional + transformative teacher of Yoga.

As Yoga Teachers it is our sacred duty to do just that…

The world needs you magic RIGHT NOW!

We invite you to truly take the next step in your Yoga journey and teaching career, and join our experiences, compassionate, supportive and fun loving team for Teacher Mastery this 2017.

It will be the BEST decision you make (since doing your 200 Hour Teacher Training)!

“I’ve enjoyed the 500 hour training so much that I’m sorry to be finished, but so grateful for everything I learned. This training not only enriched my teaching but also my life. I am the happiest I have ever been, and am living my Yoga even more. The 500 hour journey helped me be open to receiving which I had a lot of trouble with before. I feel I can ask for what I need and say not to the things I don’t. It is powerful and joyful. I can see how much I changed in a short period of time and my life has a new level of balance and celebration.” – Norma, Whitby, ON.

 How It Works

To receive the certification, students must complete:

 1. The 9 Core Modules of Teaching Master (see syllabus below) of 180 hours

2. 90 hours of ELECTIVE COURSES 

3.  30 hours of PERSONAL PRACTICE.


“The 500 Hour teacher training amplifies what you learn in the 200 hour and takes you much deeper. I experienced so many personal revelations and understood some of the things I was avoiding in life. By examining those things I can actually celebrate them and not get hung up on things now. I feel empowered and freer. I look at life as a celebration now and I have way more ease. I feel great gratitude for all I have learned and the support of the community.” – Lindsay, Ajax, ON



Core Courses in Program

Teaching Mastery Program begins September 2017 and runs until February 2018.

We’ve put together a special program for us to dive in together + begin the journey with ease + joy!

  Core Curriculum = 9 modules x 20 hours = 180 hours, including:

Descriptions for Our Core Modules

September 15-17, 2017 – Spiritual Survival for the Modern World – The Applied Teachings of the Ancient Yogis + Mystical Traditions for Modern Mystics with Shasta Townsend

Millions of people are turning to Yoga as a tool to add meaning to their life AND live a great life both on and off the Yoga mat so as teachers we must learn to both embody and teach the “spiritual” side of this tradition.

Students long for a connection to something “bigger”, beautiful and profound while at the same time learning the “skills” to navigate the day-to-day ups + downs of modern living with ease. As teachers we may feel insecure that we being too woo-woo, or feel worried or out of our depth in teaching  “spiritual side”.

In this inspired + life changing module, you will learn HOW to share soulful wisdom in an authentic, inspired and practical way that will give your students a bounty of tools for living well AND coming back to your classes for more! Shasta gives you a profound and down-to-earth understanding of the ancient teachings including the path of Classical Yoga, Tantric/Shakti-ism and Shamanism/First People’s Teachings.

She shares the How To of applying these ancient wisdoms to our modern world including the skills so that you and your students will have better relationships, improved connection + harmony, greater success in career + with finances and  feel more alive and at home in the universe.

The time for truly masterful teachers who embody this sacred path is upon us + you will learn who to do that and BE that with ease in this module.

October 13-15, 2017 – The Art of Teaching Advanced Sequencing + Assisting with Shasta Townsend

Making great assists + inspired sequencing is an essential aspect of teaching.

Assisting allows your students to receive the benefits of alignment, energy flow and connection, yet many teachers feel insecure, uncertain and even fearful of assisting. Hands-on touch is also a deeply healing and therapeutic means of allowing students to move past their own limitations, but we have to move past our own limitations as teachers first!

In the first part of this module you will learn how to:

  • Assist beginners and common misalignment issues
  • Assess anatomy versus misalignment
  • Deepen the practice through deeper assists that release tension and blockages
  • Feel confident and solid in your assisting skills.

We will also investigate the role of pacing, music and breath as a means to create a transformative flow that places the brain and body in a syncopated and meditative experience. Learn the magic of touch, assists + sequencing to teach like a rock star!

October 27-29, 2017 – Understanding The Mind + Mastering Meditation – Practices for Stress Reduction, Mind Healing + Emotional Balance with Shasta Townsend

In this busy, multi-tasking and many voices shouting world, one simple truth is becoming clear… For answers to life’s most profound questions we must look to Yoga’s meditative teachings. Meditation is a powerful tool and this module offers a unique opportunity to experience the deeper wisdom of meditation for daily peace, deeper insight and spiritual transformation + know how to teach it!

You will learn:

  • The Path of Meditation – What meditation truly is and why it is necessary as well as the many techniques + practices.
  • Neuroscience + Brain Biology – including what brain waves do + how to influence them, areas of the brain that create fear + anxiety and how to calm them and the real connection between brain + body
  • Biochemistry + Body – How to overcome “addictive” stories by understanding biochemistry so that you and your students can “feel” different and literally create a new body and new life
  • How to choose an appropriate focus for meditation and various techniques including mantra, japa, insight and vipassana (we will practice them all)
  • Learn the Principles for developing meditative practices + how to teach them in any class with ease!

Students are craving new ways to create their brain (overcome anxiety, depression + insomnia) + live a life that is both powerful and easeful, and this module will give you the skills to teach them HOW to do just that.

November 10-12, 2017 Go Deeper with Grace – The Art of Advanced Alignment & Biomechanics with Angela Ryan

If you or your students have ever experienced pain, discomfort or just plain confusion in a pose, then you will love this offering!

You will explore fundamental and subtle alignment principles in ways you may have never experienced as a student or a teacher. There are thousands of poses and thousands of refinements, but Angela makes it both simple and profound in this module by giving you specific “rules” and approaches that will feel easeful + graceful as a teacher.

Armed with this knowledge, as teachers we can provide a powerful + unique experience for our students as we guide them into postures from a truly safe, grounded and transformative approach. You will also have the confidence + insight to know how to modify or adapt postures for students as well as provide true healing and connection.

With a strong understanding of biomechanics + alignment principles, your teaching will soar while you will also gain a comprehensive understanding of asana. Deepen and expand your personal practice and learn to use these masterful alignment principles to experience greater strength, stability and freedom while teaching!

November 24-26 – An Exploration of Advanced Anatomy for Masterful Teaching with Krista Bromfield

In this module, Krista will review and deepen your understanding of anatomy and physiology as it applies to  the practice of yoga.

Learn to feel each asana from the inside out so you can be yoga injury free for life.  We will start from the ground up and explore the bones, joints, muscles and supporting tissues of the feet/ankles, knees, hips, spine and shoulders and discover how this anatomy applies to practicing, teaching and assisting yoga postures intelligently and confidently.  We will also review universal anatomical terminology, as well as skeletal and muscular anatomy.

This module is a valuable resource which demonstrates how, with knowledge of applied anatomy, yoga can be used effectively as a true harmonizing practice.

December 1-3, 2017 – Advanced Energy Anatomy: An Exploration of Breath, Chakras, Ayurveda & Ayurveda for True Balance with Shasta Townsend

You are more than flesh and bone!  In this offering, you will experience your radiant body, energy field and learn how to stay harmonized.

The ancient yoga masters understood our human body is quite different from the way we understand it in modern times. They conceived a very detailed and precise anatomy of the human body, which is very subtle and symbolic, rather than just physiological.

This model was used as the foundation to understand and interpret the way our system functioned, or malfunctioned. In order to effectively work with Yoga as a transformative art, we must have an understanding of energetic anatomy including the Koshas (sheaths of being), Vayus (winds) Nadis (subtle channels) + Chakras (symbolic energy centers).

In this module you will:

  • Understand “energetic” anatomy and how the various systems interact
  • Learn to understand the “consciousness” and wisdom of the Chakras and create healing + harmony through Yoga + meditation
  • Learn to “diagnose” energy patterns and imbalances in yourself and your students.
  • Learn kinesiology to pinpoint areas of stagnation + stress
  • Understand Ayurveda + how to identify doshas (energetic patterns in mind + body) and keep them in balance.
  • Understand “subtle medicine” practices including pranayama.


This module gives you the tools to work beyond just muscle and bone and become a true practitioner of energetic magic.

January 26-28, 2018 – Advancing the Practice Through Movement, Stability + Strength with Norma Ackerley

As teachers and practitioners, a sustainable, life-long yoga practice is something we all desire. Combining yogic wisdom with science-based movement (such as biomechanics and kinesiology) is a great way to ensure a balanced, health-affirming experience on the mat! This course will offer clear, practical ways to increase stability, mobility and strength in the practice of yoga. You will broaden your knowledge and perspective, drawing from movement science to help you connect with yoga in a whole new way.

Topics will include:

  • examining where classical asana meets scientific research and how to incorporate best-practices into your teaching and practice
  • dispelling myths and misinformation around core training, and understanding the core from a functional perspective
  • strengthening core movements, postures, and sequencing for a core yoga class
  • creative, effective ways to incorporate basic props and tools into class (blocks, blankets, bolsters, bands, straps, light weights)
  • corrective exercises, asana, breathing and lifestyle changes to heal and prevent pelvic floor disfunction
  • learn how some postures can be used as assessments revealing weakness, compensation or limitations
  • improve accuracy in cueing and learn creative ways to include whole-body strength and stability in your classes and private sessions


This knowledge will take your teaching to the next level, and allow you to help your students find true balance through yoga.

January 5-7, 2018 Adaptive Yoga – Creating An Effective Personalized Practice for Anyone, 2018 with Shasta Townsend

Yoga really does help with everything!!!

Building on your understanding of Yoga as a truly healing “technology”, you will also learn to apply your study of yoga therapy to assist with injury management and recovery. In this practical module, you learn how Yoga can release mental and physical injury, disease and discomfort.

We will learn to adapt Yoga for:

  • Back and spine injury and pain
  • Knee and hip replacements and injuries
  • Shoulder and wrist injury and recovery
  • Anxiety, insomnia and depression
  • Special groups including sexual assault victims, cancer survivors and post-traumatic stress
  • Various diseases + pathologies.

You will learn how to adapt Yoga to suit the needs of a specific group or person.

February 9-11, 2018 – Teaching The Harmonic Approach – Group Classes + Privates with Shasta Townsend

People are turning to Yoga to overcome anything from back pain to brain injuries and as teacher we need to be prepared to truly help them!

For centuries people have benefited from this timeless discipline, to heal themselves and others from many kinds of diseases – be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual and this will only increasing as the power of Yoga becomes more main stream + students experience disappointment and frustration with modern “medicare”. People hunger for a truly healing approach and you can learn to provide that for them while expanding your skills and offerings as a teacher!

In this module you will learn an ancient but practical way of understanding “suffering” and the Yoga  model for true harmony and ease that is based on each individual and their unique needs.  This process has been used successfully for centuries in India and Shasta brings it you so that you can begin to offer therapeutic options for your students that are safe, powerful and grounded. You will also feel secure + confident as a teacher thanks to this approach that takes the guess work and “figuring it out”.

Learn a powerful system for mental and physical harmony that you can implement in your group classes or privates.

Module Times:

Fridays from 7:00-10:00 pm

Saturdays + Sundays from 8:30 am-5:00 pm


“I had walls around me and thanks to the experience and all the unfoldings of the 500-Hour Teacher Training, I am feeling lighter, happier and more centred. I had a lot of epiphanies. This training and journey allowed me to step deeper into myself, to feel and honour my own happiness. I also feel I have the tools to deal with anything and celebrate life every day and I am a better person to myself, my family and my community. I am grateful and honor all the teaching and teachers of this journey.” – Linda, Pickering. ON

Electives + Continuing Education

Balanced Life Yoga offers these continuing education offerings for your additional 90 hour requirements + to continue to grow as a Yoga professional.

You can start taking electives BEFORE the start of the Teaching Mastery 9 Modules.

View your Elective + Continuing Education options


Payment Options

Balanced Life Yoga is pleased to offer the below payment plans for all students registered in our 300 Hour Teaching Mastery program:

Payment Option 1:

  • Full pay option of $3,999.00 + HST paid in full at time of registration

Payment Option 2:

  • Two payments of $2260.00 + HST. First payment due at time of registration + second payment due August 1, 2017.
  • Financing fee of $150.00 + HST is due August 1, 2017.

Payment Option 3:

  • Five payments of $904.00 + HST. First payment due at time of registration, and then remaining payments to be made on August 1, September 1, October 1 + November 1, 2017.
  • Financing fee of $250.00 + HST is due August 1, 2017.


Why We Charge a Financing Fee

Most of us are very use to the idea that if we don’t pay in full for any service or product, then there is always a financing fee.

That’s what this is…We are effectively acting like a bank or credit company by holding the remaining balance for students who choose to use payment plans and as such there is certain risk for us as well as administrative time and energy, and thus a certain fee to do so.  We know you understand.

You will note that our fees are still significantly LESS than major credit cards, and most studios roll that financing fee into your prices so you never see exactly what amount you are paying.  We are very transparent on what that amount will be.



We are Like a College – So You Could Get Your Tuition Back!

Balanced Life Yoga is a fully accredited yoga teacher training school and recognized as an official educational institution from Human Resources and Development Canada.

A Certificate is granted upon satisfactory completion of all courses and an official receipt. Balanced Life Yoga is also registered with the federal government so all of your tuition and books are eligible as a tax deduction – many students have received fees back in tax returns. It’s like getting your training for free!

Balanced Life Yoga is recognized by the following associations: Yoga Alliance (North America) Balanced Life Yoga is a registered school of Yoga Alliance for both the 200 and 500 hour levels of teacher training.

“Coming to Balanced Life Yoga has changed my life in so many positive ways – My ‘Happiness Factor’ is way up and I’m much more content and connected with my true self. This journey has allowed me to let go of my walls and connect to people on a deep, authentic level. The 500 hour teacher training went beyond my expectations, with every module offering a deep message and I gained a level of confidence that tells me I can offer yoga to others in a meaningful way. The teachings have helped me heal and find a place of peace. Thank you Shasta and everyone at Balanced Life Yoga!” – Heidi, Pickering, ON


My heartfelt thanks Shasta! I am truly grateful for my 500 Hour Teacher Training and this journey with you and everyone else that kindly shared from the depth of their hearts! Your deep caring and commitment to teach and share from your heart, your experience, knowledge and intuition, reflected within each of us the power to create our “dharma” or “purpose” in life. By witnessing the transformation in everyone, including myself, it was truly a magical “butterfly” experience, which I will always cherish deep in my heart and reflect back to others throughout my life. Thank you Shasta!!” – Helen M., Ajax


I want to tell EVERYONE about this incredible life transforming offering. I thought life was good before, and it was, but now I realize how much more there can be! I’ve let go of many of my defence mechanisms and I’ve been able to truly open up to new levels of joy that I didn’t even know were possible. I’ve realized that I can let go of that small voice of criticism and have learned the tools to do so, discovering that everything that I need is already within me. I have learned how to receive support from others in a meaningful way. I have truly been able to come home to myself which Is something that I can never lose. It really is all good. Balanced Life Yoga offers such a safe, non-judging environment to move through the uncomfortable into a source of deep knowing and love for yourself and others. I am eternally grateful and am looking so forward to the unfolding journey!” -Jessi, Calgary, AB.

Are you on fire with readiness?


Here’s what you can do next…

Enrolment in Teaching Mastery is now open for men + women who possess a 200-hour Yoga teacher training certificate OR are in the process of completing one.

If you are ready to enroll then take action now…




Register In Studio – you can stop into our location at 274 Mackenzie Avenue in Ajax, ON too.

Register Over the Phone – Call us at 905-428-2300 and we will register you over the phone. Please have a credit card ready to process your payment.


Want to Talk? We would love to!

Shasta Townsend, the creator of Balanced Life Yoga and creator of the Teaching Mastery Program would love to connect with you.  She can answer any questions + help you get clear on whether this is the next best option for you.

Schedule your complimentary success call using our online booking system – BOOK NOW

IMPORTANT: the first 10 students will receive the Fast Action Savings so book your call with Shasta today to ensure you have this option available to you.




Truth is, if you have read to the bottom of this letter, then something within you is asking to explore what this could mean for you.

Your heart is excited by this possibility.

We encourage you, take a lead of faith by taking the next step in your soul’s path and your own destiny.


Join us in Teaching Mastery



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